Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing Day Sale

Starting at Piccadilly Circus then towards Regent Street and then Oxford Street

This is me, 3.30pm in the evening
Feet super tired from walking
Arms super tired from carrying the shopping bags
I need a rest at starbucks

p/s: btw, say hi to my new LV Eva Clutch in Damier =D
My early bday pressie from my dearest Honeydrew which I bought in Paris =D
Its super convenient especially for occasions like boxing day sale!! haha
No need to carry a big heavy bag since all the shopping bags are damn heavy already!

This is the end result at 9pm
More than 100 pieces of items

I haven't tried any of the items
Not even in the shops!
Just buy everything first and try at home tomorrow la =D
This is the beauty of shopping in London (or Europe!)

I think both my credit card are gonna max out very very soon....


Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas, mate!

I'm in London! Arrived without any delay although it was a bit chaos at the Gare Du Nord Train Station!! Loooong queues at 6am in the morning and kiasu people cutting queues!!

People with tickets for trains on the 23rd and 24th dec are all to board the train on 24th and its on a first come first serve basis. They fill up one train and you will have to wait for the next! That's why people are so kiasu cause everyone wanna leave Paris back to London!!

Between the 4 of us, we have got 3 huge luggage, 3 cabin size luggage, 2 hand carry, 3 laptop bags, 2 backpacks and 4 hand bags. Both my sis carried 5 bags, Me 4 bags and my mum 3 bags! Its really like going to war and fighting to get boarded! haha

Anyway, am looking forward to glorious food in London and our christmas dinner tomorrow!! Oh and then boxing day sales!! Woohoooooooo........

Merry Christmas everyone!! =)
Cheers, mate =P

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Last night in Paris

With a blink of an eye, I'm already here for 13 days!
Almost 2 weeks.....
I hope I have done everything I wanna do here =)
I finally found my pan fried foie gras tonight!
It's so good I have to eat two plates =D

I am looking forward to London =D
I hope there's no delay from Eurostar....

Good Bye Paris, I don't know when I will be back for the 4th time....

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Strasbourg, France

Went to Strasbourg last weekend =D It was super freaking freezing icy cold!!!!!!
According to it is -12deg and feels like -18deg!!!! I have never experience such coldness before!! So glad I bought the ear mufflers =D My ear was warm and fuzzy but my hands and feet was freezing cold!! I actually wanted a light pink furry one but they don't have pink! =(

Welcome to Strasbourg! It wasn't snowing when we were there but I think it snowed the day before and hence with that temperature, the snow remains!

Strasbourg is the capital of Christmas. According to my sis's french colleague, every year between end of November to December alone, there are 22million visitors in Strasbourg! I am not surprised because every where we go, there are a lot of people!! The worse was when we were looking for a restaurant to have lunch!! We wanted to go to Chez Yvonne recommended by the guide book and when we reached there around 12.30 the restaurant was full and they didn't even allowed us to wait!! We went to another restaurant recommended by the guide and again its full house and we were not allowed to wait without a reservation. So we just go to any restaurants near by and all the restaurants were full!! Its only 12.30 eh!!!!! Finally we walked and found this restaurant which is also full house but at least they allowed us to wait and we waited for a good 45 minutes for a table!!! Fuuuuyoooohhh!!!!!

You won't feel more christmassy than in Strasbourg!! All the shops put in a lot of effort in christmas decorations and the whole street is also decorated with christmas lights and all!!

Finally FOOD!!! I had steak =D

Mimi had sauerkraut with sausages and meat slices. Although it's a german dish, but Strasbourg is supposedly famous for sauerkraut as well because its close to the german border! My sis said there is a bridge where you can actually walk over to Germany! Hello Yun Yun! Haha =P

Shan had Tripe Sausage. She loves it!

For desserts, we shared an apple tart

and of course creme brulee

The food was so so only but dessert was not bad la. Anyway its not the recommended restaurants that we wanted to go!! But at least we still managed to find ourselves a table la!

After lunch we walked around the streets towards its prestigious cathedral and the old town.

Along the streets of Strasbourg

The famous Kammerzell House

Christmas Market outside the cathedral. The first Christmas Market since 1570!! Now Strasbourg has a total of 12 Christmas Market at various locations in the city. We didn't walk the Christmas Market cause we were saving it for after dark when all the lights are on =D

Strasbourg Cathdral is one of Europe's most beautiful example of gothic architecture. The stunning pink sandstone facade is quite unique.

Inside the cathedral. Astrological clock.

Another snow shot! =D

Christmas in Strasbourg!

After that we moved on to La Petite France, a pretty and enchanting neighbourhood in Strasbourg with its black and white timber framed buildings!! Its like out of a fairy tale book! It is arguably one of the best neighbourhoods in France!

See pretty or not!!!! =D

Since it is soooo freezing cold, we decided to warm ourselves in this restaurant that serves tartes flambees which is also a renowned dish in Strasbourg. It's actually something like pizza but the crust is super thin crust! Much much thinner than Domino's thin crust!! haha

Our Tarte Flambees with Chunky Cheese and bacon =D

See all the nice christmas decos when lighted up =D

After that we went to Place Kleber which is the central square of Strasbourg

With the Great Christmas Tree at Place Kleber

Under the Great Christmas Tree is a reproduction of a typical and traditional Alsatian village in the heart of the forest.

Us =D

Then we make our way to the immensely popular Christmas Market!

Mimi bought caramel coated nuts

Shan bought mulled wine for us.

Mulled wine is a traditional drink during winter especially around christmas! It is actually red wine combined with spices and is served warm. Feels sooo good drinking it on a freezing night!!

Me with churros! Its something like doughnut but in sticks form. A fried dough pastry based snack! You can eat it with sugar or nutella chocolate sauce! Yumz! (But fattening!)

After that we went to the train station for our train back to Paris! No prize for guessing, yes the train was delayed again!! =(