Sunday, 23 November 2008

Phuket Day 3: Bye Bye Surin

Finally!! I'm posting up the last day at Phuket!! *HAHA* its been more than a month since I was there!! *kaka* Am really busy with my "biz" *hehe* With all the new arrivals and all.... have you visited it?? If you have not.... click here

Anyhow.... back to Phuket!! Woke up really early cause its my last day there and I really wanted to go to the Surin Beach again!! It's really a veryyyyyyyy beautiful beach!!!!

Took some photos of our hotel, Marriott Courtyard @ Surin Beach while on the way out to the beach......

The poolside cafe

At the pool

Hallway towards the lobby

Lobby area

Me posing =P

Me & honeydrew =)

On the way to Surin Beach! which is just across the road from our hotel.

On the way to the beach

And now.... here are the photos of the beautiful beautiful Surin Beach!! *hearts*

Beautiful not???? The water so clear hor!!! I'm the one who took the last picture!! I think its a very nice pic cause there is a reflection of the sky!! =)

How can I not pose here and there with such beautiful scenary!! I shall spare you all by putting up only a "few" of my vain shots!!!!

Not that many right?? Cause I have more!!!! *haha*

After photo taking session is over, we went to swim and play at the beach =)

Photo of honeydrew before we leave the beach.... Bye bye Surin *i'll miss ya!*

Back at the hotel, we decided to go for a swim at the pool as well before having our breakfast =)

Honeydrew with his goggles!!

The Momo Cafe where breakfast is served is very near the pool. (It's the same place we had dinner the night before - their mango sticky rice is damn good!!)

The Momo Cafe

My breakfast =)

Honeydrew's breakfast

Me having breakfast =) The waffles and pancake was not bad =) Was supposed to share it with honeydrew but I ended up finishing both by myself =)

After breakfast, we went back to our room to shower, pack and then check out =(

Me playing with honeydrew's new camera at the Phuket Airport!! *Bored!* Good thing the flight was not delayed!!

That's all about my Phuket trip!! =) I really did have a great time there..... not much sight seeing.... just going to the beach, massages and eating, eating and eating!! =) Of course photos as well =) I don't mind staying there for a week!! =P A completely different experience compare to when I first went to Phuket!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

NOV 08 New Arrivals are in!!

I'm especially excited with this round of new arrivals!! So many things that I want it for myself as well!!
Plus, what colour should I choose??

There's even shoes!!! Actually wanted this for myself but thought i shall share it with the other shopaholics out there!!

click here for more details!!

p/s: guess who's the model this time??