Sunday, 30 December 2007

My 2007 Christmas...

This year's Christmas is really quite different from all the previous years!!

I went caroling for the first time in my life!! It was really really fun singing those Christmas Songs and having all those kids singing along and dancing! My favourite song is "Rudolph the red nose reindeer". And you know what?? I kinda miss caroling now!!

We even went to sing in two old folks home! It's great to bring some happiness to them cause they seem quite lonely! Though I don't really like old folks home cause it reminds me of my grandfather and I also don't like the smell which the beetch says its old people smell!! I didnt know old people has got a smell!!

Cute Little Santa giving gifts to the Old Folks =)

We also went to about 4-5 houses to sing..... Every house will end with the song "Feliz Navidad" where the kids will start dancing this routine and then followed by the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas" where we will all go around wishing everyone in the host family a Merry Christmas. The last house will have a big makan session =)

Then there is this boy who is soooooo funny cause he sings with full of expression and full of action!! Every time I look at him I couldn't help myself but laugh!! He is super funny!!!!! Full of enthusiasm!! That's the Christmas Spirit boy!!

I am already looking forward to next year's caroling!! =)

This last picture look like Santa is having a meeting with the Santa Rina, his Reindeer and a Santa Helper!!


Went to Drama Queen's church Christmas Production cause she is performing. Took quite some time to figure out which one was her during the performance. Thought she will be doing something funny or stupid but she didn't!! *hahahaha*

The first performance with her in it. Drama Queen is the second one from the left in the first row.

This is the black art performance where the use fluorescent colour paper under the UV light. Those people holding the colour paper are all dressed in black and covered their whole face and hand and everything in black except for their eyes! I think its quite a good idea and its also very cute and pretty!!

The second performance by Drama Queen.

Me & Ah Beng came to support our dear Drama Queen =)

She should have told us earlier to look for that hairstyle then we would be able to spot her easily!! *kakakaka*

Oh I also did a good deed this year, I bought a Christmas Pressie for an orphan after the SIB Church Production. They will pass the present to the child I selected (which Drama Queen will select on behalf of me) when they go and visit the children =)

This Christmas, I spent the whole Christmas Day at home with my Mimi =) Every year, my Mimi will cook turkey either for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

But this year!!!! I didn't get to eat any turkey =( Reason being, Mimi couldn't find any turkey small enough to fit into our oven!!! All the turkeys that was found in the various supermarket that we went were more than 5kg!! Our Oven can fit less than 3kg!! Where has all the smaller turkeys went??? My Mimi said that previously, most of the turkeys sold were non-halal and this year they are only importing halal turkeys from Australia or something. Hence all the turkey prices has increased to almost double!! But I still don't know why all the turkeys are so huge!!

So, end up we had steak for Christmas Lunch =) I made the potato with mayonnaise and yogurt cream and bacon crisp as sides =) *cause Mimi always make mash potatoes and I thought a change would be nice* I got the recipe from the beetch and improvised it a bit cause I don't have any sour cream at home but it turned out really delicious too!! =)

I also made tiramisu for desserts =) My signature dessert =) Easy to make, nice to eat. This time instead of making it in a tupperware like what I always do, I made it in glasses so that it looks pretty. What to do?? Both my sis always make such pretty desserts, hence I feel like making my dessert pretty as well =) Got deco with chocolate sticks some more *proud of myself* kaka =)

My Mimi, my biggest supporter =)

Then for dinner, we went to Sushi Zanmai again =) I lovey Jap =)

It's been a long time "US" had a gathering!! So its good to meet up for steamboat at BeeLoon's house for gift exchange and also some updating and gossiping =) Ahhhh I miss our fun KSS Committee Days......

Then I also met up with Pendek and Tajam at MV Manhattan Fishmarket =) It has also been a long time since the three of us meet up to chat and gossip!! We do that with emails quite often but have not been meeting for quite some time. So its good to catch up with them and both of them were so nice cause they gave me Christmas pressie!!!!!!!!!! and and and I didn't give them anything in return!! How I know!!!!!!!!! I have known them for almost three years and we never have this Christmas gift thingy also!!! hehe =) *paiseh* *paiseh*

There were so much to talk about and the three of us can just talk non-stop =)

Then I also had a gift exchange and Christmas Dinner at Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights with the Beetch, Elisa, Thomas and Ming Siang =) We also had gift exchange and and and besides that Thomas and the Beetch gave me Christmas pressie as well!!!! Shucks.... so paiseh again larrrrr

Also met up with my fellow Bristolian =) Thomas is back from Singapore *I've got two friends called Thomas, one is Thomas Chong, another Thomas Choo* What a coincidence that they share similarities in their surname as well!! Anyway we met up at Delicious, Bangsar Village for dinner. Was so dissapointed when the waiter came and tell me that their Banofee Pie are all sold out!!!! =( So being dissatisfied, we had desserts at the Banquet upstairs. Their brownie with peanut butter in the middle and ice cream at the side is really good!!

Had a few Christmas Gift Exchange this year.....

Christmas Gifts for exchange under the Christmas Tree in the office (L) and in BeeLoon's house (R)

Pressies for exchange @ Chef & Brew

All of us with our exchanged gift, that is bought specifically for us and hence you see my gift is in pink =)

What a coincidence that Thomas also bought a tissue box cover for me (same as my gift exchange) but his one is with the word princess there *heart*

By the way, Cindy also bought me something princessy... A sign that says the Princess Sleeps Here which I put at the side of my bed =)

Then the beetch also gave all of us gifts =) A hand painted glass with our names at the base =)

These are all the Christmas pressies that I have receive from all the gift exchange, from my colleagues and bosses, from all my beloved friends =)

Thank you all, Thank you so very muchie!! I love my friends =)

I hope everyone had a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Cause I sure did =)