Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bangkok Girly Weekend Getaway


I'm back from my Bangkok trip!! Actually am back 2 weeks ago!! haha If you noticed, I've uploaded some stuff over at my e-shop ;) Oversea goodies!! =D Go check it out yah!!

It was a super tiring trip but I really had a greaaaaat time!! Over the weekend this was our itinerary:

Wake up - brunch - shop til you can't walk - massage - dinner - chill - back to hotel - parade your shopping buys - sleep

This is what you call life man!! haha Oh and you know what?? I did something I've not done before!! =P I actually took leave when I didn't have to! As in my flight was on a Friday night and I purposely book the last flight so that I can rush to the airport after work then I can save one day leave but I ended up taking leave on Friday just to chill - sleep til late - have lunch with my mimi - slowly pack my stuff - shower - then head to airport BUT!!!! stupid flight was delayed!!! GGRRR.... but won't let it spoil my holiday =D

Because of the delay we reached Bangkok quite late and since HF & Viv flew to Bangkok a day earlier (these 2 buggers don't need to work one!! *ish* one is a new housewife and the other is a full time student again! *jealous* =P Anyway.... they bought supper for us!! =D So much food that we only ate half of it and the other half goes to waste!! 2 packet of pad thai, 2 types of kerabu (the glass noodle and mango kerabu), 2 packets of mango sticky rice, 2 packet of fried prawn cakes, plus some yau char koay!! YUMZ!!

So next day we woke up and off to Platinum Mall we go!! Super shopping haven!!

At the BTS station

My lunch at Platinum Food Court - sucks big time!! This is the only bad thai food I have ever eaten in Thailand!! haha Its super duper salty like salt water!!

Yummy yummy sticky mango rice and sticky durian rice (I didn't try the durian one cause I didn't wanna have bad breath for the rest of the day!! haha)

This coconut ice blended is super yummy!! Ordered one after my 4.5 hours of non-stop shopping!! Walk until I couldn't walk anymore..... Plus I'm in my caged wedges!!

But I must say, the stuff in Bangkok are not as cheap as when I was there 2 years ago!! 2 years ago I bought quite a lot of shoes and its only like 200 Baht per pair but now.... the nice decent ones are all like 590 Baht!! So I didn't buy a single pair!! Also cause I've got not much time la.... cause was looking for stuff for my e-shop too ;) You know 4.5 hours of non-stop shopping I could only cover like 3 Floors and that's also I didn't go to every shop in each floor!!

Our shopping buys!! See me & Val using our recycle bags ;)

Me & my caged wedges ;D
My feet ache so much I just sat by the stairs while waiting for Viv & Dawn to go to the toilet!!

Then off we go to massage!! Due to lack of time, all our massages were at the same place which is one of the massage place at the end of the road from our hotel!! Even massages are not that cheap compared to two years ago... but cheaper than in KL la.....

I had a full body one hour thai massage =)

Our massage place

Me & Dawn shared the same massage room

After that, we just go to the nearby 7-11 to make a call for our buggy!!

I would have hated our hotel if its not for the buggy service they provide!! Didn't know it was sooooo deep inside from the main road!! HF found it from the website and from the map, it looks like it is quite close to the BTS Station but luckily the buggy will fetch us to the main road and its just a few steps to the BTS Station!

Oh and did I mention that the hotel doesn't even have a lift?? =0
And we stayed at the 4th floor!! Seriously from the website it looks nice!! And its not like its very cheap also eh!! 1700 Baht for a double room without breakfast!! I think for Bangkok standard we could have gotten a much better hotel lor!!

Anyway after massage we gotta rush back to get ready for dinner =) Dinner was at Coffee Beans by Dao - yummy thai food with the most amazing cakes!! HF worked in Bangkok for like 2-3 yrs so when I visited Bangkok 2 years ago she first brought me to Coffee Beans by Dao and I just fell in love with the place!! A definitely must visit if you go to Bangkok ;)

Us taking photos at the hotel lobby while waiting for the cab =)
See the hotel doesn't look that bad.... just got no lift only!! @#$%^&*(*&^%$#%^

Photos while waiting for food!!

Yippie!! Yummy Yummy food =D

Super yummy crispy kangkung. The kangkung fried in light batter and to eat with this shreded chicken curry thing and it goes sooooo perfectly well together!! YUMZ!!!!!

Some white curry (forgot the thai name)

tom yum gong

prawn cakes

yellow thai seafood curry *yumz*

prawn toast

Super delicious cakes.... its something like Alexis where they have a wide selection of cakes when you enter the restaurant but their selection is like 3 times more than alexis!! Their cake menu is like 2 pages long man!! Highly recommend the white chocolate cheesecake - just heavenly!!

Cakes all gone within minutes!!

Dawn looks really funny in this pic - she's so happy she gets to clear the dessert plates

After that we went to Fallabella - Monkey Bar. Its supposed to be a Hi-So place haha I just learned this word!! Hi-So stands for...... High Society!! *duh* haha According to dawn's thai friend, apparently you need to look rich to be able to enter the club (I dunno how true is that) haha!!

Inside the monkey bar with monkey decos


See the change of colour on our faces?? Me & HF are soooo red!!

Group photo

My feet was still quite tiring that I just took off my heels!! haha (So not Hi-So!!)

Had a great time! Though we didn't dance at all.... guess everyone's just too tired....

Next day, our plan was to have brunch at Siam Square and then shop around Siam Square and MBK area.....

I miss thai food =P~

Mango Kerabu

Grilled Sliced Beef

Thai fried chicken wings

Thai stir fried pork

Yam Won Sen (Glass Noodle Kerabu)

Grilled thai sausages

After bunch off we go for shopping again!!! After bout 2 hours or so, I was getting quite bored at MBK and decided to go back to Platinum!! HAHA So off we go back to platinum again!! But we only had like 2 hours left to shop before we have to leave for massage and dinner!! But even if I had more time I seriously couldn't walk anymore!! Took a cab back to the massage place near our hotel again and this time I had a full body one hour aromatherapy massage! After that we took the buggy back to the hotel to get ready for dinner!! The dinner that we were all excited about!!

Dinner at Sirocco - The Dome at the State Tower. The world's highest open air restaurant!! Where you can see the view of the whole Bangkok City!! Went there 2 years ago too but only had drinks at the bar.... so we thought we should have dinner there this time!! HF made reservations for us and do you know?? On the reservation confirmation email, they actually state that cancellation less than 48 hours, USD100 will be charged to your credit card!! huh!! Got restaurants like this one meh!! I really so not Hi-So lor!! Apparently according to HF if you want to have dinner here on new year's eve or Christmas eve, you have to book one year in advance!! T_T

Photos while waiting for food =)

Only me & Dawn had appetizers and we ordered foie gras as we both loooooove foie gras to bits..... but sad to say, it was so-so only lor!! =( We both have had better (and at a cheaper price too!!) Stupid foie gras was like 1350 Baht!! (RM135) Seriously it doesn't taste that great lor.... lack the creamy buttery feel when you bite into it and then it just melts in your mouth with flavour..... That's basically why I heart foie gras and this one couldn't deliver that!! So we were both quite disappointed with it!!

The over-price foie gras

Complimentary raspberry sherbet as a mouth wash

My main!! Veal Medalion. This is not bad. Quite good actually. But I wanted it medium and it turned out quite well done.... but still very tender nevertheless. The sides and the gravy goes really well with the veal! YUMZ!

Dawn had the beef tenderloin. But she didn't quite like it!!

HF had the lamb loin and she says its good!! - There's bubbles on her plate!! haha
Val & Viv had the veal same as mine so no photos of their food

Me =)

Viv & I - in between dinner

Me, Val & HF

The Bristol gang!! These are my clubbing, shopping, traveling kaki back in Bristol days!!

After our mains, me and viv went for a walk to the bar to enjoy the beautiful night scenery

Bangkok City at night

Then we came back for desserts but I ended up didn't ordering any cause I don't see anything that I want at the dessert menu.... and also I was quite full already....

Viv's chocolate cake (If I were to choose, this is the only thing from the dessert menu that I will order cause the rest have certain things that I don't like)

Val's Caramel Apple Pie or something (I don't like cooked apples)

HF & Dawn's Pistachio creme brulee. HF likes it but Dawn didn't she only ate like quarter of hers! Poor Dawn, didn't like her appetizer, mains and dessert!!

Group photo

And the damage?? 20,938 Baht!! That's bout RM2,100 for the 5 of us!!
Honestly I feel that the food ain't that great but the view is just amazing!! So just go to the bar instead!! haha But it's definitely an experience and I must say that it's very romantic to dine there for couples!! Plus their service are excellent!! They better be for the service charge that we paid!! haha

After dinner it was already close to 12 and we decided to go for late night massage - our last massage before leaving Bangkok the next day!! Good thing was the massage place near our hotel was still open so all of us went to do an hour of foot massage =D

Next day, we had brunch near our hotel before going off to the airport. As usual we called the buggy to pick us back to the hotel and the buggy guy actually said "No shopping today??" All of us were like Nooooooooooo =( We are leaving today!!

This is the 7-11 that we always wait for the buggy

This is one of my fav noodles in Thailand!! I'm so glad I managed to have not one but two bowls (opps!!) for brunch before we left to the airport!! One bowl with mama noodles and another bowl with glass noodles. Every time I will ask them to put all the "liao" so that I can try the various kind of "liao"..... But the best one I had was in Phuket!! haha Super YUMZ!!

After brunch, off we go to the airport and back to reality....

Oh and you know what?? I think its a jinx that every time I step foot in anywhere in Thailand, I will leave the place without a single Baht!! Happened 3 times in Bangkok, twice in Phuket and once in Hatyai. I seriously thought I will have some left over Baht with me this time considering I did change quite a lot for a weekend!! But end up Baht-less too!!

Next, I can't wait for my Hanoi Holiday with my sis and mimi in 2 weeks time!! =D
Don't know why but I just feel like getting away from life here.... so I will grab any escape that I can!!

Oh and honeydrew is only coming back in Nov =((((((((((((((((
He's supposed to be back in Oct!! I was sooo looking forward to Oct but now.... sigh......
The last time I saw him was May in London and come Nov, it will be 6 months since we last saw each other!! LDR sucks BIG BIG time =((((((((((((((((