Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Do you still love me?

It really saddens me that you can be so determine,
when I asked you again and again,
you answer me again and again, without a doubt.

It hurt me so much to realise that you can just say that its gone,
out of a sudden.
Or worse that it has been gone for a long time,
but I am just not aware of it.

I have never doubt its presence,
but I guess I am wrong because now I don't know anymore....

But if what is gone becomes a fact,
then I guess this battle is not worth fighting,
as there is nothing to fight for.

After a sleepless night, you said you made a mistake.
You are sorry and regret the things that have been said,
and now you want everything back.

I don't know what made you change your mind,
but I want to know why.

You don't have to tell me what you think is fair for me,
to wait or not to wait.
You don't have to tell me that I deserve better,
and that you are not good enough.
You don't have to tell me that you don't want me to get hurt
and only want me to be happy.

All I want to know is your feelings for me.
With all honesty and not holding back a thing.

Do you still love me?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Being a Jury

My boss and the HR Director asked me if I want to become the panel of jury for a Domestic Inquiry and for the fun of it I agreed! =) Can "8" about people's stuff mar... hehe =)

So today I went for the Domestic Inquiry (DI) as one of the jury. Domestic Inquiry occurs when there is an employee misconduct within a company and they would like to investigate if the person is guilty or not before they decide the next action. Hence I was the jury for a DI of another company. However being a jury in DI you are allowed to ask questions unlike in a court.

Anyway, my DI was not as "interesting" or as "fun" as I hoped cause after the allegations were read, the person being charged admitted guilty to all the charges *cheh!* However, there is something "QK" (weird / suspicious) about this case. I'm only gonna tell part of the story (the QK part).

Characters of the story:
A, (the person being charged) is a sales exec.
B, (the witness and also the victim) a house buyer.

Ok, this is B's side of the story:
B wants to buy a house and went to a show unit and met A. B is interested to buy the house and A told B that B will need to pay a deposit in order to secure the house. However, B told A that B has got a problem in getting the loan because B needs to sell off the current house before B is eligible to apply for loan for the new house. A told B that it is not a problem and A will allow B some time to arrange for all those but B needs to pay a deposit of RM X for the house. So B in eagerness to buy the house gave A part of the RM X and promised to give the remaining as that was the only cash available at that time. B then left without even getting a receipt. The next day A went to look for B at a location outside the show unit and B gave the remaining amount to A and A gave B a purchase proforma for a house unit F31. B then left without having a receipt and the only thing B has is the purchase proforma. After that A did not call B and B did not call A. After about 4-5 months B said B called A and told A that B is in the process of selling the current house and A told B that it is ok. And A never call B and B never call A. After a few more months B feels weird that B never receives any letter from developer or any call from A. B tried to call A but could not get A. About close to a year after the time B paid the deposit. B went to the new house and saw that the progress of the construction of the new house is going well and casually ask the security guard there about the houses there and point to the new house that B has bought but the security guard told B that in his knowledge that house belongs to the owner of a different race as B. B becomes suspicious and went to the developer and found out that B is not the owner of the house and the unit F31 does not even exist. Hence B reported this incident.

A's side of the story is:
B came to the show unit and A persuaded B to buy the house. However, B told A that the house is too expensive but A keep on persuading B. B then gave A the deposit and then told A that B will need time to sell B's current house in order to get the loan. A then told B that once A submitted the deposit, B will have at most one month time to get the loan. Hence B told A not to submit the deposit yet to allow B to have more time. Within the month, A keep calling B to produce the documents and B gets irritated and told A to not call again! A then couldn't get hold of B and assumed B is not interested in buying the house anymore and A does not have a chance to return the deposit to B. About the error, A said that it is actually unit E31 and not F31 and A made a mistake in the form.

A pleaded guilty to taking the deposit and not declaring to the company. The story was the reason of him doing so.

To me, A is probably lying or making up the story cause I asked B if B has told A not to call anymore and B said no. B also said that B has never asked A not to submit the deposit. Plus also there are a few other charges on A doing some other frauds which A also pleaded guilty.

However I am really curious on B!! How can B thinks that B has bought the house by paying RMX (which is only about 0.5% the total amount of the house)????? Got people so DUHHH???? *hehe* If you pay down payment of 10% i still can understand lar!!!! ish!!!!! Also, within ONE WHOLE YEAR no calls no nothing!! If you have ever buy a house before you would know that you are only given a limited amount of time to get the loan and all in order to purchase the house after you pay a deposit. How can you think that you can pay 0.5% of the amount of the house and after one year without producing any documents to the sales person and developer and still get the house?? One year is a long time lar.... the sales person don't call me I also will call lar!!!!! ish!!!!!!! And pay money don’t ask for receipt!!!!!!! ishhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Addicted to cupcakes =)

Cupcakes are addictive!! I think I have gotten this "virus" from my sis Yuni!! It's really very fun making cupcakes and it’s my new hobby!! =) I made green tea cheesecake cupcakes with meringue butter cream and chocolate cream cheese frosting!!

Opening my brand new mixer!! My first time using it and it made my cheesecake and frosting really nice =) *hearts* I shall follow my sis's housemate Stephanie and give my mixer a "cool" name!! Shall call it Krystina after the name of the author of the book "Crazy about cupcakes"! So my Krystina is really cool!! =P By the way, Stephanie actually called her new oven Andrew!! And that's my Honeydrew's name!!!!!!!!!! ishhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Then I even drove allllll the way to Bandar Puteri Puchong to buy stuff to deco my cupcakes!! There is this huge shop that sells everything you need for baking!! (It's the corner shop same row as Bumbu Bali) I also bought those piping bag nozzles in different sizes =D Now I can draw on my cupcakes =) Oh and guess what I found?? Rubber spatulas in baby pink!! =D

OK now to the serious part of making the cupcakes =) The ingredients needed....

First crushed the Oreo biscuits and add butter for the base. If you want to make it set, put in the fridge for 15 minutes. If you want it to be crispier then bake it for 5 minutes.

Then beat the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence together. Next add in the green tea powder to taste.

After that add in the eggs and the green tea cheesecake batter is ready =D YUMZZZZZZ

Pour batter into the cupcakes paper and bake for 15-20 minutes!

While waiting, prepare the meringue butter cream frosting. This is the first time I am doing this frosting and was worried that it will be too watery to shape. However thanks to the magic of Krystina's whipping the frosting was excellent!! Fluffy, light and creamy enough, just the right texture!! =D

Then I made another frosting of a different colour - chocolate cream cheese frosting! I used the intense 70% cocoa chocolates that my sis bought for me in Germany. Melted it and add in to the cream cheese + sugar + butter batter.

And when the cupcakes are ready, cooled and chilled, I started decorating the cupcakes with the two frosting!! All these ideas were copied from either some blogs or random pictures form the internet. But some of it are my ideas =) I need a piping nozzle in a bigger size lar so that I can pipe those swirly frosting on top nicely like those you see in the shops!!

Just a thought, its nice to deco the cupcakes with frosting but I wonder will anyone really eat it all the frosting especially those with really big blob!! Usually for me, the first thing I do when I eat a creamy cake is to separate out the top frosting and just eat the cake!!

However, cupcakes without frosting are just plain old boring cupcakes!! So even though most frosting will end up wasted, I will still put frosting on my cupcakes!! =) Simply because it makes the cupcakes oh so pretty!! Just a note, I actually only added in about half of the recommended sugar in the recipes. So my cheesecake and frostings are not super sweet like those sold in the shops! Which I like better this way as I don’t like it too sweet =)

So how is my deco skills?? Improving eh?? Hehe =) It is really damn fun to deco the cupcakes but washing up is a totally different story!!! The nozzles and piping bags are all full of cream and when cream add with water...... gross.........

Anyway whats the verdict of my cupcakes?? Nice to see, nice to eat!! MUAHAHAHAH *self praise* But my Mimi gives me a thumbs up too!! =P You see I've got the picture as proof!! *kaka*

Packed some for my colleagues to try and will see what they say.........

Oh and I am making peanut butter cupcakes this Saturday!! YIPPIEEE!!!!! Hope it turns out well =)

Hhhhmmm.... with all these cupcaking I think its time for me to bring out Mr Six Packs!! Hehe

As you can see, its actually dusty because I haven't use it for a long long time!! I think I should start meeting Mr Six Packs every night before I sleep!!! That is if I am not too lazy........ kaka

Monday, 14 April 2008

I made Trifles!

My first time making trifles =) with Val being my sifu =)

These are the ingredients that we used! We made everything on our own instead of buying ready made butter cake or sponge cake, instant custard and whipped cream! Everything was made from scratch with looooooove =D

For the butter cake, you will need:

110g margarine (but i use butter instead as I prefer the butter taste as compared to margarine!)

100g sugar

2 eggs

150g all purpose flour (I use self raising flour instead - but it didn't rise also!!)

1/2 tsp baking powder (don't need if you are using self raising flour)

1/2 tsp salt

Instructions will be same as how you normally bake a cake - beat the margarine and sugar then add in eggs and finally the flour. For some reason my butter cake didn't rise!! If anyone have another good butter cake recipe please let me know! So you see my butter cake is sooooo thin!! *ish* look so kesian!! haha

Then for the custard you will need:

8 egg yolks

100g white sugar

6 drops vanilla essence

700ml heavy cream

Instructions will be to beat the egg yolks with sugar until it is pale yellow

This is bright yellow so you need to beat some more!

Now this is pale yellow! Sieve to ensure that it is smooth.

Then in another pot, heat the cream and then pour the cream to the sieved egg yolk and sugar.

Then heat the mixture in low fire until eggs are cooked and this is the yummy custard =)

As for the whipped cream, you will need

400ml heavy cream

35g sugar

Beat the cream with sugar until it is light and fluffy like this!

Now here comes the more exciting part!! Making the trifles!! Previously its only preparing for the trifle ingredients!! Making trifle is a bit like tiramisu where you need to layer the dessert!

First slice the cake in halves and put it at the base of a big bowl as shown below =) then pour in sherry (a type of wine that goes really well with all the cream and custards). It is also to moisten the cake.

Then spread a thin layer of strawberry jam on the cake. After that put a layer of sliced fresh strawberries on top. *Sorry forgotten to take pics as we were too engrossed* We also made trifles in small plastic cups because I wanted to give away some and its easier and prettier in a cup as compared to cutting from the bowl! Desserts are all about presentation also mar!! *hehe* So, for those made in a cup, I also added in a piece of chocolate in the middle! (Got the idea from Werner's Special Dessert in Elcerdo)

After that pour in custards on top

And the use the other halves of the butter cake to make a second layer. Repeat with sherry, strawberry jam, sliced fresh strawberries and then custard on top again.

Until you have as many layers as you want (usually 2 to 3 layers will be enough) then pour in a layer of fresh whipped cream!

Yummy yummy!! Then you can decorate the top with more strawberries or you can come out with more creative ideas!

Then refrigerate and let it set for a few hours! DONE!!

So how did it turned out?? hehe I must say the taste was excellent!! Not too sweet just enough (as I have also reduce the amount of sugar from the recommended amount). However..... the cake was a bit too hard and too dry and it didn't help that I didn't have enough custards! However, its still edible and yummy!! Will make a better one next time round since I know whats lacking now!! =) Practice makes perfect! =)

I'm really starting to love baking and making desserts!! BUT...... my waistline just couldn't allow me to do it as frequent as I want to!! =( I am getting fat =(

Then for lunch, we made our own chinese bibimbap instead of the korean one!! =D

First you need eggs that are 3 quarter cooked

Then add in soya sauce and sesame oil

Then add in rice, and luncheon meat

Since there was vege, I added in vege as well. Oh and egg white cooked in onions and chillies (egg white was left over from making the custards as we only use the yolks!) HAHA

And then mix everything together!! YUMMY!!!!!

It really taste nicer than it looks ok!! Considering I'm someone who doesn't like to eat rice, I finished the whole bowl!! Sighhhhhh no wonder I am getting fat =((((((((((((((((

While eating lunch, we started watching Desperate Housewives Season 4!! Gosh its becoming so addictive to just sit and watch TV!!!!!!!! I am becoming my Mimi !!!!!!!!!!!! =S

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Overdosed of sashimi and crabs!

Two of the few things that I never thought that I will ever say no to are salmon sashimi and crabs!! I though I can never have too much but never say never!! Cause i just had an overdosed of salmon sashimi and crabs in one day!!

Was at training for 2 days and as predicted, lunch will be buffet at Atrium for one day and Sun & Surf the next day! Atrium serves really good caesar salad and prawn wanton noodles soup! However, Sun & Surf serves SALMON SASHIMI!! =) I think I had like two portions of what was shown in the picture below and that's about 15-20 pieces of sashimi in total! Until I don't want salmon sashimi anymore!! *Why am I so greedy?* But it was goooooooooooooood! YUMMMMM....... One of the reasons why I love trainings!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

The other reasons why I love training is that certain trainings are damn motivating!! Which is just what I needed once in a while!! Gets me going again =) By the way, it was the same trainer as the training (Making a Difference) I went previously - Mr Anas Zubedy! However, this time round its on a totally different topic and he just made me had some self reminder on the things I promised myself and some resolutions to keep! =) I shall really try to blog about his Making a Difference Training one day! After I have gotten the site meter I realised that a few people came to my blog when they googled for Anas Zubedy! Haha!

Ok back to food =D Had a fantastic crab meal at Green View, SS2 last Thursday! So much so for doing a detox and straight away eating super high cholesterol food!! However it was a great meal and courtesy of Mr Yu Lin who paid for it because he has got super super good bonus!! *jealous*

Must put his pic up first cause he was the boss - Thanks for the great meal!! =) There were only 5 of us and the meal made him RM450 poorer but still a very rich and happy man! *haha* Thank you! Thank you!

For starters we had the Green View's famous "Sang Har Sang Mein" Jumbo Fresh Prawns with Noodles. It was superb - as always!

Then some vege in superior stock.....

The delicious deep fried Mantao to dip with all the yummy gravy from the crab dishes

And for the main course we had Indonesian Crabs which are huge, fresh, juicy and yummy. We ordered 5 crabs in total and cooked in 3 varieties - The sweet & spicy, butter milk claypot and salted egg yolk. All three are yummy yummy yummy!! But my preference will be salted egg yolk!! =D

Everyone busy enjoying the crabs:

May Yee & Benji

Yu Lin & Val

Me & no one =( sighhhhhhhhhh..... but I ate like nobody's business!! =) See the huge mountain of crab shells!! Even the waitress said "wahhhhhh" when she helped me clear the plate! I think between me & May Yee (the two crab lovers), we ate more than 3 crabs!! Amazing huh!! Considering the crabs are really quite huge!! =) totally S-A-T-I-S-F-I-E-D =) until we cannot eat another piece of crab!! Never thought I would say no to a piece of crab!!

We finished everything........