Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese "Niu" Year!!

In the year of ox, hope everyone get money $$ healthy love success happiness

Happy Chinese "Niu" Year!!

p/s: copied this from one of the text message that I received and thought of sharing it with you! =D Btw, also means "LEBIH!!" haha =D

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Catching up

I shall cheat and post a few non-related events into one post!! =D Need to catch up so that I can post more current stuff la.... hehe I don't want my blog to be sooooo ketinggalan zaman!! =P

So back to beginning of dec where Elisa is still very pregnant!! She actually had a false alarm and was admitted to the hospital. So we went to visit her after work.... Uncle was there earlier and me and aunty only came much later.... Uncle bought dinner for all of us and he and elisa was eating before we came.... All the nurses who went into the room thought that uncle is elisa's hubby!! haha They will be shocked to see another man in the delivery room!! haha

Photos with the drama mummy!! Usually when you are about to give birth you are in pain but this woman, she can still play and do all the nonsense!!!

Aunty also wanna be pregnant!!

Baby Liesl one day old

Baby Liesl almost one month old


Then was at the Red Team Celebration Dinner as an usherer and also to collect my medal =) Remember I took part in the pool competition?? We represented Red Team and got 2nd place for the pool & snooker competition but Red team emerged as the overall champion and hence the dinner to celebrate!!

Us the usherers for the night =)

Me & Joanne with our team captain


As tradition, every year before Christmas we will have a SMART gathering for chirstmas gift exchange. This year is no exception. The venue was at MOS and we were quite a huge group and god knows how many glasses or jugs we broke that night!! Anyway, this year we have really creative, useless, funny and naughty gifts!! One of them actually bought a small hammer and a panty as gift!! There's also a glue gun and a panty as another gift!! How random is that!! Other funny gifts are vodoo your boss pack, which is a pack of all the things needed to vodoo your boss!! Then there is also this wrist rest that look, feel and even smell like a bun!!! And the buyer even creatively bought a real bun together with the hand wrist and put both buns inside a coffee bean paper bag!! Everyone thought it was buns!! One of them almost bite on it!!! Then someone even bought condoms!! Luckily I did not end up with either of these gifts!! I think I am the few lucky ones that got good decent gifts cause I got Haagen Dazs vouchers!! =D

Me, Michie & Fedelia

Sofia, Joanne & Me

We also celebrated the December birthday babies

Everyone enjoying the chocolate cheesecake =D


Also had a dinner with my Mantec Project team of consultants before our two weeks break for christmas and new year!! The consultant that I am currently working with on our Laboratory Project is Ema (the one wearing a yellow top). She is from the Philippines and she is a Doctor as she has a PHD!! She also has multiple degrees / masters!! She has a degree in computer science, a nursing diploma, an MBA and also a PHD and I don't know what else she has!! Besides being a consultant for Mantec, she is also a professor for an online course in one of the university in Philippines, she has her own IT solution company in Philippines and also started a family business in manufacturing this cake called "Food for God" Its a really delicious cake (something like a fruit cake but instead of fruits, its sticky dates and walnuts!!) They only manufacture it for Christmas and its really popular in the Philippines!! As the name of the cake suggest, its so yummy that it fits to be served to God!!

Mantec Team members


Then on Christmas Day, my mimi made roast turkey!! YUMZ YUMZ!! It's almost 4kg and its really yummy!! I love the stuffing that my mimi made as well.... Since there were only four of us, there is no way that we could finish the whole turkey!! The next day my mimi made turkey stew with the left overs and its super yummy as well!!!!! =D

Whoever thinks that turkey meat is tough or that chicken is much nicer, obviously have not tried delicious turkey like the one made by my mimi =P (cause was arguing with someone who insisted that turkey is too expensive and waste of money cause its not nice and the meat is tough and chicken is much nicer than turkey!!! ish ish ish)

Mimi & her christmas turkey


After christmas, its New Year!! I spent New Year's Eve with my Bristol gang =) (not everyone but majority from Bristol lar haha) We booked a 3 room apartment at the Legend's hotel in hope to see the KL fireworks in the comfort of the hotel. However, the view from our hotel was rather disappointing as the fireworks are too far away!! But we still had a great time there!!

Ta pau sushi for dinner as we didn't wanna drive out to avoid the jam and the crowd.

We also went to The Mall to ta pau KFC =D Then something really funny happened!! haha While we were ordering KFC at the counter, Yulin mentioned that since we bought so much they should give us a bottle of ketchup however, they only gave us packets of ketchup. Then on the way out, Justine just grabs a bottle of ketchup from one of the tables and walk out!! I didn't see it as I was walking behind but Yulin was telling me bout it and at that point of time, the KFC guy actually came running out towards us and calling for us to stop!! I was like shit!!! Are they gonna say we stole the bottle of ketchup!!!! How!!!! Me, Yulin and Thomas was walking behind while the rest was way in front!! Then to our relief, the KFC guy said we forgotten our popcorn chicken!! *LUCKILY!!* Then Thomas followed the KFC guy to collect the popcorn chicken that we left..... While me and Yulin was waiting outside..... Then Val called to ask where we were..... so at that point of time we just got this idea to scare them and so Yulin said that they found out bout the ketchup and Thomas is now trying to settle with them!! haha *gotcha!* While walking towards them, we informed Thomas of our plan and told him that he have to follow our story and tell the others what he has discussed with the KFC guy. haha So he told them that he have to pay the guy RM100 to shut him off..... Justine kept apologizing and looks really worried while the three of us have to control ourselves and not laugh out loud!! We didn't even rehearse or plan anything..... But to the others it was soooo believable!! Then while in the lift on the way back to our room we couldn't control anymore and told them the truth!! haha!! This is why!!! Don't do things you are not supposed to and you don't have to be scared or guilty!!!

Naughty Justine posing with her bottle of ketchup!!

After dinner, some were showering, some were playing wii, and i am playing gin!! =D But my luck was really bad lar!!! Always no joker one!! ish ish ish

lovey ginrami

When nearing to midnight, we were looking for fireworks but could only see tiny ones from far away!! Thomas brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate... It was really nice and I think I drank bout 3 cups!! (we use paper cups lar!!)

Celebration champagne!

Justine, HF, me and Val

Justine & I

Cheers to the new year!!!

HF, me & Val

We also celebrated Val's birthday which was a few days ago...

Happy Val with her birthday cake

All of us posing with the cake

Besides the champagne, we also brought red wine, different flavour vodkas and midori. Drank quite a lot until I'm soooooo red!!

Group photos!! Took so many but none seems to be perfect!! In the end I just gave up!!

After that we just chat chat and played more wii!! Val then started to tell ghost stories and I was actually frightened by HF's handphone alarm in the early morning wee hours!!!!! I was woken up by the sound and cause it sounded like the music for games and I thought that we forgotten to off the wii and went out to off it but found that the tv was actually off and then the music also stops at that time!! I quickly ran back to the room!!!!!! Val stories kept flashing through my mind. Then after a while I hear the music again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was sooooo scared then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I woke Justine up who was sleeping next to me and asked if she hear any music.... she said yes and ignore me and go back to sleep!! I made a fuss and woke HF up as well and ask her when she was half awake if she hear any music and she said yes and said its her phone and went to off it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -________-

The 3 sleeping pigs...


Brought my baby Oreo boy for grooming two weeks ago so that he will be leng chai for cny!! =D

Awww Oreo boy look so scared!! haha

My mimi was so worried cause she saw the groomer actually shave quite a lot of his fur!! Oreo's fur used to be very long and the groomer shaved it and left behind like only half an inch!!!!!
Mimi left the pet shop with a heavy heart and was so worried what Oreo will look like after this!!haha But don't worry!! It turns out well.... Oreo boy is still very cute if not even cuter!! =D I even bought a new clothes for him for cny =D

Oreo's new hair cut with his new stripey top =) Wear for a while to try it on only.... Keeping it to wear on the first day of cny =D Good boy!! =D

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Celebrating 20 years of friendship

WOW goshhhhhhhhh are we that old???????????????????? haha

Hhhmmm..... actually all of them known each other for 20 years since standard one except for me and MeiLee which only join St Mary's in Form one.... Time really flies but am glad to be friends with this bunch of crazy and funny girls =)

Pooi and Ah Yi decided to come out with this brilliant plan of gathering some close friends (those who were in the same standard one class with them) but of course me & ML was invited as VIPs *muahahahaha* There were so much commotion in planning this.... with emails flying here and there some want this some want that and with all the votings for this and that.... plus this ah yi who thinks some places are not good enough for her and wants HIGH CLASS places!! *ahem* *ahem* So after much discussion we decided to book two connecting studio apartments @ the Sunway Pyramid Towers and have dinner @ Sushi Zanmai where all of us spend time catching up, taking photos and bringing back memories of the good old school days.....

Upon arrival at the hotel everyone quickly "chop" their beds (haha so kiasu) and then proceed to photo taking sessions.....

Just look at the last two photos!! This pooi forever one.... always do all the nonsense!! haha
One person in the gang missing here is ah beng.... too bad she couldn't make it!

While waiting for the lift also we wanna take photos!! We were making so much noise everywhere we go!! (just look at the sor por pooi again!!)

Btw, this actually happened in the beginning of Dec where its not even christmas yet!! haha so now you know how behind my posts are!! haha but I still wanna blog about it =P

We then proceed to dinner @ Sushi Zanmai..... I think we were the noisiest table there and so many of us making so many different orders so many times that the waitress also got confused!! haha

Group photo of everyone

The four sor pohs with the leader sor poh pooi

me, pooi & sherry

I tell you this bunch of people are really weird people!! haha so many funny things happened that night..... first up, this MeiLee dunno from which kampung one *hehe*.... she went and open the jar of chili powder and poured almost half of it out into her sauce plate!! haha She didn't realised that you should actually turn the cover and pour it out from the small hole!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA So MingKit is actually giving her a thumbs down!!

Then another weird thing was, this Sherry eat soft shell crab but leave out all the crab legs!! Where got people like that one??? How to just eat the meat of the soft shell crab?? Of course must eat the whole thing one ma.... haha

After ordering too much and being too full, and also after everyone is done with teasing everyone, we decided to go back to the hotel..... Btw, this pooi actually prepared an itinerary for us!! muahahahaha like its a holiday or some big function like that!! Anyway, next up in the itinerary is SHOPPING with miss shopaholic's closet !!!!!! haha I LOVEY my friends!!!!!!!!! They are my supporter =D Almost everyone there bought something =D Even this pooi who is a self declared window shopaholic also bought something!! haha Thank you Thank you all for the support!! =D Really appreciate it =D

Them modelling my Cute off shoulder dress / top which was a hit among them and also the online shoppers!! Even my sis, yun wants one!! haha see the si tao poh smiling happily at the corner!! haha yes yes that's what they call me now.... =P

After shopping its time to toast to 20 years of friendship!! I must say 20 years IS really a long time!! Though some of us only see each other once a year during our annual cny gathering, but when we do meet, we still have so much to talk about and can tease each other just about anything!! I'm glad everyone put in the effort to keep the friendship going.... hope there will be 30 years, 40 years, 50 years and more to come!! Imagine us 60 years old still come out to meet and still behaving like kids esp this pooi!! Don't think she will change her craziness and sor poh behaviours.... but we love her being like that!! haha

Cheers!! Cheers!! Cheers!!

Then with the guidance of our leader sor poh pooi, we did some stupid pose!! haha

Haha just look at all the posers!!

Now is the time that we were all waiting for.... we are supposed to bring anything related to St Mary's eg: the year book, photos, badges, projects and all.... for us to reminiscence back the good old school days.....

MeiYee is such a good girl!! She brought a suitcase full of St Mary's goodies!!! (Me on the other hand totally forgot bout this and did not bring anything!! haha *opps*)

Look at all the stuff man!!!

I was so shocked to see this!!!!! I drew this you know!!!! Its a project on MAS Building!! OMG I can't believe MeiYee is still keeping it!!

My team member then!! haha See its written there 2C 95' that is like 13 years ago man!!!!! *gosh*

After going through everything, next up is a photo slide show prepared by pooi!! kudos to her for putting in much effort in planning this =D

Oh and something really funny happened!! Haha This Pooi was wearing this pyjamas that is a bit like a kung fu attire.... and some how the pyjamas can be torn so easily just like a piece of paper!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA its so funny even now when I think back of her reaction then when everyone wanted to tear her pyjamas!!! hahahahahaha The way she tried to protect herself and then slide back to the other room so that she can change to something else!! She is one funny girl!! haha

I really had a great time and it was fun to spend time together to catch up! We should have more gatherings more often!!!!!! =D

Next day, we went for lunch at Pyramid and then check out.

Camwhoring while on the way to lunch

Us doing nonsense in public again.... before we say bye and everyone go their own way....

Happy 20 years anniversary my friends!!