Monday, 31 March 2008

Sunway Lagoon Themepark Wildlife Interactive Zoo

Went to the Theme park for a meeting the other day and was really impressed with it. The last time I was there was maybe about two years ago. So much has changed since then!! They have got The Wild Wild West and The World of Adventure with all the rides and all, then they have Waters of Africa which is the water park, then the Sunway Surf Beach which is the world's largest man-made surf beach with real sand and all, next the Extreme Park where u play all the extreme sports like paintball, All Terrain Vehicles, Jet Boat Ride and etc and the last but not the least the Wildlife Interactive Zoo.

The Theme park's CEO actually asked one of his staff to show us around and also bring us for a walk at the interactive zoo. I was really quite impressed with the interactive zoo as I have been to the Sunway petting zoo about 4 years ago. It was such a huge huge difference!! There is so much more in this zoo and the design and layout of the zoo is also very nice.
The first thing I saw in the interactive zoo is a very horny pony *haha* I couldn't resist but to take a photo of him!!!!! HAHAHA

Can you see his *ahem ahem* It was wayyyyy longer when I first saw it and by the time I took the photo it was shorter dy.... maybe he is shy *KAKAKAKA*

Then my boss was so brave!! She put the snake around her neck!! I don't even dare to touch it *YUCKS!!*

Sorry the photos are a bit dark but I didn't dare to put on flash as I was afraid it will annoy the snake and attack my boss... kaka

Then when the peacock saw me walking towards him he opened up for me =) According to my other colleague, he says that the peacock opens up to attract females so meaning the peacock wants to "kao" me lar =P

But then when I went inside and walk nearer to him he closed up..... hhhmmm..... maybe he realised that I am not his type!! *kaka*

Lotsa other birds in the huge walk-in bird cage

Then when we walked over to the sun bear area, the bear was so funny.... he was at the top of the rocks and when he sees us coming, he climbed all the way down and soak himself into the little pond for like 1 minute and then walk back up without even giving us a glance. So action man!!!! Its like he wanna show off himself when he knows got visitor.... So funny lar his behaviour. And how come those Germany bears are so cute one.... but this bear not fat fat cute cute one...... hehe

There were a lot of other animals...... and here are some of the photos that I took....

Super huge rabbit

Lazy fox
Flamingos and ducks

Cute otters


Some black bird (don't know what species)

Then it was lunch time!! Me feeding the hamsters lunch......

And then my own lunch at Zazu. A very nice restaurant by the beach =)

Some appetizers - anchovies and sausages fried with lotsa onions and chillies

My main - Grilled chicken skewers =)

What a great meeting =) *hehe* was supposed to meet from 10.30-12 noon but end up, we only leave the theme park at 3pm. Very tiring to walk the whole themepark but I enjoyed it =)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I fell in love with Tiffany

Was browsing through their website and I was swept away......

I fell in love with THIS!!!!!!

Heart Tag Charm Toggle Bracelet

I know it looks normal but I damn like the toggle.... its different from the normal clasp on kind.... And I want this charm to be on my Toggle Bracelet....... *drooling*

Return to Tiffany Heart Lock Charm

Ahhhhh..... isn't it cute????? hehe So if I wear it and someone finds me will he return me to Tiffany in New York??? hehe or if I get lost.... that's where you all can come look for me.... I will be waiting at Tiffany in New York because someone has returned me there..... *kaka* What nonsense!! But I loveyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........

I love love love love love the toggle charm and the return to tiffany heart lock charm...... *dreaming*

If *a very very very big IF* after I get the toggle bracelet and the return to tiffany heart lock charm these will be the other charms that I want....

Pink cupcakes, Heart with pink "diamonds", shopping bag for shopaholics, and the cute little blue box *I wonder when will I ever receive a blue box* HINT HINT

Then my charm bracelet will be complete and I will be complete.... and my charm bracelet will look something like this......

AHHHHHHHHH...... *melts* I said something like this cause I cant find one with all the charms that I like *as mentioned above* but this is the closest as it has 2 out of the 5 (though the tiffany box here is not blue and I want mine in blue) *eh first time I want something blue and not pink eh!!!!!!*

Oh and if one day I become super duper rich or married a super duper rich guy then I will get a gold charm bracelet cause its just sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! and its also sooooooooooooo expensive!!!!! the silver one already so expensive the gold one is like real gold..... I think this is USD8k........ *faints* don't even dare to dream.... haha at least the silver one still can dream....

As of now I am not so greedy..... just the toggle bracelet and the return to tiffany lock charm I will be skipping and jumping with joy dy..... sigh..... my birthday is like 10 more months..... valentines is like 11 more months..... sigh.......................

I guess I shall just continue drooling..............

Friday, 21 March 2008

Eat, Drink & be Merry

Last week, I was invited to
1) Dr Chong's (My CEO) Birthday Party at her house =)
2) Coach Cocktail Party =DDDDDD
3) Dinner & Wii Night at Val's

Last Saturday was Dr Chong's birthday and she had a small tea party at the office and also a huge party at her house. The caterer at her house was really good and their curry laksa, prawn mee and tau fu far was YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! *So much carbs!!* But anyway it was well worth it!! =)

The curry laksa and prawn mee stall =P~

Sr. Jenny the Nursing Director, Ms Ch'ng the COO (My half boss - as I have got 2 bosses) and Me =)

Me & Jia Fu (also known as Carrefour and his brother is Jia Ern who is known as Giant *haha* So its Giant and Carrefour!! Such a cute coincidence!! and that's how Ms Ch'ng introduced her two boys!!)

Jia Ern, Me, Jia Fu and a mischievous boy =)

The backyard of Dr Chong's house is a mini zoo with doggies, lotsa birds and rabbits. She also have 2 cats one called "long" and another called "kang" cause she picked up both cats from the drain "longkang"

Then on Monday, I went for Coach Cocktail Party at The Gardens for the launch of their Spring Collection =) Thanks to Val who has got the invites and asked me along =) Am sooo happy bout it =) I lovey Coach!! *hehe*

The invitation card

Though the launch was nothing much, we just went there to eat, drink and watch the fashion show. And I also met a school friend that I haven't seen since Form 5!! What a coincidence to meet Tse Yin there and she is even there with her husband!! This show how time flies.....
Anyway, I didn't take much photos cause I wasn't sure if we were allowed to take photos in the shop and didn't want to embarrass myself if someone comes and tell me off. But towards the end of the fashion show I realised they were other people taking photos and when I took my camera out, the models were about to leave already and I only got one shot of them.... here....

The 4 models were super tall and super fair... They look like mannequin from the pictures but they are real ok!! hehe

These 2 are real mannequins!! haha

We were served wines and thai food. But all the food were held by waiter/waitress and hence I quite pai seh to take photos of it. Their food comes in bite sizes, mango salad serve in soup spoon, various thai appetizers like thai fish cakes, money bag, prawn toast, and etc, then pad thai is served in a cocktail glasses and cutest of all is tom yum soup served in shot glasses =) haha. When Val saw someone holding the shot glasses she some more told me "eh got shots to drink" which we later found out its actually tom yum soup =)

Me & Val, the one who invited me to the party =)

And oh, while we are at to topic of Coach, I lovey lovey the new optic signature carly!!!! It looks really gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! But..... I shall refrain myself =( *save money* sigh......... should I get it ar????????????????????????? hehe

And I super super super super LOVEYYYYYYYYYY the raspberry optic signature range!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SUPERRRRRRRR PRETTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you think so?? I think i die die also want something of this range!!!!!!! and I am going to get this wristlet =))))))))))) YIPPIEEEEEEEE

The wallet is super gorgeous too..... but I am happy with my current wallet...... so..... sighhhhhhh again......... I see the bright bright pink my heart also melt ar....................... sighhhhhhh........

And on Tuesday night, I went to Val's house for dinner and Wii Night =) So pai seh lar her maid always cook for me also =/ *hehe*

Guess what are they doing?? They are actually boxing each other!!

Anyway it was a fun fun fun night. My all time favourite game is still tennis. I played soooo many round of tennis with Yu Lin cause every time either one loses, the other wants a rematch. So I think both our skills are about same as we have almost equal winnings and most of the matches are quite a close win.

My other favourite game now is cow racing!!! *hehe* You need to race against each other and also knocking down the scarecrows to collect points.... its really more fun to turn, speed and slow down using the Wii Controller instead of the usual joystick or pressing the control buttons!!

Cow race!! but too bad its maximum for 2 players only. So the best is still tennis and 4 player tennis is soooo fun and sooooo real =)

Me with no make up and specs =) Kiasu mar scared I cannot see clearly and lose.... kaka

Some of the other games that we played. I quite like the fishing too....

OK will end my post with some food photos.... the things we had on the day before my sis, yuni went back to her hardbreadland aka Germany

Dim Sum for brunch

The sinfully delicious Banofee Pie and Sticky Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream for tea

Japanese Dinner =)