Thursday, 30 October 2008

Come support me!!

Will be launching NOVEMBER 08 NEW ARRIVALS there!!!!!

Will also be selling pre-loved / 2nd hand items
(a variety of tops, skirts, dresses, evening gowns, jackets and etc)
*including items from mng, zara, topshop and many more!!*
prices starting from RM5 ONLY!!

Also have two sets of EDMUNDSER power suits in black
(size 4 and size 10)
worn only a few times to be sold at RM50 each!!
(original price was RM350 per suit)

don't miss this event!!!

see you @ the Absolute Bazaar, 8th November 2008, 3K Inn Hotel, 11am

for more details please click on here

plus, i MIGHT be selling cupcakes there too!! if i have got time to bake it and also if it turns out well!! cause its a new oven, i haven't use it for baking before and don't know need to bake for how long and what temperature!! so if everything goes well i will be selling cupcakes there too!! come come come support me =D

Monday, 27 October 2008

Izakaya Ichiban

I wanna do a review and recommend this Japanese Restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre (one shop away from Starbucks!) Found this place because Rakuzen was full house due to a function, and hence we just went in here instead.... And I really lovey this place!!

Have been there 3 times so far, but will definitely go again and again and again......=P

First time with both my sis, mimi and bro

2nd time was with Honeydrew =D

And 3rd time just 2 days ago with my mimi and bro

I have had a variety of stuff during these 3 visits, but some of the things we just keep order the same thing every time!!

Sashimi Shake, RM32 - YUMZZZ I lovey salmon sashimi and this came prettily like a rose!! Its also very fresh and melts in your mouth! However, it will be even better if the pieces are a bit thicker!! But they have quite a few pieces there so the portion is not too bad

Saba Pirikara Itame, RM16 - A delicious appetizer!! Saba fish slices is fried in a buttery milk batter and then mixed with a special sauce!! Yumz Yumz Yumz!!!
One reason why I lovey Izakaya Ichiban is their wide variety of sushi rolls and also its all very unique and special plus generous fillings!!

Crazy Roll, RM25 - This one is everyone's favourite!! It has sooo many things inside and its sooo good that you just wanna go back for more and more!! Everytime I go, I wanna order it!! The roll consists of soft shell crab, prawn tempura, crab stick, cucumber and wasabi ebiko!! I think its called crazy roll because it makes people crazy about it!! =D

Dragon maki, RM22 - This is more common as a lot of jap restaurants are serving this but it is very yummy nontheless!! Consist of deep fried tempura prawn, unagi, avocado with unagi sauce. YUMZ!!

My Favourite, RM23 - Very similar to the one previously and also very good!! Consists of unagi, salmon, prawn tempura, tabiko with unagi sauce. *slurp*

Soft Kani Avocado Maki, RM22 - Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado and ebiko. Yummy too!! But a bit more common.

Una-Cheese Maki, RM24 - Unagi, cheese, egg, cucumber. This one is really good as well!! Unagi and cheese is a good combo!! =)

Green River Roll, RM20 - Unagi, sliced cucumber, tanuki roll in aonoriko with unagi sauce. Also very good!!!!!!!

Actually, to be honest, ALL their makis are damn damn damn good!!! (or at least those that I have tried!!) They really have a lot of variety for you to choose from.... more than 20 different types!! But people like me will always tend to order back the same few that I just couldn't resist not ordering!!

As for the temakis, they are rather common but not bad as well.....

Ebi Ten Temaki, RM8 and California Roll, RM7

For dishes, they have got a lot of varieties as well..... here are what I have tried...

Its common for us to order Soft Kani Karaage (Soft Shell Crab), RM25 cause its everyone's favourite! (everyone as in me & my family) And I must add that the soft shell crab is absolutely yummy!!! Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!!!! A bit oily though but its deep fried so what can you expect!! But I lovey this!! =D

Another common dish that everyone love is Tara Teriyaki, RM30 (Other jap restaurant calls it Gindara Teriyaki but its basically the same). RM30 but got 2 big pieces of cod fish!!!! Very worth it!! Haha but then i think if the fish is a bit thicker, its nicer.... they slice it too thin dy!! but this is also nice la!!

Gyo Enoki Roll, RM13 - I lovey this dish as well cause I like beef and I like the needle mushroom too!! A very good combination. =D

Kakiniku, RM28 - This is not bad but quite normal... hehe stir fried beef... My sis wanted beef but most of the beef are wagyu beef and its damn ex (min oso RM70+) so for normal beef they don't have much choices so we choosed this! *hehe*

Unagi Kabayaki, RM45 - This is super delicious too!! Cooked just right!! Not too mushy like some places.... YUMZ to the max!! =D

You can also order Una Don, RM28 if you wanna eat it with rice cause the unagi sauce goes really well with the rice!!

As for noodles, we only tried one type cause everytime my bro also wants miso ramen!! Cause he likes the miso soup so we didn't have the chance to try other noodles dishes as we don't wanna order too many noodles dish!

Miso Ramen, RM20 - Nice!! Full of flavour but I think it will be even nicer if they don't put so much vege and beansprout inside!! KAKA (Cause I don't like beansprout!!)

As for dessert, I also only managed to sample one type. Cause most of the time we are too full to have room for desserts plus I think their desserts choices are quite limited! Only got ice creams and also another two other types of desserts. I actually wanted black sesame ice cream but they ran out of it that day so I had the normal green tea ice cream with red bean.

Macha Ice cream, RM6

That's it!! So everyone, do go visit this place if you feel like having japanese food! According to the sign board, it says they serves authentic japanese cuisine!! Haha I think its definitely more authentic than the other comercialise or chain jap restaurant. Plus, I think the owner is a japanese as well (not sure if he is the owner but I saw him at the bar counter every time).

Oh and one more thing, they have this point card that you can collect points every time you eat there (every RM20 is 1 point) and then after that you can exchange it for food voucher. And during the month of your birthday you will get some discounts as well..... I have already joined! =D

Lastly, I have got a good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE GOT A NEW OVEN!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE YO! YIPPIE YEAY!!!!! Finally!!!!! I can start baking again!!! Cupcakesssssssssssss here I come!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDD I loveyyyyyyyyyyyy it!!!!!!!!! Its bigger than the previous oven *hearts*

What should I name you?? hehe *hearts*

My mimi using it for the first time!! Roast chicken =D

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Buka Puasa Buffet

I know, I know, my posts are soooo outdated!! Hari Raya Puasa was more than a month ago!! I got sooooo many things to blog about la..... slowly catching up k!!! Still got a lot a lot of food posts, 2 weddings and my Phuket trip pending!!

Anyhow, went for Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel's Sun & Surf and also Shangri-la's Lemon Garden Buka Puasa Buffet!! I don't usually go for buffet (except for Jap Buffet) and paiseh to say that it’s my first time going for Buka Puasa Buffet!! They have soooo soooo sooooo much more stuff compared to normal day buffet!!!!! It's like I take just a tiny small piece of each, I also can't sample everything that is there!!!!!!!! Because I want to try everything separately and not mixed my food, so I put a little of each on my plate making sure they are not mixed up and one stranger came up to me and asked me if I am a chef cause he said that I decorate my plate with food very nicely!! Like how French food is served!! *haha*

The Sun & Surf Buka Puasa Buffet was a treat by my CEO to the Mantec consultants and since I am one of the project team members, I get to go too =D n*hehe* It's my first time at a Buka Puasa Buffet and I have not been to a buffet with sooooo much food and one of my colleague can even give a comment that this year's Sun & Surf Buka Puasa Buffet is like not much stuff compared to last year!!!!! a*&^#@^& %#*^(&# and I'm like what???!!!!????? I am really soooooo "38" meh?? Anyway, I ate until sooooo full that I need to keep loosen up the ribbon of the dress that is tied around my waist!!!!!! *shy* And the whole place is sooo packed that they even have tables outside!! My colleague said that every year also like that one wor.......

Everytime I go to Sun & Surf for buffet, the first thing that I will take is sashimi and cheesecake =D YUMZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are only some of the things that Sun & Surf Buka Puasa Buffet has.......

Fresh oyster, mussels and prawns (actually the normal day buffet also has these)

Roast Lamb! (Normal days also have these hehe)

The various dishes

Different types of curries and rendang =D *I likey*

There were also a lot of appetizers and ulam and soups and etc..... (no photos). But that's not all..... Even outside they have got stalls!!!!!! They have got like satays, noodle soup and their laksa was veryyyyyyyyy yummy!!!!!! I think its sarawak laksa or what.... those malay kinda laksa lar..... and they even got like BBQ and "lok lok" plus fried chicken wings and etc etc etc.....

a lot a lot of stalls outside.....

and more dishes.....

lok lok aka steamboat

If you still have rooms for dessert, they have got a chocolate fountain, ice creams, bubur kacang, ice kacang, lotsa malay kuih muihs, cakes and tarts and mousse and puddings and etc etc etc.....

Chocolate fountain

malay kuih muihs

various cakes and desserts

As for the Shangri-la's buffet, I went there with Honeydrew's 2nd GF!!! *ish* He has got a lelaki simpanan!!!!!! *hehe* Actually its this friend of his, who calls him so very often!!!!! Everytime he comes back he will know and call or sms him the same day.... and even when we came back from Phuket also he sms honeydrew and asked if he is back already when we are still on our way back from the airport...... and the night before honeydrew goes back to tnt, he went and see him...... apa lar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like GF only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ish* *ish* *ish* but I shall be nice to him cause he is going to help me on something!!!!! Cannot tell yet!!! But money money comes to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hehe*

Anyway, since I have my first Buka Puasa Buffet experience already, I wasn't that impressed with the amount of food anymore..... hehe. Actually, they have got almost similar things except for some only lar..... and both are yummy in their own way..... but some how, I just prefers Sunway's buffet as compared to Shangri-la's!! *Work in Sunway must promote Sunway mar!!! Haha no lar actually honestly both are good and each has their own few dishes that I like more but generally I will still choose Sunway if you ask me to choose only one!! *hehe*

Ok here's what Shangri-la's Buka Puasa Buffet offers:

Lotsa variety of Sashimis and fresh oysters (Shangri-la has more types of sashimis but it doesn't matter to me cause I only like salmon sahimi!)

Mussels, crab, prawns (Sunway doesn't have the crab but they have got crab cooked in rendang or something but it doesn't matter to me too cause its flower crab and has got not much meat so I won't eat it hehe)

Dim Sum! Sunway also doesn't have dim sum but it doesn't matter to me too cause I didn't take any in Shangri-la even though they have cause there were soooo many other things to eat, so halal dim sum is not my priority!! haha

the various dishes (i think Sunway's dishes are nicer but Shangri-la serves a lot of fishes cooked in different ways)

Noodles Soup (This one Sunway also wins cause that laksa is just soooo yummy!!!! Sunway one is like malay laksa as in the gravy is thick one but Shangri-la one is like the normal laksa you get in coffee shops with "see ham" kind one - you know you know??)

Satay and various curries and rendang - This one I must say that Shangri-la has got a lot a lot a lot variety of curries and rendang!! I need to go two rounds to sample all and that's not all that they have there but just all that I want to try!!!! Probably got like bout 15 varieties or more!!!! But even though Sunway has got less variety, but taste wise both are equally good!!

Various types of appetizers and ulam ulam and etc (No comment on this cause I didn't really try much and I think both buffets also got a lot of variety)

Roast Lamb!! I think this one, Shangri-la's one is nicer though....

Pasta corner where they made to order any type of pasta dish available or you can have the ready made pizzas but sad to say no matter how much I want to try it I just couldn't eat anymore and if you ask them to cook a pasta dish for you, the portion is quite big!! Plus, I quite pai seh to still continue taking food and eating when Honeydrew and his 2nd gf already stops eating for so looooong!!

They also have a variety of sausages which you can ask them to cook for you. I only tried some of the stir fried ones and its quite good =D

Both has chocolate fountain.... But I prefers Sunway's one cause Sunway got big strawberries!! Shangri-la's one is really small lor.... and Sunway one is put in a bowl!! (hehe can take more)

Dessert wise, I like the way Shangri-la's cake is served! They are all in small sizes and put on a piece of card board so you can take each one individually and it’s small so you can just try a bit of everything!! Sunway's one is a bit messy. BUT, I lovey Sunway's cheesecake!!!! Shangri-la's one is not too bad lar... and they have got this nice chocolate cake!!

So all in all, I ate sooooo much and both buffets are good!! Price wise, I can't compare cause I didn't pay for both =D Sunway's one was treated by my CEO and Shangri-la's one was treated by Honeydrew's 2nd gf! Thank you!!!!

Now you know why I am complaining that I am fat!!

After talking bout fattening buffets..... now let's talk bout something that supposedly can help you lose weight!! Wii Fit!!!!!!! No, I did not get a Wii Fit since my Wii is gathering dust at home!! No fun lar to play alone at home cause no one to play with me also!!!! Anyway, Val is the one who got a Wii Fit!! She is really into Wii!! She buys new games quite frequently and plays quite often and YL plays it quite often and her mum and sis and bro in law also plays it quite often!! So her Wii is a good investment and very well utilised (as compared to mine!! - Anyone wanna buy my Wii?? kaka no larrrrrrrrrrrr just joking!!!! Honeydrew will kill me!!!)

Anyway, Wii Fit is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wii Fit is like a board you step on and you use your weight balancing to play the games!!!! And the games are like yoga, aerobics, balancing, stamina and etc (I also don't really remember all - only played it twice) Anyway its damn fun!!! It also calculates ur BMI for you and Honeydrew is OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will surely scold me for announcing it here!!!! kekekekekekekekeke YL is also OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA its quite funny one..... cause you will create your own Mii and you can make it tall short fat and thin but after you step on the board to check your BMI, they will adjust your Mii accordingly to make it look like you (in terms of height and weight) so after they step on the Wii Fit board, their Mii shrink shorter and grow fatter!!!! Very cute one!!!!!!

I like this skiing game the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skiing Game

Honeydrew skiing

Hula hoop

You really need to turn and twist your waist like there is a hula hoop if not it will drop one!! And they will keep throwing you more hoops and you need to catch it and continue to twist and the more hoops you have the bigger rounds you need to make...... this game is very tiring!!!!

Me in action!

Honeydrew in action!

String Balancing

YL in action

This honeydrew very lebih one... he plays each game as if it is real like that!! See he really put both hands out!! Haha!! Even all the other games also he got the actions as if like he is playing a real game like that one!!

Me playing another game where I am in a bubble going down a stream and I need to shift my balance to make it go left, right, front and back and I can't touch the bank of the stream if not my bubble will burst and I will lose.... Also if you want to be more careful and go too slow, there will be bee's flying around and poke your bubble so you will also lose!! Really need skill lar!!!!! I always die when I reach the "Y" york road!

After Wii Fit, we also played Wii 4 person tennis as I brought my controllers there as well..... It's been a loooooong time since I last played Wii lar!!! So its fun!! I really like playing tennis doubles!! I pair with HD and Val pair with YL..... guess who won??? hehehehe They won most of the games la.... BUT most of it are really a close fight!!! It's ok lar... since me and HD doesn't play as often as them!! And good news is I won YL on a one to one tennis!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This YL always wanna challenge me one!!!!!!!! Luckily I won!! kaka =P

Oh and lastly, remember my pool competition?? It was last Friday and my team got 2nd place!! =D There were 5 snooker players and 4 pool players in a team and you need to win any 5 games to go to the finals. The guys play snooker and the girls play pool. So during the quarter finals, I lost but overall we won 5 games so we went to the finals. At the finals I won but we lost 5 games so we are in 2nd place!! Actually there were 2 really good player only! Both of them are from green team and both of them has got their own pool cue!!! (I also want my own cue larrrrrrrrr keke) The rest of the players are ok only..... and of all luck, I was placed to play with one of the good player from green team and hence I lost lor during the quarter finals...... sighhhhhhhhhhhhh need to pick up pool again and practice more!! Has deteriorate a lot!! Can't even aim properly already!! =(((((( Time for more pool outings!! =)

Me – Red Team – with my team’s pool players

Red team’s whole snooker and pool team