Wednesday, 24 September 2008

NEW ARRIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Busy Busy

I have been soooo busy lately that I totally neglected my blog! =D

Yes, I'm back from Australia (since last week)!! This holiday is just so tiring that I need another holiday!! hehe. Walked too much and in heels or boots some more!! *hehe* Can't wait for my next holiday to Phuket!! Which I really hope will be just relaxing, being pampered and doing nothing!! =D

What am I busy with for the past one week that I'm back from Australia??

Work!! So much to do and catch up after a week away from the office..... plus, the consultant I am following is leaving for another project in Shanghai and he has to pass over everything to me before he leaves on October!!

I have got more than 1000 photos (almost 3 Gig) from Australia and no time to edit and upload!! Still in the midst of sorting it out!! Post about Australia will be up soon!! *I hope*

And, miss shopaholic's closet! In the midst of editing the photos whenever I am free!! It is very tedious you know.... took about 150 photos and need to choose the best ones and also edit them here and there.... Oh and new arrival will be out VERY soon!! so please "pong chan" me!! *hehe* pretty please =D

Then I have to write my maid of honour speech for Pendek's Wedding which is next weekend!! Good thing I am 'almost' done with it! =D And because of the wedding, I am on a strict diet till then!! *hehe* I don't want to be a fat MOH ok!! *hehe* My mum is also joining me on the diet (but she cheat a bit one) cause we ate way way way toooo much lately.... and since both my sis are back, we won't eat out so often anymore..... but I got a buka puasa buffet this Tuesday at Sun & Surf la.... how??? I scared I can't control myself when I see all the food!! *hehe* and I lovey the cheesecake there.... Whenever I go for buffet there, the first thing I do is to take two pieces of the cheesecake before anything else.... cause I kiasu ma.... scared no more by when I finished my main meal....

I was at the airport 3 times in 6 days!! Arriving back from Australia, and sending my sis off.

Plus I am taking part in the pool and snooker competition representing my company =D Sunway have this sports carnival thingy where all the various companies are group into teams and compete in various sports.... Our team is actually leading now on the scoreboard and if we win this pool and snooker competition then we will be champion dy!! So the game coordinator keeps pressuring me to go for practice!! (Cause all of us too lousy!!)

Oh and I met up with Angela!!!!!! My really good school friend which I haven't seen in YEARS!!!! We (Me, Angela and PooiLing) used to talk and laugh about everything.... The best year of my school life is during Form 3 where the 3 of us were in the same class!! We had sooo much fun then!! I really miss it..... Then me and Angela sat together in Form 4 cause Pooi was in Arts Class and both me and Angela was in Science!! But during mid of Form 4, Angela left to Sweeden with her family. We saw each other again once in 2002 when I went to Sheffield to visit her and then lost contact and never seen her since then!! It just feels like old times when we met, as all of us still tease each other and still full of nonsense!!

Angela, me & Pooi

And lastly, I also met Regi's new korean boyfriend!! Both of them look really good together =D

Hhhmmmm..... I think that's bout what I've done last week!! =D

*I wish for a new oven.... I wanna bake to make myself feel happier =D I miss cupcakes....*


I don't think that I am a bad person, I don't intentionally hurt people around me (or maybe I don't know the intensity of my actions on that person). I do admit that I get irritated rather easily and when I am irritated I tend to be rude and snap at people but most of the time it is unintentional!! It’s a bad behaviour that becomes a habit that I am trying to control.....

A lot is in my mind lately but I can't express it here. I used to think that I can just write anything I feel or want here since not much people read it anyway and sometimes when I have got no one to turn to, I can just express it here vaguely without names and I will feel better, as if I have cried on someone's shoulder..... however, some thinks that I shouldn't write certain things....

All I can say is, I am really disappointed in someone, I am quite angry with someone, I am starting to despise someone and I am trying to mend things with someone. These are all different people!! *haha* Yeah, told you it sucks to be me.....

Why do I hold so much grudge in me?? Why can't I decide and control how I want myself to feel??

Maybe I should just take things easy and not let anything affect me, Maybe I should just forgive and forget, move on and not think bout it anymore, Maybe I should stand on other people's shoe and look in their perspective, Maybe I shouldn't be so straight and stubborn, Maybe I should pretend nothing had happened even if I'm unhappy about it and then be fake to them, Maybe I should learn to express myself better so that I am not always being misunderstood, Maybe I should control the things I say no matter how irritated I feel and even if I want the other person to know that I am unhappy, Maybe I should just be less of me....

Who should I be then? How do I change? Will I even be able to change?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Someone Told Me The Synopsis of My Life

Last Monday during the Merdeka PH, my dad brought all of us all the way to Port Dickson to see a fortune teller. He has seen her before and he said it is quite true so he decided to bring all of us there. It's my first time seeing a fortune teller!! The fortune teller will tell us our life in stages from young till old.

Us infront of the temple where the fortune teller is

Won't really get into the details cause its P&C =P and also I don't know how true it is..... but I am dying at age 71 or 72!! =((((((((( But ok lar since quite old already hehe.....

One thing that I hope is true is that I have 食伸 (something like luck with food or always got a lot of food to eat) *hehe* cause I reaaaaaaally looooove food =D Then my bro so bad, he say maybe the fortune teller said that cause she see that I am so fat so she knows I eat a lot!! =(((((( *btw, I so siaku lar, now only I know that I can type chinese!! kaka my sis just taught me!!*

Then according to the fortune teller, the good age for me to get married is 31-35!! If not then I have to wait till after 41!! My dad says better get married by 35 if not nobody wants me already after 41!!

Also, so sad you know..... the fortune teller said that I will get cheated money at age 48!!!! Cause I am too 中直 (straight)!!! As in I am not the cunning type!! =(((((((((( So sad lar!!!!!! Who is that idiot cheater who wanna cheat my money!!!!!!!!!! =((((((((((((((( I curse you first.....

Oh and a few stages of my life got a lot of 小人 (direct translation: little people *haha* but its actually something like those trouble maker that makes your life difficult/miserable/not smooth)! And you know what?? According to the fortune teller I am now in one of that stage!!!! =(((((((((((( Hhhhmmm..... there maybe some truth in it because recently I am having a few 小人 in my life!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! All you 小人 please go far far away from me and leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((((((((((((((((( *ish* Heard of 打小人?? (Hit the trouble maker - and you usually hit with a slipper) Yes yes yes.... that's what I will do to you.....

Us, in a restaurant outside the temple for lunch before meeting the fortune teller =D Its been sometime since all four of us take a photo together!!

p/s: Everyone knows bout the riot in Thailand right!!! My Phuket trip how?????????????? =((((((((((( Go or don't go????? *sigh*

pp/s: Anyway, 2 more days to Australia!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO...... Sydney, Melbourne here I come!!! =D

ppp/s: Oh and if everything goes well, I will be getting my new laptop tomorrow!! YIPPIEEEEEE!!!!!! The laptop is here dy but waiting for the IT people to install stuff for me!!! YEAY!! Finally!!! I really cannot tahan my home PC dy!! Sooooo super duper slow and no space one!!! (But better than no PC lar) keke

Monday, 1 September 2008

Dim Sum @ Damansara Palace Vs Imbi Palace

Dim Sum is one of my family favourite brunch on a Sunday =D We have always been a loyal customer to Imbi Palace. But because of Val's recommendation to Damansara Palace, we decided to pay it a visit one Sunday! I wonder if Imbi Palace and Damansara Palace (and also Jaya Palace) is under the same group of company!! Lazy to google it and I don't care *haha*

Anyway, I decided to compare both Palaces on their dim sums since I just went to both quite recently =D

*Note: The first photo is Damansara Palce and the second photo is from Imbi Palace

Pei Dan Sau Yuk Juk (Century Egg and Lean Pork Porridge)


Porridge wise, I think 1 point to Imbi Palace =D Their porridge is very fine and more tasty. Though I think Damansara Palace one is not bad as well =D

Lo Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice with Chicken)


Another point for Imbi Palace!! The Imbi Palace's Lo Mai Kai has more "liao" as in their chicken is bigger piece, mushroom also bigger and got a slice of can abalone (or is that a fake mushroom abalone??) And the glutinous rice is softer and tastier =D However, Damansara Palace one is not bad as well la... hehe

Har Gau and Xiu Long Bau (Prawn Dumpling and Shanghai Dumpling)


Har Gau definitely goes to Imbi Palace (again!!) Cause I didn't quite like Damasara Palace's Har Gau, the prawn is not as fresh!! On the other hand, Imbi Palace's Har Gau is fresh and succulent =D

As for Xiu Long Bao, both are comparable so its a tie!! Both are actually quite good as well!! The soup in the dumpling is still intact!!

Jiu Yim Xin Yau (Salt Pepper Fried Squid)


Both are actually yummy with a different kind of batter but I prefer the big big squid that Imbi Palace uses =D So another point for Imbi Palace!!

Har Cheong Fun (Prawn with Rice Sheet Roll)


This one definitely goes to Imbi Palace because their prawns are really huge and fresh. Other than that both the Rice Sheet Roll is ok

Char Siu Sou (Barbequed Pork Puff)


OK Finally a point for Damansara Palace!! Damansara Palace's Char Siu is juicy and the puff is flaky and yummy!! Imbi Palace's Char Siu Sou is also alright la but just not as good =D

Fung Chaw, Jing Pai Guat and Siu Mai (Chicken Feet, Steam Spare Ribs and Pork & Mushroom Dumpling)


For the Fung Chaw, another point to Damansara Palace cause I find the Fung Chaw's gravy in Imbi Palace a bit too thick!! I like to order this dish every time I eat dim sum but no one else likes it except for me and my mimi. Do you know the gelatin in the chicken feet will make your skin smooth and less wrinkles?? *hehe*

As for the Jing Pai Guat, I'll give the point to Imbi Palace cause they steam it with yam and its yummy!! Actually the Damansara Palace's one is yummy as well but again, just not as good!! =D

Siu Mai's point will be a tie (actually I can't recall anything significant about both so I think both are equally good!!)

Fried Stuff


Actually its unfair to compare both cause its both different thing!! The Damansara Palace one is Salad Prawn which is quite good (we even ordered another plate). The Imbi Palace one is some fried stuff with roast duck meat inside and it sucks!! Haha cause the filling is really toooooo little and I didnt quite like the fried dough.... So point goes to Damansara Palace!!



Again it is unfair for me to compare both but nevermind la.... hehe The Damansara Palace one is like prawn dumplings in sweet soya sauce and the Imbi Palace one is a huge dumpling with shark fin, dried scallops and etc inside.... So of course the point goes straight to Imbi Palace lar!! *kaka*

Sunshine Bun

I only got the photo of Damansara Palace's Sunshine Bun even though we did order it in Imbi Palace.... I think the point goes to Damansara Palace.... I lovey this bun cause it has salted egg yolk melted inside when you bite into it.... YUMZZZZZ......

Wu Kok (Fried Yam Puff)

I only have the photo of Wu Kok in Damansara Palace cause we didn't order it in Imbi Palace reason being Imbi Palace got no Wu Kok. But I tell you, this Wu Kok is the star of Damansara Palace!! It is one of the yummiest Wu Kok and I think it’s the best dim sum in Damansara Palace =D It is really really yummy lor.... the yam is soooo soft but the outside is so crispy YUMMMMM.....

Jin Yu Peng (Pan Fried Fish Cake)

This is from Imbi Palace and its damn yummy!! I lovey!! The fish cake paste is mixed with fragrant lemon grass and it taste a bit like the thai fish cake but then the texture is like those Sai To Fish Ball kind..... GOOD!! Don't think Damansara Palace got Jin Yu Peng though.....

Dan Tat (Egg Tart)

Damansara Palace ran out of Dan Tat cause we were there quite late that day.... so no comparison can be made!! But the Imbi Palace Dan Tat is not bad.... I like the flakey kinda Dan Tat and not the pie crust kind one..... But I think Tong Kee's Dan Tat is still the best!! *hehe*

Yeong Jai Guat (Barbeque Lamb Ribs)

This is actually not a dim sum but is ordered from the ala carte in Imbi Palace cause my dad likes it.... Its actually quite yummy but the lamb rib that I got that day was a bit too fat!! Oriental Pavilion also serves this dish and I think it taste better there as compared to Imbi Palace!! (But I prefer Imbi Palace's dim sum compared to Oriental Pavilion lor)

Mango Sago and Undersea Coconut & Lychee Dessert

We didn't have desserts in Imbi Palace cause we over ordered that day (considering my bro wasn't there). So these desserts were ordered from Damansara Palace and I think the mango sago dessert in Damansara Palace is nicer than Imbi Palace cause Imbi Palace puts pomelo bits in it which I don't like!!

Last comparison!!


Haha Imbi Palace wins cause I look better there!! KAKAKAKA The Damansara Palace one my face so kembang!!

So its obvious that Imbi Palace is the overall winner, but then I think both are good dim sum places! However, I must add that in terms of price Damansara Palace wins hands down!! Most of their dim sums are only RM3.50 per basket but Imbi Palace ones are RM6! But Damansara Palace mostly comes in 3 pieces per basket and Imbi Palace Har Gau and Siu Mai comes in 4 pieces per basket. (However Val told me that she went to Damansara Palace yesterday and seems like the price went up a bit!!)

Oh and one more last comparison!! hehe All the dim sum places that I went to, no matter how yummy their chee cheong fun and porridge is, nothing beats the chee cheong fun and porridge in Pudu's Wai Sek Kai!!!!!

Best Curry Chee Cheong Fun!!! I eat this chee cheong fun since young you know!! My babysitter stays in Pudu last time and I always ask her to buy the chee cheong fun for me =D Then I will only use half of the curry gravy for the chee cheong fun and ask her to keep the other half for me so that I can eat it together with my rice the next day!! And my babysitter always says I like curry rice like those criminals in the jail.... Cause there is this saying that says if you go to jail you will have to eat curry rice!! *haha*

The yummiest porridge!! We always order the Pei Dan Sau Yuk Juk but add salted egg and extra of those fried pork intestines which is super yummy!!!! =D

Oh and lastly...... my newly glam up external hard disc =D This is the white Western Digital external HD that got me soooo irritated cause someone bought the last piece in the shop and I have to walk the whole Low Yat to finally find this baby!! And you know what, my sis bought an exact same one but in red at a much cheaper price!! Its only been a month and now the price has dropped!! *ish ish ish* but to console myself, white colour is not available anymore!! So its worth to pay the extra for the colour that I want….

Anyway, couldn't find a pink external HD so a white one with pink bling bling will do =D Pretty not????????????? *hehe*

p/s: My house oven broke down =(((((((((((((((((((((( So no cupcakes from now till we get a new oven =((((((((((((((((((((((((( My sis was baking marble cheesecake half way and the oven just stops working..... so the cheesecake was only half cooked and she have to steam it to cook it..... But after putting it in the fridge overnight, it actually turned out quite well!! Feels like eating cheese ice cream =D YUMZ!!