Sunday, 27 January 2008

I finally have a boyfriend again.....

YIPPIEEEEEEE My Honeydrew is back!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Can manja manja and get to be treated like a princezz =D but my prince is a fatty one =P *sigh* As expected the Honeydrew has gained weight yet AGAIN and the face and tummy is as round as a honeydew!! SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH =(((((((((((((((((((((((((

YIPPIEEEEEEE I now have got a boyfriend and a driver to fetch me around keke =P He has volunteered to be my driver and fetch me to and fro from work this whole week *my birthday week* =P Really appreciate the effort especially when he have to get up early when he can actually choose to sleep late and also to brave the jam from Puchong to my house and back to Sunway.... *I did not force him to do this ok!!* Hope he knows what he is getting himself into!! kaka

YIPPIEEEEEEE I am really excited cause I'm going on a Mystery getaway this weekend =) Solely organized by my Honeydrew for me to celebrate my birthday =)I'm glad that he has taken the initiative to plan, organized and booked everything. Cause previously, every trip that I went with him, everything was done by ME!!
I have tried asking him with various methods to get him to tell me where he is bringing me but have yet to succeed... so I have given up and will just let myself be surprised and sit back to enjoy the holiday.....

Though I always said that I don't have to see my boyfriend everyday and don't need to do everything with him, but it does feel good now knowing that I have a boyfriend by my side and have someone to rely on.... =)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fashion Show & Jacky Cheung

I have got pretty pink nails with sweet flowers =) I am so pleased =) See See See my nails pretty not?? hehe =D

Went for a manicure =) I very rarely goes for a manicure cause I feel that if I can do it myself why pay for it?? But once in a while it feels good to be pampered =) Especially when I am just feeling too lazy to do it myself =) The last time I went for a manicure was in July last year and the manicurist actually remembered my when I went last week =) You know why?? hehe Cause she say I got very nice nails!!!!!! KAKAKAKAKA She say the shape and all is nice just that I always have nail polish on and its a bit yellowish..... Haha But I am happy people remember me because I have nice nails MUAHAHAHAHAHA =D

Anyway I just did the manicure in the parlour and did the nail art myself =) Hehe Nice leh!!! Each of the 5 finger nails have a different design and both hands are mirror image of each other =) Of course I didn't drew it myself lar... hehe I cheated by using 3D stickers but I designed the arrangement myself and am happy with the results cause everyone thought its real and was amazed when I told them its actually stickers =)

Ok.... Company's Annual Dinner was last week. I actually was in one of the performance... =) This year the bosses are supposed to perform so the CEO and Clinical Division combined to do a "Bag Fashion Show" So they have a few categories which included the Evening bags and Paris Hilton bags Categories. All these ideas came from the CEO herself and she asked me and two others to do the Evening bags and Paris Hilton bags Categories =) So I was part of the performance...... Would actually love to show you all photos of my performance but the photographer with my camera did a really bad job and I look really ugly in all of it that I don't wanna post it up..... However here is one that is a bit OK..... but still look so fat!!!! I think cause the photographer was sitting below the stage and the angle of the photo accentuate the top portions and hence the round face =(

Me as Paris Hilton doing the Beauty Pageant wave at the end of the show..... Paris Hilton is the finale of the show....

Me & the other two Paris Hilton wannabe *haha*

Let me introduce you to the lousy photographer *hehe* None other than Miss Wee Ming Lee *hehe* I really do appreciate your effort to help me but but but...... hehe

However, she is damn sexy that night!! haha that is IF she is not wearing that oversized jacket!! She actually wore a scarf inside only!! I don't know how she tie her scarf but it only covers her boobs and its damn sexy lar!! Oh and I was actually one of the judges for best dress as well and I actually nominated her and asked her to take off her jacket on stage but she didn't!!

More photos of the dinner with my colleagues.....

Oh Oh Oh..... I went and watched Jacky Cheung's Concert in Genting yesterday!!!!! Am so happy bout it especially cause I didn't have to pay for the tickets *KAKA*

Went with my mum and dad..... hehe My dad paid for it lar..... =D He wanted to bring my mum and I said I wanna go too =)

The concert was great!! Though throughout the night he kept repeating that he is actually sick and might not be able to complete the concert but in the end he did complete it and even sang for 3 hours!! One thing good about the concert is that it really did start on time!! Its actually the first concert that I have been to that starts on time!!

We were not supposed to take any photographs and they actually have people around to make sure that no one takes any photograph! When they see you taking they will use this high voltage torch to shine at your face *haha* I did curi curi took and managed to only took 3 photos and got caught once!! keke but because I am sitting near the aisle he didn't shine the torch at me but tap on my shoulder and shake his head....

Anyway the concert was good... Jacky Cheung can actually dance too besides singing and yesterday's concert was his 99th Concert for this World Tour and will also be the last concert outside of Hong Kong for this World Tour . He was eating apples in between cause he said it makes his throat feels better. He was actually quite funny as well and made a few jokes. The last half an hour of the concert was a mini musical which is something different from the other normal concerts. The best part got to be the encore cause he came out for another half an hour and sang about 10 of his more popular songs........

Ok these were the only 3 photos I managed to take =)

Oh oh oh... I am doing an advertisement shoot tomorrow for Sunway. Some Chinese New Year advertisement =) But its not just me lar... hehe. Each company is supposed to send two representative =) Quite excited bout it!! Hope it will be fun =)


Monday, 21 January 2008

Princezz in the Kitchen

Do you know that it is such a rare occasion that I cook?? Don't get me wrong, I do like cooking and baking=) To be precise, I enjoy cooking and baking especially when it turn out nice and yummy!! =P

However, I have been cooking and baking quite a bit lately, and helping my Mimi in the kitchen here and there..... with the Christmas lunch where I made tiramisu and also the sides for the main, then cooking the yumilicious porridge for the detox.... oh talking bout the detox after a few days I can actually feel that my tummy is a bit smaller.... just a little bit but still am very happy bout it!! =) Will definitely make that porridge again cause its just so healthy and yummy!! =)

Anyway here are some unhealthy goodies that I have made......
Went to Bee's house to bake as the gang wanted to make some Chinese New Year goodies......

We made the 'bee hive' biscuit or Bodoh King called it 'Kuih Ros'. Different people called it a different name but I guess you all know what I am talking about. This is the first time I see and learn how to do this bee hive thingy and its actually quite fun!! =)

Recipe for the flour mixture is from our main chef Miss BeeLoon =) But I am the one stirring it =P add egg and sugar and then flour and santan, continue stirring and add in some water for desired thickness and lastly sprinkled sesame and mix again. Then that's the batter for the bee hive. Heat the oil and the mould. When the mould is hot, dip it into the batter and then quickly put into the hot oil. Leave it to fried for a while and when u lift up the mould the bee hive will drop out from the mould and continue frying to golden brown....... Then you will get the crispy and delicious bee hive =)

Then we made some butter cookies as well... Recipe from our main chef Miss Phealicia....
Add in butter, sugar and flour for the dough.... I am the one mixing the dough as well =) Then put dough inside the pipe and start making it into desired shapes.... This batch is done by me and I have some hearts and some alphabets of my name.... wanted to make a princezz crown but didn't come out like a crown!! haha =) Then we dip half of the butter cookies in chocolate sauce to make it look prettier..... But I actually prefer the taste of the cookie without the chocolate =) I prefer those that were a bit burnt as well!! haha don't know why but I just like the taste better =P

Besides baking, I cooked as well =) Made this impromptu dinner for my Mimi and bro =) Was grocery shopping with my Mimi and she asked what to eat for dinner and we decided to buy something to cook. We actually wanted to buy cod fish but they weren't any so we settled for salmon. Mimi didn't know how to make it so I suggested to just fry it with butter.... Then she said ok lar why not i make dinner tonight and I agreed =)
So I was thinking how should I cook the salmon and end up I grilled the salmon in the oven. I added a bit of salt to the salmon and brush butter on it. I also added chunks of garlic on to for taste. Then I grilled it (I actually put the oven to bake instead of grilled and only realised it when it was almost done and hence the fish weren't as brown as its supposed to be). I then added a piece of bacon on top of the salmon and grilled until the bacon is cooked. Serve and squeeze some lemon juice on it..... YUMM.... However my mum thinks its a bit bland cause I didn't want to put too much salt but to me its ok....

Oh and due to popular demand, *hehe* I made the potatoes again when my mum made steak for lunch on Sunday again =) The dressing for the potatoes is a mixture or yogurt and mayonnaise with a dash of pepper, salt and some spices.... and serve with crispy bacon bits on top. =) I also made those mushrooms =) fried it with garlic and onions... yummm yummm yummm....

Cooking is fun =) hehe but not washing up.... =P
Looking forward to do more cooking in 2008!! =)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

I did a Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse yesterday and today!! ( It takes 2 days)

What did I do?? I drank a lot of weird stuff.....

OK let me explain to you my experience.....

On the first day, you are not to eat anything with oil. According to the instructions, abstaining from oil would allow the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

So, breakfast I ate grapes, then lunch I went to Sushi Zanmai again to have sushi... basically I can only eat the raw stuff so I had salmon sashimi, salmon sashimi roll, and salmon sashimi sushi!! haha =P *forgotten bout photos!!* Then dinner I cooked this vegetable porridge where I put carrots cut into diced cubes, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. One would think that porridge without meat is tasteless but turns out, my porridge is super sweet and yummy!!! It taste like ABC soup and its sooooo good that I cooked it again today for breakfast and lunch!! *btw I didn't put meat cause there's oil in any meat.... so my porridge is really oil-less.... but the instruction did say that you can have fish or sashimi, so probably fish oil is ok?!?* keke =) I probably can lose weight by just eating this porridge cause its seems so healthy and so yummy!! kaka *self praise for inventing this porridge*

Anyway, back to the detox, so you are supposed to finish your last meal in Day 1 by 6pm. Then at 9pm, I mixed colozone in 3/4 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and followed by the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon. It actually tasted alright.....

At 11pm, I mix half cup of grapefruit juice with half cup of First Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Shake to mix it thoroughly and drink standing up. It actually tasted alright as well..... doesn't taste oily or anything..... drinkable.... After drinking you must straightaway lie down flat on your back for 1 hour. This is the most difficult part..... I start feeling a lot of wind churning in my tummy.... you just have this feeling that you want to fart but can't and you want to burp but you can't as well..... Was feeling quite uncomfortable..... After the one hour, you can move and walk around if you want to but you can't sit down as this will affect the success of the cleanse. So I just went to sleep. I did fell asleep for like an hour or two then I couldn't sleep well for the rest of the night. Don't know because I am not used to the bed (I did the detox with val and slept over at her place) or is it because of the uneasy feeling in my stomach.... The whole night I kept feeling like I want to fart but I can't I don't even dare to go toilet cause I'm afraid sitting on the toilet bowl will affect my detox!! When I woke up this morning (Day 2) my stomach is so round and bloated (like two months pregnant!!)

So for Day 2, at 7am, I repeated what I did at 9pm on Day 1. Then I started purging...... I purged for 8-9 times today!!!!! And every purge you will see green colour gall stones or liver stones floating among your shit *hehe* Really one!!! There are like a lot of small green balls in various sizes in all the purges. Some purge has more stones, some purge has less stones and some have bigger stones and some have tinier stones.... According to the instructions, the stones float because of the oily cholesterol content.

At 9am, I had the porridge for breakfast and again at 12noon. I also had coconut water and coconut meat too cause the instruction says it is to replace the lost electrolytes!!

I purge until my feet also weak!! I hope I am a bit healthier now since so much stones has came out!! *hehe* but it says that you need to do this every month and discharge thousands of stones before your liver is cleansed!!

The only bad side is I feel there are still wind in my stomach. Other than that, I am fine. I had also stopped purging. My last purge was at 2pm.....

Do I feel healthier?? hehe I don't know.... but it does feel good to see myself discharging green stones which are supposed to be gall stones or liver stones which are all the toxins and cholesterol from my body deposited in the gall bladder and liver. Oh and I also lost 0.5kg *haha* Don't know if this has got anything to do with the cleanse but we weighed ourselves before and after the detox.... Probably the weight loss is because I had porridge only for breakfast and lunch!! But then you have to drink warm water throughout both days so there should be some added weight as well.... Hhmmm... don't know... will weigh again this weekend to see if there are any difference =)

Anyway my Mimi want to try it the next time I do it again.... However, I won't be doing it so soon again as I think I need a rest.... probably after cny with all the unhealthy food that I will be having lar!! hehe =)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Updates Updates

I have read my first book for a very very long time.... Though it was not a thick book and I finished it in 1.5 hours, but I still read something ok!! =) I actually had this book from Honeydrew since early November and I have not went beyond 5 pages until recently!! The first book I read in 2008 =) and its a good book!! Talk bout how some people resist change and how we should always be ready for changes..... I am ashamed to say that in certain situation I react like Haw but at least there are moments where I am Hem. Better late than never =) Will I ever be Scurry and Sniff one day?? haha I think I will settle for Hem but a quicker Hem!! If there is such a thing!

Anyway, I am currently reading two books,

This is my bed-time book. I read 1 to 2 chapters every night before I sleep. Teach me how to invest in the stock market - the Buffett way. His idea is to keep things simple and buy good bluechip stocks to keep and patiently wait for it to increase over the yearS (Maybe many many years). Of course there are other strategies as well like buying when everyone is selling, buying shares of companies that you know and is familiar with and etc etc.... So far there are not much calculations involve....

The other book that I am reading. I keep this book in my car so that I bring it where ever I go and can read it whenever I am waiting or am free and have nothing to do. This book is more of teaching you how to value the stocks.... found this book in one of my dad's book shelves.

OK enough about books.... lets move on to food =)

Was craving for crabs the other day and was sooooo happy when they change the gathering venue to Pantai Seafood so that I can have crabs =) YUMMY!!!!!!

Yummy Yummy Salted Egg Yolk Crabs - my all time favourite (though I know its super high in cholesterol)

Butter-milk crab - Excellent to dip with fried "man tao"

Clockwise L-R: Japanese snail in chili padi and small dried prawns, Vege in superior stocks, Steam fish, House special Tofu

There were only 4 of us and we ordered 6 dishes and actually finished everything!! Very satisfying dinner =) There were even rooms for desserts as we then proceed to Alexis in BSC to meet up with Gu Yaw and have tea and desserts =)

On Saturday, I went for the Empower Lives Training at The Mines Beach Resort and Spa.

The training was ok lar.... Was more on teamwork.... Nothing compared to the Zubedy's Training on Making a Difference that I went before this =) hehe

The SMART Team Making a Difference!!

Me and the trainer, Anas Zubedy - he is so funny and smart!! =)

Not just the training is better but the food is also world apart!! hehe =) Just look at how much sashimi and cheesecake I ate!! And the coffee is the yummiest coffee ever cause I put lotsa lotsa vanilla ice-cream in it to replace sugar and creamer!! Sooooooo good!! =) Considering I don't even drink coffee on a normal day!!

Then on Sunday, I brought my Mimi to eat Fish Head Noodles @ Taman Desa..... This place was actually recommended by DramaQueen!! It was such a miscommunication when we talked about Fish Head Noodles!!!! I was talking about the other shop in Kuchai Lama and she is talking about this shop in Taman Desa!! Coincidentally both shops are near a Shell station and also a school!!!!! I asked her is it turn at the Shell she said yes yes... then I say opposite got one school one right and she said yes yes.... end up I was at Kuchai Lama and she was at Taman Desa.....

Me: Eh I'm there dy... where are you... a lot people lar....
DQ: I'm there too... yeah a lot people.... I am waiting for table
Me: I am waiting for table too, where are you, I can't see you
DQ: I can't see you too.... I got table dy where are you......

And this goes on for a good 5 minutes...... Finally when I reach the Taman Desa fish head noodles shop, I wasn't really in the mood to enjoy the noodles.... But I did remember that it tasted quite good as well.... So I decided to go back and savour it again with my Mimi...... Very different from the Kuchai Lama shop. Both are good but both taste differently!! This one has got a bit of wine taste as well.....

Finally get to enjoy the Fish Head Noodles......

Then for dinner, Ah Beng brought me and DQ to Look Out Point at Hulu Langat. Its a hill top restaurant where you can enjoy the KL view while dining. I was a bit late and also got lost on the way to Ah Beng's house and both of them keep blaming me that they will miss the sunset because of me!! But to be fair, when we reached there, the sun was just about to set but we couldn't see it clearly cause it was raining earlier and the sky was cloudy!! So.... its not my fault yah!! hehe Don't ask me to give you back your sunset!! We can only go again next time.....

The hidden sunset.

These two sor por don't know how to camwhore one!! Keep moving here and there..... I look the same in every shot!! kaka and why am I smiling like that??? Look so weird lar!!! ish!!!

The night view

The assorted tea that I ordered. They bring a glass of hot water and I get to choose which tea I want. I choose a strawberry tea =) *The food btw, is western and is ok only lar - edible but nothing to shout about*

I don't know how to use my camera in night mode!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone teach me??? hehe Your hands need to be super steady if not the photos will come out blur like this!!!!!! Wasted lar!!!!

Oh oh oh..... I'm so excited!!! Val just got a new pool table in her house =) hehehehehe *I know lar not my house also* But I'm excited cause I'll get to play also mar!! hehe =)

Lastly, you know what???? Was at the Zara sales and I found this dress which look exactly the same dress that I bought from Bysi in Singapore!!! Its selling for RM199 in Zara (after discount) and I only bought it for S$20 in Singapore!!! Actually Pen bought it for me with a 50% discount card. I feel so happy because of the good bargain!! I swear it looks and feels exactly the same!! Every details of the dress looks the same.... except for the first stripe at the waist area where mine is dark brown and the Zara one is pink...... The rest of the colour is actually the same also, just that the lighting is different when I took the photos!

Zara (RM199) Vs Bysi (S$20)

Muahahahhahhahahhahahahhahahaha I'm so happy its such a good buy!!!