Thursday, 21 August 2008


I thought you were nice, I respected you and even look up to you as a mentor, and always look for you when I needed guidance and advise.... But I guess I have misjudge you.....

Why do people only do things for their own benefit without even thinking how the other person feel?? I don't deny I am selfish too but I do not purposely hurt others or slowly take away other people's things behind their back without their knowledge!! Do you know that if you tell or ask me, I may just give it to you with both hands? I am angry not because I lost what is suppose to be mine, but with the fact that you sneak behind my back doing things little by little to get what you want. It just despise me!!

I have kept quiet even knowing it for a long time because I am waiting for you to tell me. When I finally realised that you are not going to and decided to confront you with it, you have the guts to tell me that you are doing it because of the company's benefit??? MY GOD!!! How can you even bring yourself to say such a thing like you are sooooo righteous and so selfless when you are being confronted on why you are doing all these behind my back?? Are you really that wai dai??? I see more of your own benefit than the company's!! Some more you can tell me at my face that you ALWAYS think of the company's benefit!! *pui*

I so totally not expecting an answer like that and I just didn't know what to say.... However I am really disappointed with you. You are not who I thought you are.

Do you know it is worse that you are always so nice and helpful on the surface but this is what I discover inside?? The disappointment and the disgusting feeling inside me is 10 times more than if this is done to me by someone who is irritating and mean. At least I would have expected it.

Is work competition really so great that everyone needs to be like this? Do you really need to use dirty tricks to be successful at work? Is there really no true friendship between your working peers?

I really hope you are not what I think you are now. I really hope I have not misjudge you previously but have misjudge you now. I hope the bond and relationship we had is real. I hope the things you have told me all these while is from your heart and not just an act.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Never Say Never

I can still remember clearly that when I was walking out from the hotel the day before we are flying home, I told Cindy that I will never go back to Phuket cause there is nothing to do and see in Phuket!! The shopping is not great as in their stuff is not cheap (unlike Bangkok), the only beach we went to was Patong and its nothing to shout about, the food is alright and there is also not much tourist spots to visit!! That's why I feel it’s a waste of money to visit Phuket!! =D

After having said that and only one and a half years later, guess what?? I am going to Phuket again!! =D Honeydrew never been and wanted to go.... I on the other hand wanted a relaxing holiday... as in a holiday that I can really just relax and doesn't need to do much and yet I won't feel that I have missed out anything.... You know like you go to New York you have to see the Statue of Liberty and Paris to the Eiffel Tower and that sort of thing?? I don't think Phuket has any and so, even if I don't do anything there I won't miss a thing!! Hence Phuket is a good location to go to when you don't want to do anything at all!! =D

The things that I remembered of about Phuket is....

1) The Hello Kitty Shop

There is this shop right in front of Patong Beach that sells only Hello Kitty stuff =D

2) The Noodles stall at one of the alley of the main road in front of Patong Beach

I hope he sells noodles there everyday cause I am planning to go there and look for him again =D Oh and I remembered there is also this old man that sells grilled chicken at the Patong Beach and it is damn damn good =D I hope he is still there as well =D

3) Shoe shops

Just right outside our hotel to every where we go there are a lot a lot of shoe shops!! But they are not as cheap as Bangkok though.... and the salesgirls all also very action one.... don't let you bargain one!! *ish*

4) Natural Restaurant
This restaurant that I found from the internet which has a lot of good review. We walked for so long to look for this restaurant. Luckily the food is quite good and the price is reasonable. The restaurant is also quite special in a way that it uses the tv and the pc monitor as aquariums and a lot of other weird things lar.....

Outside Natural Restaurant, at the Phuket town

5) Minnie Mouse cake

I actually celebrated my birthday in Phuket =) Thanks to my colleagues and Pen who surprised me with a minnie mouse cake =D

6) Patong Beach

You haven't been to Phuket if you didn't go to Patong Beach. The beach is ok only.... nothing to shout about though.....

Just a random photo of us on a tuk tuk at the Phuket town

Yes, I have just booked tickets to Phuket with my Honeydrew in October =D He is also making me excited with all the nice hotels that he asked me to choose from =D And I am having a hard time deciding!! Because I didn't wanna spend too much on hotels (like the not so worth it Andaman Experience) but I still want to stay at somewhere nice and comfortable..... There are actually a lot of hotels to choose from in Patong itself and the nice ones can range between 4000Baht up to more than 15,000Baht per night. Honeydrew actually budgeted RM800 per night for hotels but being the nice and thrifty girlfriend that I am *ahem* *ahem* save the money and buy bags for me la, I cut the budget to about half =D So we have actually cut down our choices of hotels and am now looking at Amari Coral Beach Resort which have a lot of good review on the internet plus, they have their own private beach and its not really at Patong but close enough. I was already quite happy with Amari but just not sure if I can trust everything I see and read from the internet..... then Honeydrew said that Courtyard Marriott is actually having a special opening price for their rooms for only 2999 Baht!! That is super worth it lor considering it is Marriott (so more assurance on its quality and standard) and it is a new hotel so everything is brand new!! However, Marriott Courtyard is at the Phuket happening area while Amari is quieter with its own private beach..... How to choose leh?? Some more I am such an indecisive person!!! *ish ish ish*

Amari Coral Beach Resort


Courtyard Marriott at Patong

Marriott will be opening in September and hence I couldn't find much photos on the web, plus some of those photos from their website are still artist impressions..... but their room look sooooo much nicer compare to amari somemore amari's room got green wall!!! *ewww* haha but all amari's room got seaview but marriott got no seaview cause its not by the beach..... and also amari got a very nice surroundings with 2 pools and private beach while marriott is close to the happening area of phuket. Plus we have more confidence in Marriott compared to Amari cause we don't know how much to believe those reviews on the internet but their reviews are really good and a lot say they have the best breakfast =D. However, Marriott is selling their rooms at a super cheap rate and I'm sure their normal rates are much higher and hence its worth to book now and take advantage of this special price!!! How laaaaaaaaaaa.........

Then I wondered if I should stay two nights in one hotel and one night in the other hotel.... (if Amari is really not as good as what the review says, then at least I got Marriott to compensate *hehe*) then I worried that it will be troublesome shifting between hotels..... so I just casually asked Shirley and Pen for their opinions on shifting hotels and what a coincidence that Shirley actually stayed in Amari when she went to Phuket recently with her company.... and she said that Amari is really nice..... YEAYYYYY problem solved cause she has really experienced it and I trust her review and boost my confidence in amari..... so now I am definitely gonna stay in Amari.... and probably gonna stay one night in Marriott as least I get to experience both lar *hehe* So Phuket...... here I come..... =D YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....


Oh, and remember previously I was complaining about my egypt trip that is cancelled..... Well, we are replacing the egypt trip with a holiday in Australia =D another YIPPIEEEEE!!!!! Really excited bout it cause I have never been to Australia!!! Actually, my whole family has not been except for my dad lar who has been to Brisbane..... However, this time we are going to Sydney and Melbourne *hearts* Plus, my bro is going as well (previously he is not following us to egypt) so my whole family is going for a holiday together!! Another YIPPIEEEE!!!!!! Shirley actually made me realised this when I was telling her about this trip..... It really has been a long time since my whole family went for a holiday together!! Not even a short trip!! I don't even remember when was the last time the whole family had a meal together!!!! *haha*

Looking back, it was in 2005 when we went to London and then Germany for a holiday together. That also is not really going together cause yun is already in Germany and all of us went to Germany to visit Yun and also tour around..... so yeah.... that was like 3 years ago!!! Of course in between I did go for holidays with my family but just not everyone..... Angkor Wat in Feb 2006 was with my mimi, yun and my bro, then Korea in Sept 2006 with my Mimi and 2 sis and last year July 2007 we all went to Hong Kong together but without my dad.... so Sept 2008 everyone is going to Sydney and Melbourne together =D *Oh and I just found out Air Asia is flying to Melbourne starting in Nov and tickets start selling tonight!!! ish!!! Why don’t fly earlier lehhhhhhh then can save $$$$*

Thinking back makes me dig out some photos of my whole family holiday in Germany =D

This is one of the few family photos with everyone in it

Then we all went back to London to attend Shan's graduation (without yun cause she got industrial training or something…. so kesian we have to watched her cycle back to her house before we leave)

Dinner with Uncle Kelvin and Aunty Lai Keon in London

Looking back at old photos make me realised that time really flies!!!!! GOSH!!!!!! =(((((((

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ying Ker Lou

Cute duckling as the stand for chopsticks =D

Remember the Hakka Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid that I mentioned a few post ago?? Anyhow even if you don't remember, I wanna tell you that I lovey that place =D *hehe* - My current favourite place to go for lunch whenever I go to Pyramid =D

If I liked something from a particular restaurant I am quite unwilling to try other things and always ordered back the same thing whenever I go to that particular restaurant.... that’s probably because I am unwilling to take risk (as in risk ordering other dish that is not as nice as that dish that I looove) or that I am sooooo loyal that I can just keep eating the same thing that I lovey over and over again and not get bored or it may also be that I lovey the dish so much that I keep thinking of it every day and night that I must have it every time I am there!!

If you follow my blog or eat with me frequent enough you will see that every time I go for jap food I will order back a same few things (eg: Salmon Sashimi, Gindara Teriyaki is always there), When I go to Paddington, its always american stacks for me, and crabs is always salted egg crabs, korean is always bbq or kimchi stew or both, Alexis is always tiramisu, Delicious is always banofee pie, and etc etc.... so you get the idea??

Yeah I just added something to my list and that is whenever I go to Ying Ker Lou Hakka Restaurant I will always order the minced pork noodles or the tofu with minced pork or both!! It is damn yummy!!! I think it’s the same minced pork they use for both dishes. The minced pork is mixed with salted fish and it’s damn tasty!!

my fav minced pork noodles... YUMMY YUMMY =D

Super yummy tofu with minced pork. A raw egg is added in the middle and then the waiter will stir and mixed it before it is served.

Other dishes that I had, that was ok..... not as "memorable" as the two above *hehe*

Some stew pork

Drunken chicken

Beans with roast pork

Oh, another thing I lovey is steamboat =D Do you know where Queen's Park is?? The place with MNG and ESPRIT factory outlets?? They have this steamboat restaurant there (can't remember its name) that is famous for its pumpkin porridge steamboat!! Almost every table will order that!! I have had steamboat there a few times but as always, I just stick to what I like.... and ordered the clear soup steamboat.

However, the other day we went again and finally decided to order half clear soup and half pumpkin porridge....... I love it!!!!! I didn't even touch the clear soup side!! =D When the porridge is boiling, the waiter will add a raw egg inside and mixed it before you start putting your steamboat stuff inside to cook..... this is to bring the flavour of the pumpkin porridge out to make it taste even better (according to the newspaper review about the restaurant)

Besides steamboat, they also have a lot of other dishes, seafood and tid bits.... it looks really yummy but I've never ordered before cause every time I go there its like only 3 person and just eating steamboat is very filling already..... so will definitely go there with more people to try other dishes =D

Oh and other steamboat place that I lovey are Ho Ho Steamboat (at Sunway Damansara or Bandar Puteri), Yuen Steamboat Buffet at Sunway, and this other steamboat place in SS15 (forgot the name) but I lovey it cause their steamboat is very nice, crab is always very meaty and they also have crab fried bee hoon..... YUMZZZZZZ.....

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My Mimi can do Magic

I don't know what is wrong with me or my mimi can really do magic!! I left my earrings on the computer table in the hall (took it off when I was using the computer and forgotten bout it). Then the next day when I suddenly remembered bout it, I went to the computer table and only found one side of the earring on the table. I searched every where on the computer table and the table next to it and then the floor area around the computer table and even the trash in the waste paper basket near it!! I couldn't find my earring!!!! How can that happen?? I only left it there the day before!!! I LOVEEEEEE this pair of ear ring!! Very pretty one..... bought it from Korea and its actually hand made...... Anyway I was getting frustrated and then I search the computer table, the table next to it, the floor area and the waste paper basket AGAIN!!! I still couldn’t find it. My worried is that it may drop on the floor and my maid swept the floor and threw it away!!

Then I went to complain to my mimi while she was half asleep and she said she will help me look for it tomorrow! Then I went back to my room and then went out to search again for the third time!!! I am quite confident that after searching 3 times and still can't find it, there is no way my mimi will be able to find it...... I am soooo certain that my ear ring is forever gone......

Then the next morning, my mimi came to my room and gave me my earrings!!!!!! HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN??????? She said at 3am she woke up to off the air cond, went out and just saw that the ear ring is under the computer table!!!!! HOW is it possible???? I have searched 3 (THREE!!!) times and she didn't even have to look for it and she found it!!!! Somemore she woke up in the middle of the night still feeling sleepy and she found it!!!!!!! ARGGGGHHHHH and you know what?? It's not the first time it happens!!!!! (That’s why I search for it three times to ensure I really looked everywhere!!!) And it still happens!!!! Something wrong with my eyes or what???? ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So this is one reason why my Mimi is the best..... she can do magic like that.....

Anyway, I went for an Image Excellence Workshop last week and it was sooo fun!! Not to say that my image is not good that's why I need to attend ok!!! The trainer got praise me ok!!!! *hehe* though she got criticise me as well la….. that’s why I purposely wear nice nice the next day and she praised me so much…. Wanna learn how I bun up my hair from me some more =D

The training was fun cause its one of those training that you don't have to think and its interesting and fun enough to keep your attention the whole 8 hours!! Learnt a lot on dressing tips, colours, what makes a good first impression and how to introduce yourself the "right" way and also how to dine like a lady and even how to make up and make up tips =D

Also learnt a lot of dressing tips for men!! Do you know that the perfect jacket for men, its length have to be the same level with your thumb when you put your hands down?? (I bet you didn’t know that!!! Who does anyway!! *haha*)

Do you know there are cool and warm colours, clean and dirty colours and what colours make you look expensive and what don’t??

I really enjoyed my 2 days training and am happy to forget bout work for 2 days.... (I am sooo freaking busy lately I don't even have time to chat on msn or email!! *haha*)

Oh and something that the trainer said and I found funny…. “Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if 3 person tell you it’s ugly, then it’s ugly!!” *haha*

Me with the trainer Wendy Lee

All the participants

Monday, 11 August 2008

DainTi Hill

Went to DainTi Hill with my mimi and bro (a month back). They are actually having 50% discounts off the total bill for Citibank Credit Card Holder until end of Sept!! Very worth it lor!! BUT, when I went again last weekend, the promotion is only valid for Mon - Thurs!! *ISH* Felt so cheated lar!!!! Cause its not written in the brochures and the last time I went, it was on a weekend and the discount was given. Now they say only Mon - Thurs!! Anyhow, if you have got Dot Red card, then you will get 30% discount any day til end of Dec 08! Not sure if they will change their mind half way through the promotion period and say Mon - Thurs again like the Citibank promotion!!

DanTi Hill in Pavilion, is a chinese and japanese fusion food restaurant. It is actually a branch originated from China. The ambiance is really nice and they have comfortable sofa seats.

When I went with my Mimi and bro we ordered 6 dishes and a bowl of noodles plus 2 desserts for the 3 of us!! Was really quite full..... and the bill after 50% discount is bout RM80. So with the discount, it is quite worth it..... and I liked everything that we ordered that day!! =D (except for the sushi roll)

Noodles with beef slices that comes with a kimchi side dish. The noodles and soup is quite nice but I don't like the corn and taugeh in it =P

Cheese baked escargots =D YUMM!!! I like it and best of all is that you don't need to dig it out of the shell cause it is served without its shell!!

Yummy Yummy escargots =D

Prawn skewers in bamboo pot. The prawns are de-shelled and are marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce. YUMMY as well =D

Unagi Sushi roll with cheese sauce. Didn't quite like this one though.... cause too much rice and too little fillings!! Can't really taste the cheese also!!

Deep fried chicken with honey mustard sauce. I LOVEY this dish!! Chicken is crispy but not dry and the sauce just goes really well with it =D

Pan fried beef (with a chunk of melted butter) - I lovey this dish too cause the beef is so juicy and tender.... YUMZZZ.....

Mango Ice and Red Bean Ice for desserts. We ordered it together with the main meal and it came together with the meal. It was all melted when we were half way through our meal and have to rescue these two ice desserts before they start dripping all over. So next time, only order your desserts after your meal!!

Me & my Mimi =D

Last weekend I went again with Val, HF and YL. We purposely went there to enjoy the 50% Citibank discount but were told even before we enter the restaurant that the discount is only valid from Mon - Thurs!! I think they must have encounter a lot of complaints that it was not written anywhere in the brochure and hence they cleverly tell their customers even before they enter!! And I don't think it’s a typo in the brochure or what lor..... I think they must have changed their mind on the promotion half way through it!! Don't honour their words!! *ish* But since we came all the way to Pavilion, we decided to still eat there..... plus, I have the Dot Red Card and its 30% discount!! =D better than no discount *kaka*

YL again, didn't wanna share food with us and ordered a bowl of noodles for himself!!

"GUI FEI" Chicken Noodles ordered by YL - Tasted the soup and I think that its quite nice but YL thinks that it is OK only....

The 3 of us ordered a few dishes to share =D I love sharing cause then we can try different varieties!!

Chicken Rice with raw egg – Taste quite nice but nothing special... something like oyako don

Grilled Eel in Special Sauce - Think this was so so only.... I don't like those flakes on top!! YUCKS....

Mixed Seafood Soup in a paper bowl - This is alright.... Tomato-ish and sourish seafood soup (They also have another type of paper bowl soup which is chicken and mushroom soup which I like more!!)

Again I had the fried chicken in honey mustard sauce but some how it wasn't as nice as the one I had previously!!

Val, Me & HF =D

We then ordered desserts =D (Smart dy order desserts after meal)

Hot Fragrant Yam Sago - This is quite yummy.... Sago is kept warm by the tea light. Also have some black glutinous rice in the yam sago.... And it’s not too sweet =D

Ice cream with green tea sauce and red bean and mashed pumpkin at the bottom. I quite like this!! Yummy Yummy.... I love the mashed pumpkin!!

Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball with Vanila Ice Cream - The glutinous rice ball is ok only. Its not soft and chewy enough but a bit hard instead. The black sesame inside is quite nice though =D

All in all, I quite like the place.... I find their menu quite interesting and its especially worth it if you have got the 50% or 30% discount =P However, I prefer the food I ordered when I went with my mimi and bro more than those ordered last weekend.... Again like a lot of places that I like, I tend to stick to a few favourite dishes and always order those same few dishes every time I go there. I can foresee this will be one such place for me =D