Monday, 30 June 2008

Makan Makan at Ipoh

As if we have not ate enough, we went to Ipoh to eat some more on the weekend we came back from Taiwan!! *fat* *fat* =(

Went with Uncle and Aunty, sort of like a double date kaka =D We left kl at about 11am and stopped at Bidor for the famous duck noodles =D

Bidor duck noodles

We actually booked a house with 4 rooms that can sleep 9 people for only RM200!! Cheaaaaaap!! hehe Though it was only 4 of us, but its still very worth it!! And the house and rooms are very clean as well!! All the rooms are air conditioned, the living room also have astro and dvd player some more and the kitchen even have coffee, tea and biscuits provided for us!! Good deal!! Thanks to Val who recommended it to me =D

After checking in to our 'house' we went to Ipoh old town to get 'tau fu far' BUT it was all sold out already!!!!! =( It was only 5pm and they were supposed to only close at 7.30pm!!

So we went into one of the shops that sell a lot of local snacks and food and they have this freshly baked kaya puffs which is soooooooo YUMMY!!!! =D The pastry is really fluffy and it is still warm when we ate it!!

Yummy Yummy kaya puff

We wanted to have dinner at Pusing Seafood Restaurant (recommended by Val also) but didn't make any booking earlier so when we called to book, they were fully booked as they were having a wedding dinner that night. So we tried to slot ourselves in and the only available slot if for us to have our dinner at 6pm sharp and finish up before the wedding dinner starts!! The food was really good!!!! (I always trust Val’s recommendation!!) Especially the 'kon jin har' - dry fried prawn (don't know how to translate!!) *haha* but its super good I lovey it!!!!!!!!!!!

A photo with a card board of my name 'Miss Lee' cause I made the booking! =D

Me & honeydrew embarrassing the uncle and aunty by taking photo at the side of the stage with the wedding decos!! *haha*

The super yummy 'kon jin har' Really damn good!! Finger licking good (though I didn't use my fingers cause of my nails!!) *haha*

Steam fish

Salted egg crabs

I managed to eat crabs with chopsticks =D with the help of honeydrew of course!! *kaka*

After dinner we just went back to the house to chill. I actually brought my Wii along to Ipoh to play but when I opened up the box I realised that I didn't bring any games!! All honeydrew's fault!! He played the day before and left all the games on top of my tv and I didn't know. I thought everything was inside the box!! *ish* So we just rest and chill. Then at about 9pm we started to get hungry and attacked the salted chicken that we have bought earlier. Though its cold already but it still tasted quite nice =D

Poor salted chicken kena molested....

After attacking the salted chicken we were not satisfied and went for Ipoh's famous ‘nga choy kai’ - taugeh chicken =D Aunty said that was her best meal in Ipoh!! I think my best meal (besides the 'tau fu far' since its not a meal!) is the 'kon jin har'!

Camwhoring without make up while waiting for food =D

Taugeh Chicken

After an early supper, we went back to our house and played ginrami =D *YEAY* and I won!! kaka I think me and honeydrew were the winners that night =D We defeated the uncle and aunty!! MUAHAHAHA =D

Getting ready for gin!

I actually didn't have a passport this round that's why I am able to go set timer to take the photo and I just open up my tiles to pretend that I am playing!! *kaka*

We slept at about 3am! Sigh.... all my holidays are so tiring la!! I want a relaxing holiday that does nothing!! Just laze in a nice hotel room and use their facilities!! Where to go ar?? Somewhere that really got no sight seeing, no shopping =S and no nothing to do where I can sleep and wake up whatever time I want to and then go for a nice sumptuous buffet breakfast and then laze around again doing nothing and later on go for a relaxing spa!! *syiok* Cause if the place have all the sight seeing and shopping I will tend to go and do all the sight seeing and shopping!! If not I will feel wasted going all the way there and do nothing!! So where should I go for such a holiday ar?? *hehe*
Anyway, next morning we have to wake up early to fight with all the other crazy fellows who wake up so early for breakfast!! Literally fight to get a table.... *hehe* not really fight lar but just stand around the table and faster sit on it when the people leaves before someone else sits on it!! *kiasu*

We went to Sun Yuan Foong Restaurant for chee cheong fun but some how it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be!! Hhhhmmm.... why ar?? *sigh* a bit disappointed lor!! I want the yummy yummy chee cheong fun I had last time!! *hehe*

chee cheong fun that is not as yummy anymore but still tasted ok...

roast pork

char kuay teow

kaya toast

and Ipoh's famous white coffee =D

Happy happy so many things to eat!!

Then after that we went to Funny Mountain for the super yummy tau fu far!! Don't ask me why but that is the name of the shop!! They weren't even open yet and there was a few people waiting there already!!

The grand arrival of the super yummy tau fu far!! I LOVEYYYYYY!!

This is my must have every time I go to Ipoh!! I even tapau a lot home!! =D My Mimi loves it as well!!

Me & Aunty - Aunty so greedy lar eating 2 tau fu far at the same time!! *hehe*

Me enjoying my tau fu far while honeydrew finished his in less than a minute!!

After finally having a dose of my tau fu far we went to House of Mirror to tapau the caramel custard as well since it’s usually old out by lunch time! Then we went back to the house to rest and then pack our stuff and check out at about 1pm.

We then went for lunch at Kong Heng which is next to House of Mirror.

Pork Satay

Trying another chee cheong fun

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup =D Yumz

Curry Laksa

Me & Honeydrew

Me & Aunty

I realized I don't have any photo with Uncle!! Haha!! My only photo that has uncle in it is the one that we were playing ginrami!! And that photo also his head was being blocked by mine!! *kaka*

After lunch we left Ipoh. When we passed by the pamelo place, Aunty and Uncle were so shocked to see that the girls came out of their shop when our car passed by slowly!! They didn't know about this!! Hehe I remembered King was the one who showed that to me!! Haha!! Its really quite funny to see them rushing out when we passed by lor…. *hehe* But we did give them business ok!! Cause Aunty bought pamelo…. Hehe only aunty will do stuff like this – like buying pamelo!!

Me & aunty at one of the toilet break stop.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Taiwan Day 6: Bye Bye Taipei

Our last day in Taiwan.... *sob* - have to go back to reality after this dy!! Work Work Work *sigh* =( Actually Day 7 is the last day but its not counted cause our flight is in the morning....

We didn't bother to wake up early to watch the sunrise although honeydrew said he did look out through the window early in the morning but couldn't see the sun as it was being blocked!! Woke up at bout 8am to catch the bus and train back to Taipei.

The view from our hotel room at night

The view from our hotel room in the morning.

More photos of SML from the balcony of our hotel before we leave the place back to Taipei

Had breakfast at the hotel but since we were the few customers staying at the hotel, they didn’t have a buffet breakfast. We were offered ala carte.

At first I wanted to sit outside for breakfast but then it was too sunny that we decided to move back inside.

Took some photos around the breakfast area while waiting for our breakfast

My breakfast - They also have the beef floss =D

We quickly ate and rushed off to the bus stop near the hotel to take the bus to Tai Chong Station. Again I slept my way there.... 2 bloody hours what to do besides sleeping =D

I told honeydrew I wanna take photo with this building before we leave SML Don't you think the building is so cute?? It is sooo slim *hehe* The width is just the size of a room!!

On the High Speed Train back to Taipei.

Honeydrew was soooo nice *hearts* He asked if I still want to go to Wu Fen Pu since it was closed that day and he knows I really wanna go back there. Hence we went back there for the third time!! He only allowed me 30minutes as we have other things planned for the day!! So I just grabbed a few items which I think will look nice, to sell it at my website but end up I liked a few of it as well!!! *haha* Anyway, don't worry we still have stuff to sell!! We gathered all our stuff and took the photos yesterday and the stuff is really nice!!!!!!!!! So do visit our website once it is launched!!!! *I am already eyeing on a few items already so if no one wants, I will gladly buy it!! KAKA*

After we went to Wu Fen Pu, we went back to XiMen need to check in to our same hotel. So we went to have lunch at the Modern Toilet Restaurant at Xi Men Ding before checking in!! I wanted to visit this place after I found out about it!! And its full house!! We have to come back at 2pm so we just walked around the area for more shopping....

Outside the Modern Toilet Restaurant

Inside the restaurant - this is our table

This is the toilet but not the real toilet bowl!! Its actually the wash basin!! Feels quite geli *haha* but if you think of it you are not touching the "basin" while you wash your hand but it just feels weird!! And you know I almost wanted to throw the tissue I dry my hands with into that "basin"!! Luckily I stopped myself in time if not then I really gotta touch the toilet bowl basin.

We ordered the japanese curry chicken and you know those japanese curry looks a bit brownish and yellowish and if you use your imagination, it looks like diarrhea!! *kaka* But it tastes nice ok!! =P

Our toilet meal =D Can you see that pile of shit?? Hehe it’s so cute lar its actually the cover for the side dishes *haha*

We also had a hot pot as I feel like having something soupy!! Although I know if we ordered spaghetti it will look more gross!! Haha imagine like worms in a pile of shit!! MUAHAHA

Hot Pot toilet meal =D

Complimentary Shitty dessert that taste yummy =D

We also ordered the famous chocolate ice shaving dessert which is suppose to look like a pile of shit and the have like chocolate balls and raisins that is suppose to look like flies or some insects and some other things that look like worms (use your imagination) *kaka* But it tasted yummy though we couldn't finish it as we were too full and the portion is huge!! =D

Us at the modern toilet restaurant - I must say the food are quite ok... and its also a popular hang out place for high school students!

After we checked in to the hotel and packed some of our stuff we headed off to Beitou for hot spring! *Yippie*

The public hot spring pool. Kena scold by this old lady who asked us not to take photo *hehe*

Around the Beitou area

Then we decided to book a private hot spring bath as the hotel people highly recommended that we not use the public one as it is more hygiene and also more convenient. We were also told not to choose a crappy place for the same reason.

Hence we decided to book one at SweetMe as the place look nice and the price is reasonable. 3 hours for about RM85. We only wanted to experience it and hence only used the facility for an hour as we were rushing for time to Dan Shui.

The Hot Spring Water - its really super hot!!

The lobby area

Outside SweetMe - Honeydrew look so cute sitting like that *haha* Kaki so pendek!! *keke* =P

Me =D Kaki looks panjang!! *kaka*

After that, we went to Dan Shui just in time for the sunset. Dan Shui is a historic riverside town well-known for its sunset view and local snacks.

Dan Shui sunset

Then we bought boat tickets to take a boat ride to the Fisherman's Wharf. Before we board the boat we bought some snacks

bird's egg =D

Fried squid and fried golden mushrooms - both of very the yummy

However, I must stressed that the boat ride is the worst experience I had ever had!!! I hated it so much that it makes me hate Dan Shui as well!! *haha – no lar* I tell you I regret getting on that boat!! The ride there was crazy!! When we were about to reach, the boat just rocks in all direction!! Left and right, front and back all at the same time!! I almost puked all my squid and mushrooms!! I also felt like I am about to faint and needed air and at the same time feel like puking as well!!! I got so pissed off and it just spoils my mood when we reached Fisherman's Wharf!!

Fisherman's Wharf is supposed to be a beautiful place to watch sunset but as we were late, it was already dark when we reached there. It is also famous for the Lover’s Bridge!! It is said that lovers who crosses this bridge together will have a really strong relationship and be able to overcome anything on their way!! However, we were both not in the mood to walk the bridge!! =(((( Stupid boat ride!! So photos with the bridge will do!!

Lovers with the Lover’s Bridge

Lover’s Bridge

We just took a few photos of the bridge and then decided to go back. But we have to take the boat back as well!! I was dreading the boat ride back to Dan Shui but luckily going back it was ok!! I think it was just our boat ride there that sucks!! But our mood and appetite was already spoilt by it and we didn’t eat any of the snacks in Dan Shui after that!! We walked around a bit and decided to go back to Shinlin for our last and final shopping in Taipei =D and that cheered me up =D and also bubble tea =D

I felt so much better when we reached Shinlin and honeydrew let me shop the whole road this time!! =D After when I have enough shopping (actually not enough also but I didn't want him to get pissed off with me for shopping too much and leaving him alone again and also we have to catch the MTR back to the hotel as the last train is at 12midnight.

Since we didn't eat much in Dan Shui, I was quite hungry and we had supper at Shinlin.

'shen jian bao' - steam fried bun which is quite ok

TAKOYAKI!!!!!!!! Do you know I was so dissapointed I couldn't find takoyaki during my whole time in Taipei (cause I read cheesie's blog about her taiwan trip and she mentioned that the takoyaki in taipei is very the good) I finally found takoyaki in Shinlin (although not the same shop she mentioned in her blog)!! Anyway it was good too but the taste of the wasabi sauce is too overpowering hence I went back to get another one without the wasabi sauce and I finished both!! =D

We also had this crab soup thingy and glutinous rice

That's the end of our Taiwan trip =D On our way back to the hotel we felt like having our last cup of bubble milk tea but then all the shops were closed and those that were still open does not sell bubble tea!! How sad!! Makes me crave for it!!

And that day at the SS2 pasar malam when we reached the bubble tea store they are also closing and sold out!! So I still haven't had my bubble milk tea till now!! =(((((((((((((((((

On a non related note, I super hate it when you want something and then when u reached there its sold out and worse if the person right before you bought the last one!!! It just feels soooooo damn irritating and frustrated at the same time!!!!! *ARGHHHHH* I had this experience today and I was super pissed!!!!

I went to lowyat to look for my external hard drive as my home pc is really dying of lack of space!! It has only about 200 over MB left!!!! So I can't do anything with my PC!! Hence I desperately needed the external hard disc to clear some of the stuff in the PC!! I walk around lowyat looking for a pink one and they weren't any and when I finally decided to buy the white Western Digital one from this shop, the person right before me bought the last white one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt soooo super frustrated!!!! Its like I have been thinking for so long (since got so many choices, you can buy those separate ones which comes with different type of casings and also those built in ones which have a lot of brands to choose from and the prices also vary from RM170-RM260!!) which one to buy and when I finally decides its like I can't go with my decision because that decision is not available anymore!! Also cause that shop sells at a cheaper price!! Then when I go to the other shops all also got no more white colour dy!! And when I finally found the white one at another shop I faster buy it even though it’s at a higher price because it is the last one in that shop too!!!! *ish*

Taiwan Day 7: Back to KL

We woke up super early at 4.30am as we need to reach the airport at 6.30am to board our 8.40am flight!! We reached the airport at about 6am and were waiting for our check in counter to open. We asked the China Airlines staff a few times where do we check in and she pointed us to a counter which was not open. We just waited and waited til 6.30am and the counter was still not open! Then we waited some more. Then we got fed up and Honeydrew just randomly asked a guy who walked pass and he said that our flight has been postponed to 1.30pm!!!! We were so shocked and didn't know if we were to believe that guy as he looked like some travel agent guy. Since we have asked the China Airlines staff a few times and she still told us to wait at the counter!! If the flight has been cancelled she should have told us right!!!!

So honeydrew went to the China Airlines office to ask and apparently the flight IS postponed!! According to the staff there, it’s because they didn't have our contact number in Taipei that’s why they didn't inform us that our flight has been postponed!! Hence we got very pissed off cause we were there since 6am and no one told us that the flight is postponed!! Stupid!!! They offered lunch vouchers as compensation but we were not willing to wait till 1.30pm!! So honeydrew demanded for them to put us on the next flight back to KL and that is MAS flight!! Luckily there are still place available and we were put in the MAS flight and even arrive KL earlier than our original flight!! *haha*