Thursday, 13 October 2011

Once in a life time experience!

It's been a while.... since i even view this blog!

I have done 2 very exciting things recently.

I never thought I would be doing it.

But I have done it.

Firstly, never did I ever thought that I will be taking my pre-wedding photos in paris!! We actually wanted to go to Japan at first! But because of the tsunami and the nuclear situation, and then one thing lead to another and before we know it, we have booked ourself a pre-wedding package to Paris! Thanks to my dearest honeydrew, I get to experience this once in a life time experience!! =D

Here are some shots taken by honeydrew when the photographer ask him to "tan hoi" hahahahaha so poor thing... he didn't take any single shots! All the photos are either both of us or just me! Cause the photographer say groom got nothing to shoot but the bride got a pretty gown! haha.... All these taken with my normal digital camera!

This is the 4th time that I am in Paris but I have never seen Paris this beautiful! I guess I am always still sleeping at that hour!

Both of us really enjoyed the photoshoot and we had a really great time!

I can't wait to see the photos from the photographer!!

The other very very exiting thing I did was that after soooooo many many many years of contemplation, I have finally decided to get my first chanel bag! And this is the 1st bag that I have bought for myself and also the most-est most expensive bag that I have own! All my other bags are bought by my dearest honeydrew!!

I call this once in a life time experience is because I don't think I will ever buy such an expensive bag anymore.... of course unless if someone wanna buy for me la! muahahahahahaha

yes it is a beauty! i love it very very much!

Even though it is so expensive, I don't really have to take care of it much cause the leather won't scratch! Unlike the LV bags where the patina leather cannot touch water la, hand cream la or it will stain / get dark very fast.... so need to jaga jaga one....

Plus, this chanel bag can be worn for formal or casual!

My only complain is that it is too small cause I am used to big bags where I can put lotsa stuff in it! But i'm still very happy with it!