Friday, 29 May 2009

How Could I?

I can't believe it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I forget my anniversary!!!!!!! =(((((((((((((((((((((
Am I getting old or what?????? =(((((((((((((((((((
Worse is Honeydrew also didn't remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((((((((((((((((((((((((

I knew the date but on that day itself, I totally forgotten the significance of that day!!
Usually I will be waiting for him to call me to wish me and if he doesn't call I'll make a big fuss about it!!! =D BUT BUT BUT I totally forgotten bout it until today which is like 10 days later!!!!!!!!!!!! *Missed a good opportunity to be drama queen!!*

How could I??

Before I went for my holiday I even reminded him that our anniversary is near and let's celebrate it during the trip since I knew we won't be together (physically) on the day itself..... But end up on the day itself I totally forgot about it!! I really can't believe it that I could forget lor......

Anyway, good thing was we did had our "celebration" in Prague (2 weeks before our anniversary date!)

Honeydrew researched and found this restaurant. Its supposedly famous for its duck and apple strudel.... food was not bad but the restaurant was quite empty!! But that doesn't matter la.... just imagine that he "pao" the whole restaurant for me la.... MUAHAHAHAHA *dream!* But if he really do that I will definitely scold him teruk teruk lor!! waste money!! =P



p/s: I also forgot that yesterday was Oreo boy's birthday!!!!! I'm such a lousy mummy!!!! =(((((((( He is 3 years old already!!!!! Time really flies........ =((((((((

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Call Me Back!!

I know, I know I've promised to blog and post up photos of my hols...
BUT, I'm just too busy lazy!! haha
I'll still do it I promise.... hehe

On a non related note, does it make you happy when someone calls you back after you slam down the phone?Haha you must be wondering why would you slam down the phone!! Don't tell me it never happened before?? I don't know.... Sometimes, I just have the urge to slam down the phone when I am having a heated conversation.... (not all the time la only some times!!) or probably I simply just wanna throw tantrum or I just want to win the argument.... Slamming down the phone not because I have got nothing to say...... but probably also because I want to have the final say..... Or it may not be slamming down the phone but just ending a conversation feeling unhappy.... like saying an angry Bye and hang up kind....

I always expect the person at the other end to call me back.... and it just makes me really happy / relief whenever the other person calls back!!

It makes me even happier when the person calls back when I am not expecting that they will call back at all!!!!! =D So yes, you made me happy today..... although I didn't slam down the phone this time =P But I thought you thought I did!! HAHA

Anyway... this is my current desktop wallpaper =) Taken with the London Eye
I love the blue sky with puffy white clouds!! It's so rare to have such nice weather cause its always cloudy, gloomy or raining while I was there!! And so ngam the whole road got no cars one at that time!!

My sis is doing this outfit of the day thingy and I think its cool!! Cause it gives you fashion ideas and also where to shop!!

So my outfit for that day:
White tee with colourful hearts @ Terranova (Bought in Prague)
Denim mini skirt @ Zara MNG(curi from shan)
Tivoli GM bag @ Louis Vuitton
White with pink cap @ Hard Rock Cafe, Prague
White with pink stripe scarf @ Tchiboo (Bought in Frankfurt)
Cris-cross black stockings @ ?? (curi from shan also!!)
Black knee length boots @ Sg Wang (super cheap!! 70% discount!! and I wore it almost the whole trip and its really comfy!! so super worth it lor.... and I didn't even bring it back with me haha cause my suitcase is soooo overweight.... so I just left it with my sis and ask her to throw it if no one can bring it back.... but luckily my mimi brought it back for me lor.....)

if you are wondering why most of the stuff are either new or not mine then cause its the day before i'm going home!! so most of the stuff i brought there also worn already!! eh damn wasted la.... why nothing from my e-shop one!! good opportunity to advertise maaaaaaaa =P

Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm fine!!

I've got no Swine Flu ok!! Please don't be scared of me!!
haha =P

News travel really fast!! The next day when I was back at work almost anyone whom I seldom see of liaise with in the office but bumped into me on the hall way or in the lift asked me how am I!! And I thought Staff Health is P&C between the doctor and me!! *ish*

But thanks to everyone who cared....

Thanks to those who had dinner with me for the past few days too!! Tuesday I had dinner with my dad, Wednesday with Val, Thursday with GY, Friday with Elisa & Thomas. Then aunty joined us later and we played gin too!! We haven't been playing together for such a looooong time!! According to elisa its almost a year!! Miss the good old days!! Tonight will be dinner with aunty, chirstine and bb ethan!! *happy i don't have to eat alone!!* I really hate eating alone!! =( And one thing I've yet to do is watch movie in the cinema alone!! I rather don't watch or buy the dvd to watch at home!! But GY and YL said that they have watched movies alone many many times and don't mind!! *huh*

Anyway, I've been trying to sort out my europe photos whenever I'm free.... Still have not completed everything yet. I've just finished sorting out amsterdam's photos and will blog bout it very soon..... Here's a teaser to Keukenhof, Holland that we have spent one full day in while in amsterdam - the most beautiful tulip garden I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not a wallpaper I downloaded somewhere!! It's really a picture that I have taken myself!! =)
Just take a wild guess how many photos I took in Keukenhof!! =P

Monday, 11 May 2009

I've got flu, I hope its not Swine!

Was alright yesterday but this morning I was a bit sneezy and ended up with a bit of a blocked nose. Went to office and saw lotsa lotsa warning emails bout Swine Flu. Then I sneezed in the office and my colleague asked me to better visit the Staff Health doctor. And I got one day MC cause doctor was scared that I carry any swine virus with me! He even said I should be isolated!! =S Good thing was I didn't have any fever, if I do, I was told to go to the A&E immediately!

So I've got a day to laze around at home. I feel fine, but at the same time am scared that I really do have Swine virus in me as I did came back from UK, Germany and Netherlands and they are all classified as Swine infected areas! I also don't wanna be accused of the person who brought Swine to Malaysia!! So better just stay at home today!! =P

Besides that, getting an MC today is sort of a good thing cause I've actually got jet lag =(((((((((( *Though I feel quite pai seh cause I just only came back to work!!* Couldn't sleep yesterday night!! =(((((((((((( Went to bed bout 12.30am and couldn't sleep til 4am and when I finally dozed off, its time to wake up for work!!!! =(((((((((((

Oh and guess what I did today?? I just booked myself a trip to Bangkok!! =D It's gonna be my 3rd time in Bangkok but I'm looking forward to it!! That will be my next holiday!! so yeay!! But it's only in August!! Will be going with my uni mates =) Kinda like a girly trip before HF's wedding..... At the same time stock up some nice and cheap stuff for my e-shop which is currently on a hiatus now =P

Life is much sweeter when you have holidays to look forward to =)

Oh and after all the yummilicious extravagant food I had during my holiday, this is what I had for dinner today....

Ibumee Har Mee with meat balls and hard boiled egg!! But its quite nice lor.... I finished everything including all the soup!! =P

Since mimi is not around I have to kao tim dinner myself.... so dear friends, if you love me, please ask me out for dinner these two weeks yah!! Pretty pleaseeeeeeeee......

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Back to reality

Yup, yup I'm back....

There's an end to everything
Now, its the end of my 16 days of holiday break!
Bye bye cold weather, scarfs, boots and jackets...
Hello waking up early, work, work and work...

Today, I left honeydrew, mimi and shan to come home.
Some how I feel that I don't wanna be the one leaving and wish that I was the one left behind!
Contrary to my previous post!

Coming home alone on a 12 hour plane ride, reminds me of the times when I was still studying in Bristol. Being able to come home during holidays is one of the things I really look forward to.

But this time, I left with a heavy heart.... I don't remember feeling like this even when I left UK for good after studying there for 3 years!
Some how, this time it felt much more difficult!

So i guess, its not the place that I miss but the people around me that I had for the past 16 days I'll be mimi-less for 2 weeks, honeydrew-less for 5 looooong months!

Some how, this holiday doesn't make me feel tired or burn out as some of the other holidays does! (Or maybe its due to jetlag). Though in the begining it was a bit hectic but still not too bad but towards the end of the holiday the pace slow down. The carefree feeling of just relaxing and enjoying as the time passes by and not having to wake up early during holiday is very important! I also didn't even research anything for the trip. Everything seems to be taken care of! HAHA Thanks to yun yun for planning the enjoyable amsterdam and blackforest trip, honeydrew for the wonderful prague trip and shan for planning where to bring me for good food in london!

Anyway, I've got lotsa lotsa photos to share and I need some time to sort it out....
I wish I have stayed longer in London cause I didn't have enough time to shop!! =( *my mimi blame it on me for not wanting to wake up early!! and I blame it on honeydrew for wanting to do some sight seeing!!*
The time when I had more time to shop was in Prague but their price tags also have the price of the item in euros and pounds!! So when I did some simple calculation it seems that buying the same item in euros and pounds is much cheaper than in czech koruna. So I decided to shop in London instead since they have the same brands!

With the pounds exchange rate much lower compared to the time when I went to visit 5 years ago, shopping in London is much more affordable! =P
However, sadly I only manage to buy stuff from H&M as I didn't have much time to go to the other shops!! I think I bought more stuff for cindy's unborn baby boy than myself!! The baby stuff are so cute!!

I wish I had planned out more shopping time in London =P

Oh and guess what I had when I went back to London from Prague!! *haha*
I just wrote on my blog that I missed jap food and ended up coincidentally this is what I had for dinner!! I think its a little miracle!!

Ok, back to work tomorrow!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ello from Praha!!

ello.... ello....
I'm in Prague now ;)
Have been wanting to visit Prague for a looooong time
And now, I'm finally here!!
It's really a beautiful city...
But I'm leaving tomorrow back to London =(

Looking forward to chinese food in London!!
Have been eating WAY TOO MUCH meat (especially pork!!) the past 10 days!!

I really need to start exercising and go on a diet when i'm back!!
One thing I miss bout Malaysia is Jap food!! haha

Anyway, here's a photo of me & honeydrew in The World of Heineken in Amsterdam.

I only have this photo that is an appropriate size to upload to blogger....
Cause all the photos taken from Honeydrew's camera are 12 M Pixels and I don't have the program to resize it now! I've got lotsaaaaa photos to share! Stay tune =P

Oh and if you wanna watch a stupid video of me and honeydrew you can click *here* Try singing along with the words above ala karaoke style!! HAHA

Friday, 1 May 2009

Greetings from Germany ;)

I left in a rush... packed my 16 days worth of luggage during the last minute (as usual)....

Wanted to say bye before I leave but just didn't have time to.... and now I am half way through my holiday already......

Just came back from amsterdam yesterday and will be going to frankfurt and black forest today...

Very soon I'll be back in KL at my cubicle every morning... =(

I don't wanna go home......