Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tracy's Hen's Night + Wedding

I'm quite dissapointed lor.... it was'nt as fun as I thought it would be..... and I put in alot of effort thinking of the games as well you know.... both the games for hen's night and the games for the "heng dai" on the wedding day.....

Anyway, we had the Hen's Night at The Loft. We arrived quite early.

I didn't know any of her friends, except for Cindy!!

Then there was this guy at the next table, he said hi to me and we started chatting. He then asked me what do I do. Since I was in a lazy mood to explain about my work to him, I told him that I am not working. He seems shocked and the whole conversation then became me talking cock and coming out with reasons why I don't work. And the crap talk became more fun and I got more into it and just pointed at this guy friend of mine and said "You see the guy over there?? We hired him for tonight Hen's Night!" He seems to totally believe in what I have told him and even asked me alot of questions about what this guy we hired will do for us. I told him that we booked a room at Sheraton and he will perform for us there. I even told him that this guy is willing to do alot of things cause when we selected him, the agent gave us a file with a lot of photos and below every photos they will tick what they are willing to do and this guy is willing to do alot of things!! *I got this idea from the time when I went with my Mimi to the maid agency to choose maids* HAHA Anyway I really enjoyed crapping with him!!

OK back to the Hen's Night. Cindy claims that Tracy is really sporting. So I thought Tracy would get absolutely drunk but she left the club in a sober state!! *dissapointed* She can even drive all of us home!!

Look at the amount of liquor we had there!! But mostly *NOT* consumed by the bride to be......

Anyway, this is the bride to be then..... TRACY!!!!

She is not wearing a blue dress.... It's actually an apron and those white round stuff are actually polo sweets!! She needs to walk around the club in that and get strangers to buy those polo sweets from her for RM5 and they have to bite it off her apron!!! Like this!!

Those people are actually quite shy and decent!! None of them attempted to bite the polo sweets from her breast area!! *HAHA* That was the purpose of putting so many around that area!! But it wasn't a success she only managed to sell bout 6... Val told me her sis managed to collect bout RM100 from her Hen's Night through this game!! Oh well......

There were quite a few more games and some she refuses to do. The rule was, if she do the task given, she don't have to drink. If she manage to persuade a friend / a friend is willing to do the task for her, then she has to drink 1 glass. However, if she don't want to do the task and none of her friends want to do it as well, then she has to drink 3 glasses!! *But she didnt exactly followed the rules!!*

Anyway, there is this game where she needs to find a male stranger to "kiap" a banana (put the banana between his leg) and then she has to peel the banana with her mouth without using hands and then eat the banana after that! I even managed to find a guy who is willing to "kiap" a banana in a club for her!!!!! There.....

But she didnt want to do it, then Cindy wanted to do it for her and at the last minute when everyone is ready for some action, she asked Cindy not to do it and she did rather drink!! How potong stim is that!! haha So difficult to find a guy to do that and somemore an ok looking guy *not too bad lar right??*

Anyway those games that she did sportingly played along was to do a blow job using a banana and to remove her bra and go bra-less for the rest of the night!! Oh and she did dance with someone wearing red as well.... We also had this task where she have to go look for 5 condoms.... and guess what??? She walked around the club twice asking people and none of them have condoms!!!! Can you believe it???? Either people dont practice protection or they don't intend to get lucky so they don't carry any with them OR they are hoping to get lucky and is reserving the condom for themselves!!

She broke the banana while demonstrating her blow job skills!!

Oh and you know this Cindy got sooooo drunk the day before Tracy's wedding where she cried and laughed for no apparent reason. She also starts talking really loud with all the foul languages!!! Then she starts playing with her saliva. Everyone just started to ignore her and go to sleep and she still keeps laughing by herselves!! HAHA First time I see her in this state!! But one funny thing about her is that even in her drunken state, she still insists that she wants to brush her teeth and wash her face before she goes to sleep!! Funny Woman!!

Cindy in her drunk laughing state!!

Then the wedding day!! I was actually quite excited about the "heng dai" games as it was my first time playing *First time cause all my close friends not married also!!* Even asked around and came out with the list of games to play those "heng dais". But was TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY DISSAPOINTED that the groom turned up one hour late - ON PURPOSE!!!! To avoid being played as we need to be in church on time!! Then in the end after much negotiation, that "Dai Kam Cheh" *hate her* only allows them to play 3 games (due to lack of time) and those idiots still want to delay the time and refuse to do as we say. The 3 games they just simply play it and then gave the ang pow and went in..... *BORING* Veryyyyyyyy potong stim!!!!! Everyone was dissapointed and not happy with the way the "heng dai" behaved. It just defeat this whole purpose of having "ji muis" and "heng dais". I don't see whats wrong with being played once in your life time for the fun of it, to show all your wife's closest friends and relatives how much you love her and how much you want to marry her that you are willing to do anything to get her!!!! Also, what is the use of your "heng dais"?? Why are they called "heng dais"?? To support the groom, your "brother" / buddy to get his wife and hence helped him with the task!! If not then why does he need to bring any "heng dais" STUPID larrrrrrrrrrrrrrr somemore they got the nerve to think that they are so great and say that their strategy of coming late on purpose works!!!

Anyway, hoped this won't happen to Cindy's wedding next year or, my own wedding in the future!!!!!!!! I want my husband to be sporting and I want his "heng dais" to be sporting!!!!! I want everyone to have a good fun time, to laugh and remember my wedding because it was so fun!! HAHA!

After the tea ceremony we proceed to the church.....

Pen, the pretty Bride & Me

Group photo at the church

Then the Wedding Dinner at Tai Thong.

Me, Cindy and King

Cindy being the bridesmaid and King being the person incharge of the songs for the night both were quite busy and running around. Hence, left the poor me alone bored to death!! Bored until I camwhore myself at the toilet!! KAKA

More camwhoring photos.....

I like my dress =) Its the type of silk material that I likey!!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Shall I or Shall I Not?

Life is full of decisions!! This time round its a decision that will change my future and my career!! Met up with the Group HR last Monday and while we were chatting I told her that I am interested to learn more about Finance and she briefly suggested that the ICAEW program. Hence I told her that I will find out more bout that and in the mean time she let me know more details about it as well. Then on Wednesday, she called me and told me that she had arranged for me to meet with Balbeer!!! *Balbeer is the GM for Finance SSC* I was in a shocked as I have not made any decisions and am not ready to meet him!! Hence I told her that I will check with Clement *A guy who is doing this program* first before meeting Balbeer since I might see Clement in the Managers' Conference on Saturday!! So... on Saturday I met Clement and asked him bout it.... He told me briefly bout the program. You will be bond of 3 years *As company will be sponsoring the whole program - unless you failed your paper then you will have to pay for your own resit* but the 3 years includes the 3 years which you will be studying and taking exams so that is alright for me. Within the 3 years you will be rotated a few months in Corporate Finance, Finance SSC, Price Waterhouse Coopers as auditor and Group Internal Audit Department. *which I think is a good exposure for me especially if I want to go into Finance* You will also get 1 months of paid leave plus 5 days of study leave before your exams *which is good* You will be treated as a confirmed staff with basic salary and all.... so... what am I still thinking about?? What are my worries??

First, ICAEW is not an easy program!! I'm not sure if I can pass all the exams!! I'm not sure if Finance IS what I want to do *though I have interest in it now* I'm afraid that if I failed the exams and then decided that Finance is not for me, then I will be stuck no where!!! I don't know if I really am ready to become a student again!! Studying and exams are really stressful!! I'm not sure if I want to change my current comfortable carefree lifestyle to a stressful and long hours career in Finance *that's what Val said*

OK let's talk bout why I want to do it!! It will be a good change if it really turn out to be something I like. It opens up and widens my career opportunities. Since I am not doing any engineering related work already, its good to have another qualification to back me up. With the ICAEW qualification, I may be able to look for jobs in the UK or work oversea....

It is a risk!!!! So, shall I or shall I not take this risk?? Will I be able to preserve and withstand all the stress and hardwork required in this program?? Those that I talked to has been telling me its not easy especially without any Accounting and Finance background!! I'm not sure if I should take this step!! Am I up for it?? I don't know......

Anyway on a lighter note, talking about all these decisions making, just to update from my previous blog, I have decided not to do the eyelash extension *I went swimming last thurs and today ok!!* On thursday Val even asked her maid to cook dinner for me after we swam!! She's so nice!! hehe Yeah cause being Mimi-less means that I have to look for my own lunch and dinner =(
Oh and also, the black dog, I'm not gonna be so heartless and bring her away. Mimi suggested to put her at the back of the house. I'm fine with that. To be fair to her, she is actually quite a good dog, very obedient as well..... but I still don't like her.... maybe one day I will but not now.....

Oh Oh and you know, during the Sunway Managers' Conference on Saturday, Tan Sri announce that Sunway Group will practice 5 days week starting 1st December!!!!!!!!!! The moment I heard that I was SOOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its just like happiness bursting out of my heart!!!!!! THEN.... it struck us that we may not get it!!!!!!!!! Cause we are in the service industry and most of the staff are operation staff..... imagine how potong stim is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((((((((((((( I really really wish and hope and pray that tomorrow they will announce that we will follow the Group's decision and follow the 5 days week policy!!!!! That will be a dream come true.............

Oh Oh Oh and you know, I cooked for lunch today!! hehe the last time I cooked was in Val's house during Raya and I made appertizers, YuLin made main course and Val made desserts.

Appetizers I made, Portobella Mushrooms stuffed with Minced Pork and grilled with Cheese on top. Then the remaining minced pork I rolled it with bacon and fried it.

Steak with Red Wine and Mushrooms Sauce, with Brocolli and Mash Potatoes as side dish

Strawberry and Raspberry Triffles

But..... the point is...... I haven't cooked in my own house for like years!!!!! haha I think the last time I cooked in my own house was when my mum went to London to visit my sis 2 years ago?? haha!! Anyway I cooked tomyum chicken today!! I think its very yummy lor..... =D I missed my own cooking.... hehe I cooked quite alot in Bristol last time during my uni days and this tomyum chicken dish is what I used to cooked last time.....

Since I have been putting up photos on food, I my as well put up these pretty cupcakes photos that I took at the office that day!! These are actually for Dr Chong *My CEO* from her guests/friends but she always shares it with the office..... No wonder I am getting fatter and fatter!!

Ok I have actually uploaded photos from Tracy's hen's night and wedding. I have gotten all the photos of the Malacca Challenge as well!! So will blog bout these next time!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


I am super pissed with my dad!!!!!!
Yesterday night he brought back this dog, black colour abit like sausage dog!! I don't like that dog!!! Why does he have to bring home the dog!! He claims its for Yuni but Yuni is not around, Mimi is not around!! Who will look after that dog?? And that stupid dog even took Oreo's home!! This morning when I leave the house I saw my dad put Oreo's cage out of his "home" compound and put that dog in the home compound!!!!! My Oreo so poor thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He look so sad!!!!!!!!!!!! And I saw that he didnt finished his food!!!!!! Usually he finishes everything within the minute but today there are left overs on his dish..... When dogs don't eat you know that there is something wrong, either they are sick or unhappy!! I think Oreo is unhappy with the presence of that dog!! I can't do anything..... cause my dad is the type that when he has made up his mind no one can change him and he has made up his mind to have that dog and made up his mind that the dog is for Yuni!!!!!!!! Also the most ridiculous thing was he said that dog will bring him prosperity!!!!!! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so upset the whole of last night and this morning!! Poor Oreo!!! Worst was I couldn't get hold of my mum!!!! She turned off her phone!!!! Finally when my mum called me we were both very worried about Oreo.... She said she will try to talk to my dad and see if she can change his mind................ if not.......................
WE HAVE A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She asked me to put that dog into a box and bring it away and tell my dad that it went missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly I am scared of that dog!!! I don't know if I dare to put it in a box..... Secondly I got no choice if he really doesn't want to take it away!!!!!!!!!! Any kind soul out there willing to do this for me?? HAHA *Honeydrewwwwwwwww where are you?????? I need you!!!!!!!!!!!!* =((((((((((((((((((
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so mad at my dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even want to talk to him!!!! But this morning before I went to work (before I saw Oreo's cage was put outside of his home) he asked if I wanted the siu mai he bought as breakfast and I said yes...... so I talked to him because of food =( But if he doesn't want to take it away........ I wont talk to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why must he bring misery to my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I look like Maggie Cheung

Was reading my friend's blog and she was boasting that her celebrity look-alike is Sammi Cheng and since she lovesssss Sammi alot she is damn happy lar.....
So, out of curiosity I went to the website and did my celebrity look-alike too.....
and guess what??? I look like Maggie Cheong!!!!!!!! HAHA
Both photos of me have similarities with Maggie Cheong.... =)

Ok here is how I transform from Princezz T to Maggie Cheong..... kaka....

Eh!! Maggie is pretty ok!! Maybe when I'm older I will be as pretty and classy as her!!

Who know?? =P

Go do yours at http://www.myheritage.com/ just for fun =)

Friday, 19 October 2007

My Mimi loves Oreo more than Me!!

Mimi has fly off to London and Germany to visit both my sis!!!!!!!! I will be Mimi-less for 3 weeks plus!!! =((((((((((((

No one to squeeze orange juice and cut fruits for me for my breakfast
No one to pack lunch for me so that I don't need to go out under the hot sun for lunch (and can play facebook during lunch hour)
No one to dinner with if I do go home for dinner No one to call me at 5 something everyday and asks if I am coming home for dinner
No one to update me on the recent news and gossips (Yeah I seldom read newspaper - but really should start having this habit)

All in all I miss my Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't been spending much time with her lately before she fly off cause was quite hectic with all the outings and all.... *guilty* *guilty* and now I miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She does alot more for me.... the list goes on and on and on....... the only person in this world who willingly do stuff for me without expecting anything in return....

Mimi looking cute in Germany and in Angkor Wat

Me & Mimi in Korea, Sept 2006

That day there was this baby lizard in my room's bathroom and I am scared of it.... Yeah I am scared of all insects and pests!! Hate them actually.... anyway this tiny lizard won't go away.... every time I go into the bathroom it is still there and I do not dare to do anything in the bathroom unless its far far away from like the basin or the WC. So I kept telling Mimi about it and she said she is scared of lizards too.... I told her I will kill it with a slipper and she said she will sweep it away for me..... but.... while holding the slipper I couldnt bring myself to kill it not because I pitty that fellow but because I am scared!!!! So I keep telling Mimi to help me kill it and I went in few times to check and it is still there and when Mimi finally went to the bathroom the stupid lizard is no where to be found!!!!!!!!!!!! I got so angry and was throwing a trantum because everytime I go in to check it is there and finally when she comes the lizard is gone.... I was sooooo upset and frustrated and all *feeling unjustice*
Then the next day, when I said I saw the lizard again my Mimi faster came to my room's bathroom with a slipper and killed the stupid irritating tiny lizard for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see she is sooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LOVE MY MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And her reply was "Ai yohhhh so small like that also scared!!" But I still love my Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.... before Mimi left she called me at the airport before boarding the plane and all she cares about was Oreo and not ME!!!!!!!!

Mimi: Eh you remember to change water for Oreo, bathe him, let him out, play with him, make sure he is not dirty..... bla bla bla..... etc.....
Me: Yeah lar Yeah lar! Why you care bout the dog more than us!!
Mimi: Yeah thats because you all can take care of urself and Oreo can't. He is a baby!!
Me: Even he grow old he still can't take care of himself what. Then he baby forever lar!!
Mimi: Yeah you know today when I was taking my luggage out that time he like know that I am leaving cause his eyes look so sad..... I see him like that I feel like bringing him along!!
Me: Lebih lar you Mimi
Mimi: Ok lar you take care of my grandson for me.... Better still if you take a photo of him next week and send to Shan so that I can see how he is doing... if he got grow fat or thin and how he look like....
Me: Mimi you crazy one ar??
Mimi: Yeah mar he is my grandson..... cause you are the Mummy......

You say my mimi funny or not???
Haha she loves Oreo more than me dy!!!!! Somemore before I bring Oreo home she was like saying I must be responsible for Oreo and don't expect her to take care of him for me....
My naughtie cutie pie is really very lovable one.....


WHYYYYYYYY?????????? Why do I have so much undecisiveness in me!!!!! Why can't I be able to make decisions easily!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYY????? =(

I am a lousy decision maker and I can't make up my mind!!

There are a few decisions I have to make today but but but I can't decide and it made me stress!!!!

First my worry was *don't laugh* to go for eyelash extension or not!!!!! It's not a simple decision cause if I did eyelash extension, I wont be able to swim!!!! I am swimming almost weekly at Val's place for more than a month!! That's because I am fat and need to lose weight!!! I had a bet on Merdeka Day with Yu Lin, Calvin and Jon. Yu Lin has to lose 8 kg, both Calvin and Jon have to lose 5 kg each and I have to lose 3 kg by the end of the year!! The loser will have to pay RM100 and we'll take the money for makan..... (yeah I know lose weight already then eat somemore) anyway so, I need to swim to lose weight and I like swimming. I actually enjoy swimming =) Ok, back to the point, I want to do eyelash extension because for obvious reason, I want to have pretty eyes, my lashes are to short and too little so I need extension and this is the best time to do ot cause I have numerous functions these coming weeks.... This weekend will be Tracy's Hen's Night and then her wedding dinner, next weekend I have another wedding dinner at MO, and the weekend after that I am going to Singapore and my Honeydrew is back.... so I wanna be pretty pretty..... but I wanna swim too!!!! To add to that the eyelash extension will cost me RM188 and probably will last me for like 4 weeks! So.... should I or should I not do the eyelash extension.... So far the poll is 3-3. Val, Ah Beng and Cindy ask me not to do but Shirley, Pooi and Beetch ask me to do....... so decisions decisions decisions..... anyway I need to decide by tomorrow!!

My second decision is..... *long story*........ We (Me & my honeydrew, Shirley & Soo and WayLoon) were supposed to go to Singapore on the first weekend of November to visit Cindy... I actually suggested the trip and have even planned out the itinerary and where to eat and all..... BUT BUT BUT today my boss told me that the PD retreat falls on the same Sunday that we are coming back from Singapore!!!! I am supposed to be in PD by 2pm and we actually only planned to leave Singapore at bout 3pm!!!! This retreat is actually an opportunity for me as *another long story* all the divisions head are going for a retreat to do Business Plan. They need someone to help them on all the notes taking and all (basically like a secretary but more than that lar). So at first Ms Soh, Victor and Goh were the ones to help but Ms Ch'ng the COO, suggested to my boss to take me instead of Victor cause I am involve in a few Clinical Services projects.... so.... I get to go!!!! YEAY!!!!!! I lovey Ms Ch'ng!!!!! I feel she is nice to me and give me opportunities!! She has chosen me to go for the Tunku Abdul Rahman Talk by GE's CEO at Shangri-la too!! Only selected HODs get to go (except for Victor lar cause he is not HOD) I love her for that!!!! Its like acknowledgement u know!!!! So anyway I feel this retreat is a good opportunity for me to learn about Business Plan and also budgeting thats why I cant say no to the retreat though on the other hand I really really really want to go Singapore as well!! Have been looking forward to it!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYY Why everything must be on the same weekend!!!!!!!! Anyway, Shirley doesn't seem so keen on leaving Singapore early cause instead of 3pm we have to leave latest bout 11am..... and I feel bad for forcing them to leave early because of me!!!!!!! But the only way I can go Singapore and the retreat (having my cake and eating it as well) is for them to leave earlier...... so if they don't want I don't know what my decision should be!!!! Should I not go Singapore?? Should Honeydrew go with them and leave me alone?? Should I take a bus back myself earlier?? HOWWWWWW I wanna go Singapore!!!!!!!!! and retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I am so glad that now everything turned out fine cause I manage to convinced Shirley to leave Singapore early and Way Loon to drop me at PD and they all can go to Malacca for makan.... but now awaiting Way Loon's agreement on this suggestion!! Cindy says he will agree so I really hope he really does agree!!! I love my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They relieve one of my stress.... was so happy when Cindy say don't worry this problem can be solve!!! She can be really nice at times like this!! I really appreciate you all for your understanding and willingness to change to accomodate me, the Princezz T!! kaka no seriously I'm really glad!! Thanks alot!!!!!!!!

While I was stressing about this issue, we (Me, Beetch, Thomas Chong) were supposed to go swimming at 3K today!! We all wanted to exercise and swim... so happily went there and even bought the entrance ticket and..... deng deng deng........ "Girls with long hair must wear swimming cap" ......... NOOOOOOOOOOO No way I am wearing swimming cap!!!!!!! So I was deciding should I or should I not swim???? I am there already!!!!!!!! but I really don't want to wear the stupid cap cause I will look even more stupid!!! *so vain*
So.... so... so.... in the end I didn't swim and just went home.... partly was because it was too late already.... *excuse* *excuse* but I really promised Mimi to have dinner together cause she is leaving to London tomorrow!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH..... I will miss my Mimi for 3 weeks!!!!!!! Somemore she is so nice she make sure she prepared all the stuff for us before she leaves!!! Squeeze orange juice, cut fruits, boil herbal tea, individually pack the food in the freezer..... My Mimi is the best eh?? And she is so cute cause she can't sleep now because she is excited bout tomorrow!! HAHAHAHA Mimi I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!! MUACKS.........

Actually I am writting this blog while waiting for my nail polish to dry.... hehe =)
Hopefully I will continue blogging eh.... hehe yeah I should be sleeping already cause tomorrow I'll be going for Tracy's Hen's Night at The Loft...... and I am working on Saturday!!!!!!! =(((((

Ok I will end my post with the food I had at the talk in Shangri-la =) Yummy Yummy!!

This is the appetizer, scallop and smoked salmon

Then soup, mushroom soup with pastry on top (like the Dome one)

Don't ask me why but they serve sorbet after the soup

Main Course, I actually only remembered to take photo after I started eating. The black cod fish is really thick and yummy!! Love it!!

Then desserts, not sure what cake was that but I didn't really like it and its abit too sweet, I finished up the ice cream though =)

Oh and then more desserts the mini cheesecake was really nice!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I'm back!!

Hey I'm back!! For good!! *HOPEFULLY* I'm gonna start blogging again!! Cause I have been reading alot of blogs lately, my sis blogs, my friends blogs, everyone blogs so.... Princezz T must blog as well!! KAKA
Anyway... so much have happened over the past few months that I dont even know where to start.... ok I will just update abit on what I'm up to while I was MIA the past few months


In May, I was finally transfered!! Yeay!! Really happy about the transfered and I like my 2 new bosses. I am officially not doing anything related to engineering anymore!!

Then Cindy got her job in Singapore and there goes my gym partner =(. Oh and before she left for Singapore her 8 years bf Mr.Pendek proposed to her and I am bridesmaid for the first time!!!!! YEAYYYYYYYY so happy bout that!! hehe

In June, I have gotten my PINK Sony Ericsson!!!! YIPPIE YEAY!! YIPPIE YO!! I lovey my phone... even beautify it with swarovski crystals!!
Also...... Erm.... SMART 2 had a gathering?? haha does that count as something as well?? Anyway it has been a long time since we all meet up in a group and suprisingly on that day almost everyone who is still in Malaysia turned up!! Almost cause the two Siews as always seldom go for outing/gathering - the two Siews as in Siew May and Siew Ling!! haha

Anyway some photos....

The back two is Beetch Yu and Elisa (My new ginrami kaki). Then the front rows from L-R is Regie, Michie, Shirley aka Gigi Besi and Me =)

Oh the guy in the middle is MengYang and he told us that he is getting married and kena from everyone cause he did not inform us earlier!! But congrats!! He didn't even want to tell us his wife's name and we only got it from him at the end of the night just imagine how difficult is it for us to make him tell us how he proposed!! Finally we found out that he did it in his room on a CHAIR!! kaka

These two are my Cheh Cheh (sisters) in GIAD times!! We had such good and fun times!!

The dessert on the left is my FAVOURITE dessert in Delicious!! The yummy yummy sticky Banofee Pie!! *I LOVE* <3>

In July I went to Hong Kong!! YIPPIE!! Had a really great shopping and food holiday!! Will blog about all the food I ate next time!! hehe since alot of my friends are going to HK and it can be a guide for them.... eh I really put in alot of time and effort to find out where got nice food u know!! How many blogs I read and websites i search high and low!! Also thanks to my sis who went there just few months ago lar!!

All the 3 photos are me & my family: My Dearie Mimi, 2 younger sis and bro is the youngest

Me & my Honeydrew in HK Disneyland. Actually both of us planned this trip for quite some time as he had made a promise to bring me to HK Disneyland *Thanks dear for keeping your promise* Then ngam ngam my younger sis Yuni will be back end of July and so I asked my mum and sis to join us and my other sis, Shan to meet us in HK so that we can all meet up in HK
(FYI, Yuni is studying in Germany and Shan is working in London and Honeydrew is working in TNT) So, going on holidays together must be really well planned as the timing needs to suit everyone!! Yeah and this is the planner of the whole trip blogging here =) *boast* *boast*

In August, my younger sis Yuni, I mean Chooiyun (she doesn't want to be called Yuni anymore =/) is back.... and I end up much poorer!! hehe Not complaining.... I like her company but yeah... end up going out more often and eating out more often as well....

Me & Yuni @ Delicious - bringing her to try all my favourite food mar!!

In September, I am happy happy.... in my older post (monthsssss ago *shy*), I mentioned that I wanted a pink car right?? HEHE Nope, I didnt get a pink car, instead I have gotten myself a brand new sleek black Honda City!! But that was because the Honda salesman told me that they stop coming out with pink Jazz!!! That was my first choice ok!! I did not betray pink.... hehe *guilty*

Ok that's it for now.... btw, I am sooooo FAT lately.... all thanks to the Malacca Challenge!! Yeah I know it was my idea but I thought it would be fun!! BUT..... end up I put on 2.5 kg in one weekend!! *regret* *regret* will tell you all about the Malacca Challenge when I have gotten all the photos!!

Oh Oh and one more thing.... I AM OFFICIALLY ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK!!!!!!! hehe
sooooooooo addicted that I have to refrain myself from logging into Facebook during office hour.... but lunch time doesnt count ok!!!!!! hehehe I need to earn munny to feed my Oreo!! hehe