Friday, 23 November 2007

Decisions are killing me!!!!!

WHY??????? Why can't I be able to make decisions?? Why do I think so much and worry so much when I have important decisions to make?? Why do I like to ask for everyone's opinion and then get more headache with all the different answers, suggestions, recomendations, objections.... I don't know what to do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish life can be easier.... but I know life is never easy.... Hence do I want a easy life?? Do I want to be contended with what I have?? Or do I want MORE?? *Ask for more* - hehe (Pepsi). Do I want challenges?? Do I want to acheive more?? What do I want in my life?? I don't know...

I asked my Mimi what does people want in their life.... Do they want to have a easy life or do they want challenges in their life??
And my good o' Mimi says "Why do you want to have an easy life when you are only 26?? Do you just want an easy life from now until when you are 55?? Why dont you take on more challenges now and have a easy life later on...."


But even changes, there are so many things to change to..... HOWWWWWWW??????
You see I decide on one thing and that one thing needs alot of other decisions!!!!! ICAEW?? CFA?? MBA?? Come up with my own Projects to recomend to my boss?? Change job?? (but change to what??)

Alot of my friends already warnned me that ICAEW or CFA will not be easy.... and I have to be ready to give up my social life =( I tell you.... the grass is always greener on the other end..... Now that I am free I will wish and wish to be busy and I can assure you that when I am busy I will start complaining..... Why am I like this?????

I am soooo free at work now.... After all the business plan submitted I really got not much work lor.... Even those back log left behind by the person who resigned I have completed all already.... See, I work so fast... kaka =P I even have time to pet and feed my Oreo on Facebook these two days!! Free in the office but not free after office hours!! *KAKA* I have been reaching home and sleeping late every night since last Thursday in PD til today!! OK this is why I have been sleeping late every night.

15/11, Thurs - Was at PD for retreat and after all the brainstorming and discussion we can still gather to chat AND listen to a "particular someone" telling us how shallow he is (regarding women) and backstab others in the company, complaining how some people don't know how to do their job properly and gossip and whine and also brag about his own ability to remove others from the company!!! Yeah me and the beetch was there listening to him until like 1am. Though we do not agree on most of the stuff he is saying but we just listen and be aware. After that the whole bunch of us even went mamak for supper and only slept at bout 2.30am!! Next day discussion starts at 8.30am!!

16/11, Fri - Reach KL at bout 6pm. Tried to sleep a bit due to lack of sleep. Then went out dinner at Alexis with Honeydrew (His last night in KL before flying off). So we just enjoyed each other's company and chat. We only left the restaurant at bout 11.30am. And next morning I have to wake up at 6am to send him off to KLIA. Was soooo sooo soooo tired that I almost slept while driving back from KLIA to work!!

17/11, Sat - I took a nap from 4.30 - 7.30pm as I was soooo tired and sleepy. Actually was waken by a call by Thomas Chong!!!!!! He asks if we want to play ginrami cause Elisa will be home alone!! So I played ginrami from 9pm - 4.30am!!!! *Took long nap dy mar hehe*

18/11, Sun - Woke up at only bout 2pm and I watched Devil wears Prada!!!! *HAHA* Can you believe I only watched the movie now????? I actually got the dvd (from Val) looooooooong time ago but haven't got the time/chance to really sit down and watch!! Then I slept late again because I was blogging!! *haha*

19/11, Mon - Thought today I will skip gym *Havent been to the gym for 4 weeks dy!!!!!!* so that I can go home early to rest. At 8pm the beetch called me and ask me if I wanted to suprise Elisa for her birthday!!!! So I drove alllllll the way back to Subang Parade, Swensons and we only left at bout 12midnight.... It was so funny when we tried to think of how to go in to suprise her without her seeing us coming in..... Thomas sms her and when he receives the delivery report all of us rush in while she was looking down at her phone *luckily it works* and Ming Siang just shouts SUPRISE!!!!!!! and she looked quite shocked lor!!! I think she was really suprised cause she didnt expect us to go there.

The birthday girl and her hubby

20/11, Tues - Was lazy to go gym *again* and hence decided to go dinner with Val, Yu Lin and Poh Jee. Poh Jee is back from the states. She was transferred to US as an auditor with KPMG. (She kinda encouraged me to take ICAEW and thinks its a good learning opportunity). Then while Val and Yu Lin went for their dance class, Poh Jee, Jon and I went to breakers to play pool!! I haven't been playing pool for quite a long time!! But I am still good at it *ahem* *ahem* hehe won most of the games eh *proud* hehe. Then Val, Yu Lin and Jo Lyn came and join us after their dance class. Only left the place at bout 11.30pm.... reach home and shower and all also bout 1am already!!

Me, Val, Poh Jee, Jon and Jolyn *Poor YuLin was bullied to take photo*

Random photos of them playing pool *Don't have my photo cause I shy to ask people take photo of me while I play pool* kaka

21/11 Wed - Went to Yuen Steamboat to celebrate Elisa's birthday!! Yeah the suprise was unplanned and ad-hoc. This dinner was planned earlier on.... Anyway, Yuen Steamboat is famous for their chicken wings and its crazy how people actually RUN to get the chicken wings whenever it is out and within 30secs the whole tray will be emptied!! Once we sent Ming Siang to go "fight" for the chicken wings and he came back with NONE!!!!!! Too lembut already lar this Ming Siang!!!!!!!!! tsk tsk tsk!!!!! Again we chatted until the shop closes and only left at bout 11something!!

The Chicken Wing everyone is crazy about!!

Just look at the crowd!!

Luckily we have got Thomas who managed to get a few pieces for us!! MingSiang MingSiang *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

This beetch is so crazy!! She said she is engaged and show us her "ice" ring!!!! SOOOO BODOH!!!!!! Look at the ice ring she put in her finger!!

Me & the birthday girl *She smile until so cute!!*

MingSiang, Me & Thomas

Group photo

ME!!! Guess how many cups of ice creams did I eat?? And how many bowls of soup did I drink??




Ans: 7!!

YES!!!! I don't know why but I like their yam, pasion fruit and pistachio nut ice cream!!! And I kept putting stuff like fish (with lotsa bones), crabs (even though it has got not much meat) into the steamboat to make the soup taste sweet and nice and then I didnt really eat those stuff I put in.....

22/11 Thurs - Now its 1.10am and I am still typing this!! Sleeping late again!!! I haven't even uploaded the photos!! Will do it tomorrow lar.... Nitez......
Hopefully I will dream of a decision...... since I have been thinking of it so much...... Like this crazy Monica go and dream of Cindy Teh's Love Chest after reading my previous entry!! Haha I found that really funny!!! Crazy Woman!! Haha

Update: 23/11 Fri - its 2am now and I just finish uploading the photos while playing with facebook!! keke =)

Monday, 19 November 2007

Wow Wii

Have you played Wii before?? Nintendo Wii!! It's super fun!!

Went to Cindy Teh's house last week. She invited us over and even cooked dinner for us!! Can you imagine Cindy Teh cooking?? *hehe* She is not the womanly housewifey kind... After knowing her all these while, she just changes my perception on her and hence is a good example of the lesson "Do not judge a book by its cover"!! I know she is smart, funny, full of crap and nonsense *No one can tell a story as funny as her!!* and she gives the impression as the gangster kind who is macho and tough and it's very seldom that you will see her in skirts or make up. But I didn't know that behind all these, she is as woman as a woman can be!! *haha* She can cook and is good at it. It's not just the cooking that changed my opinion on her, its also her love chest!! The chest where you can see that she is just like any other girl. *I'm not supposed to reveal what is in the chest!!* But now I have a total new perception and respect for her!

The great Cindy Teh cooking in the kitchen with her SunCon uniform!!

Just look at the variety of dishes she made for us!! *heart* 5 dishes and 1 soup!! YUMMY!!

The crazy and funny cook!!

Me mixing drinks - Potential bar tender??

The legendary "Love Chest"

Anyway, back to Wii, she recently bought Nintendo Wii for her husband's birthday. *You see she is such a sweet wife!!* So we get to play Wii!! It's so fun!! You just strap the control on your wrist and it is wireless. There is a sensor that will detect your hand/wrist/arm movement. You can play bowling, tennis, golf, baseball and boxing like you are actually playing it!! The way you move your hand affects the direction the ball goes. Even the strength counts!! It's so real you feel your arm aching the next day as if you did play all those sports the day before!!

You can even create your own Wii character.

I'm Princezz T!!

This is the beetch!! Look at her sausage lips!! *haha* Cindy Teh says "see that sausage lips also feel like boxing her already!! *haha*

Then you can do a fitness test where it will calculate your Wii age base on the stamina, accuracy and stability you have! My Wii age is 67!! I'm so old!! *Haha* but I think the beetch is even older!! She is 74 if I remembered correctly!! Wii is soooooo fun!! We played until we didn't want to go home!!

Look at all of us in action!!

Me & the beetch figuring out how to use the Wii

Boxing game

Me & Cindy Teh Boxing - I won!! *hehe* and its really tiring!!

Me bowling =)

Yeay!!! I strike!! =)

Honeydrew bowling... like he is really at the bowling lane like that!!

The beetch playing baseball

Cindy Teh and Ming Siang playing tennis

Then Cindy Teh told us that there is actually this sword game where you buy a sword and connect it to Wii. You are supposed to kill all the bad guys with the sword. Then if you see a girl, you can actually slice open her shirt and her breast will pop out!! *HAHA* However, if you swing your sword with too much strength, you will kill her instead. So you will need to control and use just enough strength to slice open her shirt!! I think this game is really funny!! I want to try!! But she doesn't have that game..... But knowing her who likes to talk so much crap I don't know what she says is 100% true!!

We then have some desserts and tea.....

Starbucks desserts that we brought to her house

The tea is so pretty - Like flowers growing inside the teapot

Us before we leave... Nice house Nice view Nice Wii =)

Oh.... I finally went to The Gardens!! It was so quiet when I was there!! Probably cause its a weekday but its definitely much much quieter compared to Mid Valley when I walked over after dinner!! We had dinner at this Jap Restaurant called Yuzu. The wagyu beef is delicious!! But its really expensive lor!! I know wagyu beef is much more expensive compare to normal beef but the portion is so small as well!!

We ordered salmon sashimi as usual, then for sushi we had unagi maki and king prawn roll. Their king prawn roll not so king prawn also!! *hehe* Zen one is nicer and cheaper!! *hehe* We also ordered two types of wagyu beef, one wagyu isshiyaki (wagyu beef on stone grill) and one foie gras and enoki wrapped in sliced waygu beef. I really liked both the wagyu beef, I can't afford to have wagyu beef often so I think its really delicious!! So tender and juicy.... yummm...... However, for the sliced wagyu beef one, I couldn't taste much foie gras in it though!! *cheating one!!* Then we ordered this dish called Yuzu No.1. Not knowing what it was when we ordered it, it came out as a good suprise. Though its in a small portion like a scoop of ice cream but it tasted really good!! It has a combination of prawns, scallop, cheese, and other things but it was a really good combination and it's absolutely delicious!!

Salmon sashimi

Unagi Maki

King Prawn Roll with salmon and avocado on top

Wagyu Beef on Stone Grill - Yummy!! So deliciously tender and juicy

Foie Gras and enoki mushrooms wrapped in waygy beef slice

The delicious Yuzu No.1

The inside - It really tasted really GOOD!! Really No.1 *hehe*

Sunday, 18 November 2007


Sometimes I wonder if it is my expectations that are too high or I simply expects too much from others. Or probably I am so selfish and self centered that I expect others to think the way I do. Probably I also expect others to know what I mean and to understand me without looking at myself first to see if I convey the message with the right tone, right words, right facial expressions and/or the right body language.
I feel that I am often misunderstood even by my own family on how I say the things I wanted to say. Often I did not meant the way I sounded. My intentions when I said those things were not how others thought it meant when they heard it. Sometimes I may sound demanding but I did not intent to demand for it. I just wanted the other party to know what I wanted but I did not intent to demand to have it right there and then. I am fine to discuss and work out on both of our needs but to the other party I sounded like I am giving an instruction and demand to have it NOW!!
It is very frustrating to be often misunderstood and when you try to explain yourself it make things worse because the other party will think that you are defending yourself and putting them on the blame and this will often lead to heated arguments, shouting, unhappiness and/or not talking to each other for a period of time. I feel that this situation has happened numerous times.
I do not think that I am a bad person nor do I do things on purpose to hurt others that I care for. I maybe selfish at times but I do try to do things to make people I care about happy and also to repay their kindness in one way or another. It may not be in a big way but I really do try. But sometimes before I get to do what I planned to do, another misunderstanding/argument happens which makes me feel that it is not worth my effort trying to do my part because I will always be misunderstood. Probably that person don't even care about me in the first place.
No one really understands me. Not even my Mimi. But often she forgives and forgets easily and faster compare to others instead of really understanding the issue. A few times when I tried to explain myself more, the arguments become worse. Hence sometimes I wonder if it is even worth the effort to explain or just let them view me however they like. But I do not like to be misunderstood. I especially do not like others to say things that I feel it is untrue or injustice to me. Therefore, I have the tendency to defend myself and hence the arguments exploded.
Its probably time for me to start thinking of the whole situation and instead of EXPECTING others to understand me, I should change my expectations on my family, boyfriend and friends. It would probably make me a happier person too....
Why do I expect my Mimi to see my point or be on my side when I argue with my brother and sisters?? Why do I expect my brother to respect me?? Why do I expect my sisters to think I am not as demanding and we can actually discuss on the differences instead of arguing about it?? Why do I expect my boyfriend to put me as first priority in his life?? Why do I expect my good and close friends to be thoughtful and care for me and my feelings?? Why do I expect everyone not to lie to me??

Are all these even possible??

If no, then its really time to wake up and change my expectations.... and also to change myself....
I should start polishing up on my PR skills, communication skills, do not be too calculative, do not expect anything, and just do my part. Then, probably I will be able to portray how I want others to see me and perhaps they would understand me better?? I know it's easier said than done because I already have these expectations in me for 26 years.

The question now is: How do I change all of a sudden??

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The story of The Apartment & Ikea Meatballs

Last Sunday was pak tor day for me and Honeydrew =) I actually wanted to go to The Gardens *still haven't been yet!!* but he brought me to lunch at The Apartment @ The Curve instead.

I kinda like this restaurant because the food is ok and the ambiance is nice. The restaurant is like an apartment itself where there is a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, study area and a patio.

You can even sleep on the bed while waiting for food *kaka*

He gets this natural talent of pretending to sleep so real probably because he really CAN sleep anywhere anytime!!

Me getting comfy =)

The Manager once told us that the menu selection is inspired by Jamie Oliver *I like him!!* We ordered Squid with Lychee as appetizer - The combination is quite unique and it actually taste nice!! The spongy squid and the soft and juicy lychee......

Then I ordered my grilled/baked steak with wild mushrooms and watercress. Its super delicious!! Its my favourite dish there!! The meat is soooo juicy and tender and full of flavour!! This is the second time I ordered back the same dish =)

Honeydrew ordered a duck pasta (fattening food) hehe *cause its carbs* - I think it taste ok lar.... *I still prefers my steak*

These are other food that I have ordered from my previous visits:

Steak Sandwich


Seafood Pasta

Steak (Another type - I preferred the one I mentioned above)

Chicken in a bag

Pretty Cupcakes. Yuni got to know that they are selling this famous cupcakes and I brought her to The Apartment because of that!! It costs RM4 for one tiny cupcake!! It is actually much smaller than what you see here!!

Then after that we went over to Ikea cause I have wanted to go to Ikea for quite some time but no one to go with. I don't need to buy anything but I like to look at the mock show-rooms in Ikea and fantasize how I want my future dream house to be =) *and also to check out the pink furnitures that I have heard so much about*

When I go to Ikea, I almost always will stop by to eat their meatballs as well.... because I absolutely LOVE their meatballs *so yummy*..... However, just the other day, my friend told me this story *I do not know how true it is* Anyway, she told me that Ikea has stopped selling their meatballs!! She went to Ikea the week before and they told her is because they are changing the meatballs supplier *Why would they want to change supplier suddenly??* Then she told me that apparently she heard from someone who heard from someone *so that's why I don't know how accurate this info is* that they discontinued the meatballs because there is PORK inside!!!!!!!!!!!! But so many muslims have been eating these meatballs for so many years in Malaysia!! And if they say the Malaysia's meatball is halal then how come it taste exactly the same as the meatballs in Ikea around the world??

So, when I was at Ikea last Sunday, my Honeydrew asked if I wanted to eat meatballs and I told him its discontinued already!! Then he said never mind lets just go check it out!! And we even saw signs promoting the meatballs and next to the word meatballs they put the word (beef). YEAY!!!! that shows what my friend told me its not true!!! There are meatballs!!!! So we happily queued for the meatballs and along the way picked up this

and this
I got conned by its name. Everything princessy should be nice but not this cake!!! This cake doesn't suit its name!! Furthermore, its not pink!! *keke*

Ok anyway back to my meatballs story..... so we bought the meatballs and it looks exactly the same as what we used to eat but probably its a teeny weeny bit smaller in size, other than that there is no difference...... BUT when I took the first bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tasted H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!! This cannot be the meatballs that I have loved all these years!! It doesn't taste the same!! They probably did change supplier because it really did taste different!! Not just a bit of difference but you can tell its in a different world!!!! Probably the quality has decreased along with time cause I have not ate the Ikea meatballs for maybe a year plus?? But I really don't remember it tasting so bad!! THEN...... I saw this in the Ikea Recipe Book

That means originally it does have pork and beef in their meatballs...... So...... I think they probably did change the pork + beef meatballs to just beef.... that's why the taste is so different =) that's my verdict but I am not claiming that what I think is true!! =)

Anyway, I think these cute little pink chairs are absolutely adorable!!!

Talking bout adorable see what my Honeydrew took for me while at the Ikea Cafeteria =)