Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pure joy of happiness

I'm so happy that words just can't describe!! Haha You know those kind of achievement happiness that makes you feel proud of yourself kind?? haha Told you it can't be describe!!

I know I know I will probably jinx it and something will make me unhappy tomorrow but I just feel like making myself feel proud of myself la.... =P once in a while k!!

Know why I'm so happy?? haha In the beginning of the year, I was assigned a project. My project is also to get the 7 other departments in my division to start the project in their department too... So I have to create the awareness and coach the team leaders of each department individually plus lead and guide them in the project. (Not like I am so expert in it but in front of them I have to pretend that I am la!!) I must admit it wasn't easy at first as getting everyone to co-operate is quite difficult but I have to try ways to influence them! Finally everyone is running the project on their own and I organized a mini convention to celebrate the success of the project and also have a knowledge sharing session where all the departments actually share their experience in running the project with each other! The convention is actually my boss's idea but I organized the whole thing myself and coach the departments on their presentations and motivate them!! The convention is today and I would say it went pretty smooth and towards the end of the convention, my boss surprise me with a token of appreciation and praise my work in front of everyone!! Made me feel soooooooooooo happy and proud at the same time!! Eh its not easy to get praises from my boss one ok!! Her expectations are quite high!! So this made me really happy!! YES like smiling like an idiot kinda happy when she said all the things she said and bought me this pretty pink flowers as a token of appreciation and get our COO to present it to me!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It was really a pleasant surprise =)

Then right after the convention, I rushed off to Pyramid for the KSS Sunway Carnival Pool & Snooker Competition. Remember I took part in it last year as well and my team got 2nd place?? Today, it was realllly a close fight!! Each team consist of 5 men snooker singles and 2 women pool singles. Your team needs to win 5 sets to win the round! For the quarter finals I won a set and the men won 3 sets so we managed to go into the finals and our opponent is last year's champion!! The two of us women won for pool (hehe I won all the games!! Don't even need to play the rubber set!! =P) BUT!!!!! the guys lost three sets!! So we were thinking our chances are really slim!! Actually we weren't confident in winning because our opponent's snooker team is really strong!! They even have one player that was ranked in don't know the malaysia or asia snooker ranking!! However our snooker team managed to win one game so the last game was really exciting and we finally won!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the champions!!!!!!!!!!! yeay!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy cause I loveyyyyyyyy the trophy this time round!! haha Last year's was just a medal but this year's one is really nice and I was hoping we could win so that I can bring that home!! haha Was jumping in joy when we really won!!

My team, the Red Team - posing before the competition!

YEAY!!!!! We won!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD

This is the trophy!! All of us get to take one home =) It doesn't look that nice in the picture cause I just simply took a picture of it just now.... anyway.... I'm really happy today!! Was smiling the whole way while driving home =D It's been a while I felt this way... Pure joy of happiness =)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Addicted to Manga!!

I'm so hooked on to manga its crazy!!
More like I'm crazy!!
And I am not talking bout Mango

Recently whenever I have free time, I read manga series!!
Even when I'm not that free, I read manga series!!

Some stories are really quite nice lor..... =P