Saturday, 7 April 2007

Princezz Diary (Haha)

Today's gonna be a looooooong post cause i'm gonna update on the stuff i did for the whole week!! No time to blog on weekdays lar!! =P too busy everyday!!

Monday 2nd April, Cindy saw a chocolate cake in the office pantry and told me.... its those moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge on top.... when u put something in the pantry we assume its for everyone to eat =P we didnt know who put it there but the chocolate cake is just too tempting!!!!!!!! I MUST TRY IT!!!!! hehehe so i said "I'll get the knife" and cindy stand outside to guard and i cut a thin slice and both of us share... yumm...... later i just indirectly ask my boss.... whose cake issit in the pantry issit yours?? (if its hers i'll ask her to gimme!!! hehe) but she said she didnt know.... then later on she came and told me that its dr chong's cake and its frm her house party the day before so its for everyone to eat!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! i quickly went and tell cindy and both of us have another slice.... a bigger slice =) then when its about 5pm time to go home... we went and check on the cake again and theres still some left...... and cindy said i think no ones gonna eat it..... so i bring out the knife again and then there are ants around the tuppaware so we finish our 3rd slice of cake and then i said.... since theres like ants why dont we finish everything before the ants attack it...... so we ate ANOTHER SLICE!!!!!! so much so for my high protein low carb diet..... and i'm not even going gym that day cause i'm having my period!! (i "plan" to go gym every mon. wed. fri). But the week befire u webr spore i already skip gym and this week skipping again because of my period..... sighhhh.... Anyway, after work i went to Beetch's office and she was hungry and she stole some of her colleagues grapes in the fridge and she offered me one..... the grapes was so sedap that i also went to the fridge to steal more grapes!!!! Whats with me today??? stealing food the whole day!!! no wonder i cant lose weight!!!!! =(

Tuesday 3rd April, today's colour code in the office is stripes (i know stripe is not a colour) anyway we have a game in the office where every tuesday, all of us will dress according to the code and whoever dont, have to pay RM1. No photos of what i wore.... i really should start taking more photos exclusively for blogging purposes.... anyway meeting val and hf for dinner.... hf is back from bangkok. Anyway.... we met at this korean place in mt kiara.... a small comfortable restaurant.... the food is not bad and its value for money..... we had Korean BBQ Pork belly, Bibimbap and Kimchi Stew.... I didnt like kimchi at all when i tried it in korea but this kimchi stew is really GOOD!!! I LOVEY KIMCHI STEW!!..... maybe its customized for malaysian taste....... I'll definitely go back to try their Beef BBQ and Ginseng Chicken..... (Hf doesnt eat beef and val doesnt like ginseng. thats why we didnt order that)

Wednesday 4th April, today i'm meeting pooi and ah beng for dinner. We ate at Jade Garden in MV. Ah beng is forever on a diet and she doesnt eat much!! so we had one chicken wings each and it wasnt nice. Me and pooi shared another bowl of shanghai dumpling noodle soup and its so so only lar.... wont purposely go back to this shop...... Pooi did extension for her eyelashes!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to do it too!!!!!! Saw this ad having promo in Taman Tun for only RM99 and coincidently pooi did hers there too!!!! but her extensions are abit too long for me and hence it doesnt look natural to me.... but maybe cause i've seen her real lashes before so it looks wierd to me...... but she said other ppl thinks its alright..... but it does look nice and her eyes also look bigger...... i've just started my love for fake eyelashes.... cause it really can enhance your eyes..... so i'm gonna practice putting on fake eye lashes until i'm expert in it hehehe and maybe i will try the extension before i go hongkong in july (i know thats like 4 more months to go!!!) but i've got no special event so no point doing it now lar and also i just permed my eyelash before i went to spore so it will be wasted if i do the extensions now too.......... oh and the best part about having eyelash extension is that you dont need to put on mascara!!!!! yippieee....
So we had a great gossip session at dinner..... and i found out that ah beng's current bf is the ex of one of my colleague!!!!!! hehehehheheheh this is juicy news!!!!! and then we just bitch bout her lar.... hehehehe not really close to her lar but i know her lar..... shes ok to me..... but i'm ah beng's friend mar so i gotta be on ah beng's side lor!!!! hehehehe say shes not that slim lar.... not that pretty lar.... looks older than her age lar..... hehehe but she has got lotsa coach bag and nice watches!!!!! ggggrrrr.....

Thursday 5th April, I've decided today that i'm gonna learn more about $hare$!!!! Its really a money making place if you know how to play the game well!! but its also very very risky!!!!! hence i really need to read up alot on it!!!! This is really a very interesting game..... But i am not a risk taker cause i am very scared and I LOVE MY MONEY!!!!!! so i'm really afraid to play big cause i'm afraid of losing everything!!! hence i will play small and always remind myself "DO NOT BE GREEDY!!!!" anyway..... today is cheng beng and will be going out dinner with my family.... since my bro is having exams the nex day so we went to siu siu (near my house) and i like this place alot!!!! their food are really yummy!!!! we ordered crab claypot rice, milk and butter prawns with fried man tao, lala in superior stock, asparagus and milk and butter chicken.... their milk and butter is really quite delicious i really love the creamy thick sauce of the prawns...... yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....... sorry no photos as well..... will definitely take when i go there next!!

Friday 6th April, was supposed to go gym today..... FINALLY!!!! after soooo many days of being lazy and eating like a pig...... then mimi called me and ask if i can go home earlier to go and buy a fridge with my dad..... cause he saw on the papers that this electrical shop in puchong is selling a 4k fridge for 3k or something like that lar...... and my dad is not familiar with puchong...... my house fridge was spoilt the night before..... some wierd burning smell coming out from it so we off the power supply...... so went home bout 7pm and had dinner... finish dinner bout 8pm and drove all the way to puchong bandar putri and only reach at 9pm...... i really cant stand it when i drive and my dad sits at the passenger seat!!!!!! HE IS TOO DEMANDING AND A CONTROL FREAK!!!!!!!! which lane to go also he has to decide for me.... i felt so stress driving for one hour!!!!! take bloody one hour to reach puchong frm kl!!!!!!!!!! its like we took the longest route ever to avoid jam and its jam anyway!!!!!! gosh!!!!! anyway for the sake of having a fridge back in the house i shall not complain..... so we reach there and theres a few shop so we went around choosing..... the shop that advertise doesnt have stock....... so we end up buying frm another shop.... Hitachi fridge 4 door with water dispenser...... i choose this fridge one..... hehhehehhe kinda like it lar.... cause the other fridge looks very old fashion (below 3k lar our budget) so finally got this Hitachi one for RM3025!!! the idiot sales man refuse to sell to us at RM3k his price was RM3050 and then we said RM3020 and the salesman said RM3030 end up we deal at RM3025!!! this feels like i am in shanghai "xiang yang lu" this is how u bargain shop there!!!!! anyway yeay!!! we'll have a fridge soon cause its really inconvenient without a fridge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 7 April, Today at work while i was surfing for stuff for my beetch friend (yes today is saturday and i've got no work so i surf the net!!) anyway.... guess what did i found??? I stumbled upon this website and i saw THIS!!!!!!!

This is the exact same bag as the charles & keith bag that i recently bought!!!!! Just that mine is white and does not have those croc lizard and ostrich embossed leather.... muahahhahhaha Its like USD488!!!!! thats bout RM1.7k!!!! wowwwww!!!!! hehehehe isnt mine a good buy or what??? I am so proud of myself for so cleaverly choosing that bag!!!! muahahahahaha

anyway after work today i had lunch with val and thomas..... thomas is back frm spore for the weekend..... we used to be best of friends when we were in uni and then we got together and after the breakup its abit wierd but we are still friends but not as close as last time lar..... anyway..... this yu lin (val's bf) is such an idiot!!!! in the morning he msn me and said "wahhh how come wake up so early ar today" i'm like WTF!!!!! its not that i wanna wake up early but i gotta work on saturdays lar!!!! every saturday!!!!!!! bloody hell!!! i want a 5 days week job!!!!! anyway so i told him i am working (and he very well know that i work every sat!!!!) then he's like saying oh sorry i forgot bout that i thought u wake up early to get ready for lunch. You are having lunch with thomas...... and val right??? he is such an idiot!!!!!!!!!! who will wake up early to get ready for lunch with their ex!!!!!!!!! common!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course i wanna look good (who doesnt wanna look good infront of their exes) but not until like purposely wake up early to get ready!!!! what is he trying to imply??? and even if i really got nothing better to do and really wake up early to make myself pretty to have lunch its also none of his problem!!!!!!!! argh!!!!
anyway.... lunch was good..... rakuzen at plaza damas sri hartamas..... its something like zen at sunway pyramid (i love zen!! my fav jap place - nice food with reasonable price)..... and guess what!!!! i remembered to take photos this time!!!! hehe =) we ordered salmon sashimi, beef & vegetables sukiyaki, ginrada teriyaki, beef teriyaki, and jumbo unagi sushi..... the sushi is really veryyyyy jumbo!!!!! biggest sushi i've eaten!!!!! hahhahahhaha

Look at Val & the Jumbo Unagi Sushi...

and the 3 of us finished everything except for 2 pieces of sushi...... really cant take it anymore!!!! too full..... i cant even hold my stomach in!!!!! all these for RM165.60.... not bad eh???

then i went home and later on decide that i wanna go sg wang to look at my z610i..... wanted to buy it dy.... and my bro wants my phone and ask me to give him my phone and use his phone to trade in.... but then he is going for some party tonight and needed the sms in his phone to get the tickets so i will have to wait till tomorrow to get my phone and i have to go to sg wang again!!!!!!!! grrrrr....... anyway did some survey.... the cheapest i can find is RM1100 bloody hell they all bully girls who like pink one!!! cause the pink one is more expensive than the blue and the black one!!!!! grrrrrr....... oh then there is this shop that wraps ur phone with plastic so that ur phone wont be scratched.... cool..... at first i am afraid the front part of my phone will be full of finger prints cause this is what i read frm alot of website review of this phone.... but now my problem is solved..... i'm thinking if i wanna have some pink flower motives on the inside of my phone..... or shall i just have the tranparent wrapper...... hhhhmmmmmm..... hope everything goes well and i can get my phone tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!
YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to own a PINK PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
next: I WANT A PINK CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

24 Hours in Singapore

I just came back from Singapore yesterday!! Pen went there for an interview and asked me to go teman her. So me and her cousin, Tracy (3 of us) drove down to Singapore on friday morning. Woke up so bloody early!! 5.30am!!! earlier than when i need to go to work!!! but then nevermind lar cause i am not driving hehe.... she came and pick me at 6.30am and we went and have dim sum at kuchai lama (dunno what's the name of the restaurant) food so so only.... then we are on our way..... by 8.30am we reached malacca and eat again.... chicken rice balls!! OK i'm an amateur blogger and hence i forgot to take pics of the food opps.... so you wont be seeing any pics from my trip but i promised to make a habit next time =P We actually wanna eat the yummy cendol (with thick gula melaka) but the stall was not open yet so we proceed to Singapore.... We were busy gossiping all the way and reached the immigration at bout 12noon. Of all people the singaporean immigration officers wanna check our finger prints to see if we have any criminal records in Singapore!!! What the heck!!!!!!! We look like criminals meh??!?? But ok lar the uncles there are quite friendly and say they got quota to fullfil and even gave us directions to our hotel...... I was in charge of reading the map and we got lost!!!! muahahahahaha anyway we managed to find our way to the hotel in the end lar..... so i'm not such a bad navigator after all. =P We checked in, changed and ate the yuckiest food for lunch (the shop near our hotel) Before we went to Spore Pen keep insisting that Spore food sucks and I keep telling her Spore got lotsa nice food one (from my experiences in Spore).... but seems like the first meal i lost.... so its 0-1. I'll make sure dinner will be delicious..... then we took a cab to habour front for interview..... Pen went up for interview and Tracy & I went window shopping at harbour front centre and there is when I fell in LOVE with the PINK SE Z610i!!!!!

Isn't it a beauty????

I have done alot of research on it and really am thinking of getting this phone cause I REALLY WANT A PINK PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though there is nothing wrong with the current SE K750i but I JUST NEED TO HAVE A PINK PHONE!!!!! Its an undescribable lust!!! hehe I've been lusting for a pink phone for very long but have yet to find one that is love at first sight. I'm thinking of going to Sg Wang to check it out this weekend.....

Anyway back to Spore, her interview ended early and we went back to hotel for a nap. Then off we went to orchard to jalan jalan. I have kinda make this resolution to not shop since i came back frm bangkok begining of March til my HK trip in July (5 freaking months!! I know I can't resist the tempation but I shall just TRY larrrrr....) So went to Charles & Keith and kinda like this shoe and its quite cheap S$25.90 only eh..... and i stupidly (or maybe cleverly) asked for a size 37 cause my usual size 37 is abit too tight. Then the lady next to me compliment that my shoe look very nice and she herself pulak wants a pair and she asked for a 36. Then Pen said my shoe too big lar so i decided to ask for a 36 and the demo pair i was holding was the last pair!!! and there are some scratches on the shoe!!!! so maybe its fated that i will not shop and hence i didnt buy it..... By that time its already about 8pm and we were supposed to meet Tracy's friend Ming for dinner at Sun with Moon (I kinda like this Jap place, 2nd time I've been there and it has not dissapoint me =D) So we thought we'll wait for Ming in the restaurant and went there. Bloody hell it was fully booked and they ask us to come back in 1 hour!!!!!!! But when i feel like eating something I wanna eat it no matter what!!!! so 1 hour will not stop me from eating sun with moon!!!! I managed to indirectly persuade my friends to wait and hence we went to have a drink at coffee bean and we even ordered tiramisu to share.... lousy lar the tiramisu so dry.... i can make better tiramisu than coffee bean hehehe excuse me, I am an expert in tiramisu k!!! I've made it so so so many times and has taught alot of ppl to make it as well so I am the tiramisu "si fu" ahem ahem...... Anyway finally its 10mins to 9pm and we went back to the restaurant and bloody hell the waitress ask us to come back in 10mins but i noticed that those who wrote their name after us were already seated!! so i just complain lar muahahhahahha and then we get our seat muahahahahaha so we ordered soft shell crab with avocado sushi, gindara teriyaki, salmon sashimi, pork cheek with black pepper and foiegras with beef. I'm sooooo happy!!!!!!! all my fav food!!!!!!!! YUMMYYYYY!!!!!!!! and they were all good food!!! I only forgot that I didnt take any photos of the food when we almost finish eating hehe I'll take more photos from now on k....... I guess its 1-1 now cause everyone agrees that the food was good. So we chat and eat and laugh and chat and eat and laugh until it was 11.30pm!! So we went back to the hotel and sleep. Next day woke up at bout 10am and went out for lunch. I was determined to not go back to the same yucky shop we had lunch the day before and suggested to have lunch at Central, a new shopping centre - BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! There I had the yuckiest curry mee ever and I bought a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There goes my resolution not to shop til HK in July!!!!!! There was a Charles & Keith in Central and just went in to see if the shoe I was looking at was there and end up I bought this bag!!!!

Hehehe nice eh the bag..... S$40 lar and it will match the white flower shoe I just bought in Bangkok.......

Ahhhhh so matching!!! I LIKEEE......

Matching leh.... my bag and shoe.... hehe =P

OK I bought something....... and we left Spore..... It was a good trip but abit too short!! No time to meet any of my own friends but I'll see them next time lar!! Sorry guys and gals.... hehe I'll go Spore again soon.....