Friday, 17 April 2009

Oh My Food!

A lot people have asked me, why do I take photos of food before I eat? What do I do with the photos of the food that I took?

I was browsing through my photos and realised that I did not post up a lot of the food photos that I have taken... Hence I've decided to post them up.... some of it are quite a while back!! haha you know la my blog is very ketinggalan zaman one.....

Anyway here are loads of food photos of restaurants that I have not blogged about....
It made me really hungry while I was editing the photos the other day.... so hungry that I have to go cook maggie!! =P Really one............


We usually go for dim sum @ Imbi Palace, but we went to Xin the other day and I think it is one of the best dim sum place in KL!! Their dim sums really got quality one lor....
Btw, unlike most chinese restaurants in hotels, Xin is non-halal so you can have real pork dim sum there!! =)

Mimi, Yun & I

They even have classical chinese music for entertainment!

Yummy Yummy Dim Sums!!



I think its one of the better thai restaurants in the group. Their pandan chicken is simply THE BEST!!!!! Meat is tender, juicy and full of flavour!! YUMZ!!!!

Yummy Yummy Thai food



Oh and another Thai place that I wanna introduce is The Elephant!! Its jointly opened by four guys and a few of them are thai!! Their food are quite good and price is quite reasonable as well!! They are famous for their YUM MA MA Salad! Apparently according to Val, they used to sell the yum ma ma together with some other thai food at the Mt Kiara food bazaar on Thursday nights before they started this restaurant

Hair is still curly cause this is some time ago!! haha

Yummy Yummy Thai Food



After blogging about chuka zanmai (apparently its close down already) and also its sister restaurant, which is one of the best place to have cheap but good jap food - Sushi Zanmai, its only fair that I must mention about Pasta Zanmai as well! Went there quite a while ago! Food is not bad if you like oriental pasta! haha (Oh and another jap pasta restaurant I tried the other day is Pasta de Gohan in Sunway Pyramid!! No photos cause I went with my mentor and I pai seh to take photo!! Anyway they have lotsa choices of pastas and pizzas and its really quite good!! Go try!) Back to Pasta Zanmai....

You will need to grind your own black sesame to sprinkle on top of your pasta! And it does make it taste better!



Jaya One is one of the new dining area in PJ, lotsa restaurants choices to choose from....
First up is Duck King... The name itself you know that you must order duck when you are there!! =P I must say their duck was not bad... We actually tried both the normal roast duck and also the crispy skin duck. I think the roast duck was quite good but val claims that the Four Season at Cap Square is better!! Have yet to try that though!! But GY said that the London's Four Season's duck is still way better than the KL one but its consider good for KL standards!! haha So I'll definitely go to the KL Four Season one day but I am super excited that I will be going to the London one end of this month!!! I miss it soooo much!!!! The last time I had was like 2005!!!!!!! Can't wait, can't wait!! You know I love roast duck right?? and I super love roast duck drumstick + thigh!! Me & my bro always fight for it.... Luckily each duck got two legs!! =P I ordered roast duck almost every day during my last HK holiday cause HK roast duck is super yummy!!
Anyway I think the food in Duck King is quite good =) But a bit pricey though...



HHHmmm.... I think this place is so so only.... What spoilt everything was the mosquito under our table!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an air conditioned restaurant ok!! Their appetizers are nicer than the steamboat aka bbq thingy.... The beef are sliced too thick and a bit tough!!

They have fire performance



The Cubes is a London Chinese Cuisine restaurant. I was wondering what is London Chinese Cuisine?? Anyway they are known for the Peking Duck that not a lot of places have it here but is commonly found in London Chinese Restaurants!! haha And the one in The Cubes is not bad!! Notice the difference between this and the one in duck king?? Though both are eaten wrapped with the popiah skin thingy, but this one you actually eat the meat as well while the crispy duck in duck king, you eat the skin with the popiah thingy and they will cook the duck meat into another dish of your choice!



If you don't already know, the owner is Patrick Teoh....

They have 2 types of soup. one is the normal clear soup and another one is the herbal soup! We opt for the herbal one cause YL say its VERYYYY nice.... but I think the herbal taste is just a bit too strong and they add in chinese wine and a lot of dunno what stuff in it as well.... but after that it tasted ok cause when they add soup, they will add the normal soup for you.... so it kinda dilute the strong herbal taste to a nice acceptable herbal taste! haha

Here's the benefit of that herbal soup!

Todi with guiness!

The restaurant is famous for their live prawns! Its a must have if you eat there! Cause the prawns are just soooooooo deliciouly sweet and fresh! You can actually see the waiter climb up to the podium of aquariums and use a plate to scoop the prawns and place it on your table! The prawns are basically still jumping on the plate when it is served and you are to pour it into your steamboat and look at how the prawns are swiming in the hot pot!! Its kinda cruel if you think of it but its really delicious lor =(



I think the food is ok only but don't know why a lot of people say its good! haha I still think the best place for korean food is Maehwa Maul at Plaza Mt Kiara but I wont be talking bout that one cause I've blogged bout it a few times already! haha Its my fav korean place =) Anyway, Daorae has more bbq varieties compared to Maehwa la.....



Went to another BBQ place which is not bad as well (but still prefers Maehwa haha!) Solaris is another dining place with lotsa food choices! Bon-Ga is really not bad, but we ordered so much that we just couldn't finish everything.... Some more this GY was telling us stories bout him and the things he does to "catch" ghost!! haha

Busy telling ghost stories!



Remember I blogged about Ding Tai Feng in my Taiwan post? *here* Anyway if you don't already know, they have a branch in KL.... The food is alright but I think its not as good as the one we had in Taiwan..... especially Honeydrew's legendary chicken soup!! Its not even close to what we had! haha



Last but not the least, I wanna intro this cozy little place hidden in the dataran sunway damansara! The food is good and the price is even better!! Realllllllly worth it lor.... YL always say must go there eat more often cause he scared that they will close down because they are not making money with the price they are charging! And you know what, YL also said that you will get 20% discounts if you wear a football jersy there on a Sunday or something!! (Erm I'm not too sure bout this though,... do check it out with the owner though, she's really nice!) haha
you can check out their website for the menu too.... (click on the photo below to view it)

The biggest piece of Oreo cheesecake that I have seen served in any restaurants and its only bout RM6 or what.... I think!! And to add to that, its really good!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the one I bake!! =P MUAHAHAHAHA cause the cheese is really thick!! (I don't like those flour cheesecakes!)