Saturday, 21 February 2009

My 2009 CNY & BDAY

I know CNY is like over.... But anyhow, here are my 2009 CNY photos =)

Reunion Dinner - Only four out of six!! Wonder when we'll have a full house reunion dinner when the whole family eats together!! I think this is getting harder since I'm the only one left now!!

For as long as I can remember, every year until now, the reunion dinner dishes are the same!! Same number of dishes, same type of dishes, same style of cooking!! Don't know why but every year I still look forward to it. Actually everyone (as in my family members) look forward to the buddha jump over the wall..... =)

My mimi's signature dish!! Buddha Jump over the Wall =) Double boiled shark fin, abalone, dried scallop, sea cucumber and fish maw in superior chicken stock. Super delicious!!!!! *Slurp* *Slurp*

The fireworks view from my house to usher the CNY 2009!!

Camwhore with this pretty red flower that my dad bought. It blooms so prettily on the first day of CNY!!

The first few days of CNY was sooooooooooooooo BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I did was house visiting at a few of my dad's friends and played mah jong with my mimi, dad and bro only when my bro is at home!! He always play half way and wanna go out and we have got not enough kaki cause my mimi doesn't like the 3-kaki mah jong!! So we can only play when he is around and my mimi keep asking my bro to go out later cause she wanna play more!! *haha* So whenever my bro is out, I am super bored at home!! *sigh* Most of my friends went back to hometown and even those that are around they would wanna spend the first few days with their family!! So you can imagine how bored I am at home!!

Bored until me and my mimi went to the tean hao temple which is walking distance from my house to see why it is packed with people and there are so many cars that jam up the route to our house!! We were there for less than 15minutes and decided to go home cause we don't know what to do there as well!! haha So me and my mimi even went to watch All's Well End's Well 2009 one of the days!!

It is also tradition in my family that we will always "lou sang" the first 3 days of CNY when we go out for dinner.... This year I "lou" about 7-8 times. But like my friend said, every year also lou, got see any difference or not?? haha Actually I don't really like to eat it, but I just like to lou for fun only!! I don't mind eating it but I don't love it la haha

This year, my birthday falls during CNY!! 5th day of CNY to be exact!! I received my first pressie 3 weeks before my bday!! It's a pressie from my honeydrew =D hehe Of course I choose it myself la.... and I lovey it to bits!!!! Its my current fav bag =D

If you notice, I actually put this up under the "I WISH UPON A STAR" section on my blog =)Thanks dear for making my wish come true!! Thanks to my sis who asked her friend Siew Li to buy it for my from Paris =) Thanks to Siew Li who help me buy it =) Thanks to Siew Li's boyfriend who got the tax refund and bring it back all the way for me =) Thank you Thank you!! Really appreciate it cause the price difference compare with the retail price in KL is really quite huge!! p/s: buy it in UK I think will be cheaper or same as buying in Paris now cause of the Pounds exchange rate!! =D And confirm there will be huge savings if you buy it here!! ;)

Then few days before my bday, I received a package from the post!! Guess who is it from?? You could never guess!! Haha It’s from my ex!!! HAHAHA We broke up for almost 5 years and he has never given me any bday pressie after that and now this year suddenly he wants to give me something soooooo much!! At first he mailed my e-shop and said that he wanna buy S$100 worth of clothes as a bday pressie for me and keep bugging me for my account number!! But I refused to give cause he doesn't really want the clothes so its like he is just giving me money to spend!! I didn't wanna take his money cause I don't feel right and I have already took his RM100!! Eh that also he forced me to take cause he said he want to support my biz by buying something from my e-shop for me!! So in the end he bought me a gift and keep asking me and val for my address!! Even called me while I'm at work and googled my house location for the add (cause he knows where I stayed but just not sure of the address)!!

This is what's inside the package all the way from Singapore =D Thanks!! Thanks!!

My mimi bought me a birthday cake =D Green Tea Cheesecake!!
Went out dinner with my family to celebrate and end up too full for the cake and brought the cake all the way back home!!

Me with my parents

Me with my bro

Making a wish =D

On my real birthday, I celebrate it with Val, YL and GY @ Alexis =) Had a great time =) Great company, Great food with especially good desserts =) Thanks for dinner and the gift!! Val has been a really great friend to me =) She is also one of my biggest supporter for my e-shop =)

Me & Val! We are both wearing clothes from my e-shop!!
I'm wearing *this* and Val is wearing *this*

Actually, all the clothes I'm wearing in the photos for CNY are all clothes from my e-shop except for one!! Cause all the clothes from the e-shop that I like, I keep it as my CNY clothes!! =D But all also sold out already la *haha* but new arrivals are coming soon since now with honeydrew gone, I've got more time to concentrate on my biz!!

GY & I! Always cannot see his eyes one!! His eyes is like 2 lines only!! Normally he doesn't wanna take photos but cause it’s my bday so I forced him to take with me =D HAHA

All the food we had plus a nasi kerabu which I forgotten to take a photo of!! YL always tease me for stopping everyone to eat so that I can take a photo! p/s: The Cream Sauce Pasta with Mushroom (2nd last photo) is really good!! =D

They insist to embarrass me by singing me a bday song in front of everyone!!

Alexis have super yummy desserts!! First time I'm at Alexis but did not have the tiramisu!! That's cause they don't have it that day but the chocolate cake and pecan pie are equally good!! Ahhh.... *hearts*

The next day I had another celebration @ Michelangelo in Solaris with my ex-gin kakis and Cindy Teh!! *haha* Ex cause we haven't played gin for sooooooooooooooo long!! I think since elisa was pregnant till now!! Or did we play once when she is pregnant?? It's sooooo long that I don't even remember!! *haha*

The Group Photo!!

My ex-gin kakis (excluding baby Liesl of course!!)

Elisa, me & Aunty

Elisa, Baby Liesl & me

The food we had. Very similar to Alexis kinda food - Pasta, pizza, western food.... but their desserts are incomparable with Alexis!! haha

Look @ the pressie they gave me!!!!!!! They even make me pose with it in public!!!!!!! And NO I don't wear these kinda things!!!!!!! hahahahaha

All my bday pressies!! *hearts* Thank you for all the pressies and bday cards and bday wishes and bday sms!! Thanks for caring and being so thoughtful ;) Yun Yun sent me a card all the way from Germany!! =) Actually she sends every year without fail!! Thanks!! Though this year's bday is much simpler than last year's *click*, plus Honeydrew is not around to celebrate with me, I still had a great time with my family and friends =)

Back to CNY, every year we will have our annual St Mary's CNY Gathering and this year a few of us went to Pooi's house to play ginrami before heading to our usual meet up point at Kit's house for some group photo session and then dinner! This year, the group is much smaller cause a lot couldn't make it but then we still had a fun time =)

As usual, our group photos @ Kit's house!

More photos at the restaurant

It's our tradition to have a lou sang lunch / dinner together every year and every year without fail, we will lou until everything is everywhere!!!

Our dinner =) When the bill came, all these dishes plus the yu sang is only RM90+!!! Can you believe it?? That's like RM13 per pax only!!! How is that possible?? One look you know they have given us the wrong bill!! We then told them that the bill is wrong and they still told us its the right bill!! We have to tell another waiter a second time only they went to recheck and realised its the wrong bill!! So the right bill amount is about RM200!! See we are honest people!! MUAHAHAHA

Also had a pai lin gathering with my kss gang!! Started off with ginrami at Bulat's house (Pendek is now officially changed to Bulat already muahahahaha *all king's fault!!*) Hehe I think I'm joining the bulat gang soon cause I just came back from yum cha with GY and he said I have gained weight from the last time he saw me!!!!!!!!!! =((((((((( And thats like 3 weeks ago only!!!!! =(((((((((((((( Sighhhhhh....... Anyway Bulat then brought us to her aunty's house as we are having dinner near there! We continued playing ginrami til dinner time =) And I game quite a few times!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA =D

Group Photo (what's with the peace sign??)

Everyone, lou lou lou......

Totally forgotten to take photos of the food!! But luckily took one of this super duper yummy rice!! HOU HOU SIK ARRRRRRR!!! haha The restaurant is actually famous for crabs but we didnt had any cause soo can't take crabs but I will definitely go back to try the crabs and order the rice again!!!!!!!!!!!!! *YUMZ*

Every year, my company will also have lion dance performance. This year, the lion even went to the new building!!

Lion passing the goodies to Group Chairman TSJC & our CEO, Dr Chong

This year's Manager's Conference falls during the CNY and its on a Saturday FULL DAY and as if that is not bad enough, its the Saturday with the long weekend with the Monday PH!!!! *ISH* Anyway, I'm glad that I attended =D This year's theme is Sustainable Leadership.

Me @ the Manager's Conference

CNY will not be complete without gambling!!!!!!!! =) However this year I gambled less compared to the previous years...... Started off playing mah jong with my family on the first few days of CNY and I lost money every time!! Then after my bday dinner with Val & gang, we went over to Val's place to play blackjack. YL was the banker and he kept winning!!! We all were losing a lot and even if you get really good cards he still wins by having 21 or 5 cards!!!! GY then suddenly told me "don't worry I've got a secret weapon!!" and then he brought out a GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

I was shocked to see him taking out something like this from his pocket!!!!! So I took it and after that I started winning!!!! Then GY took it and he started winning!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? It’s really like magic!! HAHA When everyone realised the power of the gold, everyone becomes kiasu!!

Val found herself a pineapple to bring her luck!!

Since GY wants his gold back so I took this guy holding a gold hoping it will bring me good luck but then I lost that round!! So I decided its not a good luck cause the guy actually look like he is giving the gold which indirectly indicates giving my money away!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA so superstitious!! But I still decided not to use it!!

YL took the whole basket of "kam" which sounds like gold in cantonese!!

Since I didn't want that guy holding the gold, I keep on taking GY's Gold and in the end me and GY won $$$$$$$ MUAHAHAHAHA.... My first winnings during this CNY cause previously lost in all the mah jong session with my family!! So I decided to get my own gold!!!! GY told me he got it from tean hao temple which is sooooo near my house.... so the next day I went there with mimi again to get the gold =) Actually its praying to the god of fortune and you donate RM5 for 1 gold!!

Mimi took the big gold with the candle inside for the house and I took 2 of the gold (one for me and one for my bro!)

Then guess what???????? The next day after my dinner with Aunty and gang, we played black jack as well and I took out my gold to show off *haha* and immediately the first round I got double ace!!!!!!!!!! That's a tripple pay!!!! WOAHHHHHHH its like showing its power!!!!! (or so I thought!! cause in the end I lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ish*)

The next round of gambling was ginrami at Ling's house and again I took out my gold!! =D

Just look at my kiasu face when this sui poh Ling tried to touch my gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Photo session again! Me posing posing with my gold =P

Can't really remember what happened but Ah Yi seems to be laughing really hard!! And I can see Witch Kit stealing my gold!!!!!!!!!!!! But then again I lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISH ISH ISH!!!!!!!!!!! After dinner with the St Mary's gang I went over to MayYee's house for another round of gambling!!!! This time I didn't bring my gold out cause after it failed me twice, I lost faith in it (also cause there were a lot of people there so I shy to bring it out la haha) But you know what????? I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha I guess the Gold's power works better when its inside my bag and not brought out to show to everyone..... Maybe the gold is shy too.... haha
All my gambling sessions after this also I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Won playing black jack at Val's house again =) won playing ginrami at Bulat's house and her aunty's house =) and also won playing black jack at Cindy Teh's house!! KAKAKAKAKA Eh the past two year's CNY also I lost wor!! So at least this year, with all the losing and winnings I won some in the end lar!! =D

Me & Honeydrew @ Cindy Teh's new house!! An architect's house is really different one!! Very well designed!! Also, she is really good at mixing cocktails!!!!!! So good that her hubby was soooo drunk and did sooooo much nonsense!!!! haha

Everyone all happy, high or drunk!!

All in all, I had a great CNY and Bday!! But after that, I fell sick!!!!!!!!!! MC for two days!!!! Started off with fever then my gums were swollen (my mimi said cause I'm heaty and lack of sleep) then sore thoat and coughing..... Now only I am slowly recovering!!

OK I need to lose weight dy cause my face is getting more bulat!! ( -___- )