Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My current new obsession

Ello Ello..... I know I have been MIA-ing for a very long time!! keke!! Nothing happened just that I am sometimes busy and sometimes too lazy!

Here's an updated post of my latest and current obsession =D

You know, Jap food is always one of my favourite cuisine if not the most favourite....
I only started to like sashimi when I was in Uni (can't believe I didn't love it earlier!!)

But then for many years (yes I have graduated many years since after uni!!) I only like to eat salmon sashimi!

Here's the few jap places I frequently go for my jap cravings

Zen @ Pyramid

Green Room @ Hartamas

Izakaya Ichiban @ Hartamas Shopping Complex

Tosaya @ Wisma Cosway

and Sushi Zanmai when I'm broke but still wanna eat jap cause its like the most value for money jap restaurant and the food is really not bad..... but yesterday I went to Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall for my sashimi dose and they have about the same menu at the same price!

Anyway when I was in London few months back, my sis brought us to Sake No Hana, one of the top table restaurants in London (they were having promotions then if you make reservation via 40% off total bill!! Lucky us!!), we ordered a sashimi platter and I had a piece of that fatty tuna sashimi..... and it changed my life!! HAHA It was like seriously damn good and since then, I am unable to forget that taste.....

Sake No Hana @ London

And so, after that when I am back, I started trying other type of sashimis and now I am totally absolutely obssessed with all types of sashimis!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Assorted sashimi from Tosaya

Sweet prawns from Tosaya

Assorted sashimi from Kampachi @ Pavilion - the bestest and most yummy sashimi plate I've had in KL!!!

Nowadays I eat jap at least once or twice a week cause I really crave for it!! Crave until like keep thinking of it one....... Seriously I wish that I am damn super rich then I can eat like assorted sashimi everyday cause its mostly bout RM70 to more than RM100 per plate depending where you go..... Then I can be slim too cause sashimi is not fattening right?? haha

The most economical "mini" assorted sashimi I can find is @ sushi zanmai and sushi tei =D
I think its like RM22 something and you get salmon, tuna and yellow tail (3 pc each! but smaller and thinner slice la)

Actually writing this makes me wanna eat sashimi already!!! I just had yesterday and sunday!! And I am going this coming saturday! Val is tempting me to go Umai-ya buffet with her!!

You know what? Now I reaaaaaaaaaaaally wanna go Japan to try the real deal!!!!!! =P
Please make it happen!!