Thursday, 21 January 2010


My first post written from my BB =)

Finally!! Have been waiting forever for it to b out!!
Btw I have changed my HP no.

Super bz lately and I don't seem to b able to find time to do all the things I wanna do! There's so many things I wanna blog bout too!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to CNY this year! I think it has been more than 10 years since my whole family had reunion dinner together but this year there will be a full reunion dinner where everyone is home! *yippie!*

Ok lunch time over bye!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Is 5 years a long time?

This first week that I'm back has been crazy!!
I've got a jet lag and I can't sleep till late and of course couldn't wake up!!
The first two nights I only slept at around 3-4am and then on the third day I was soooo tired that I almost fell asleep while driving home! Then I slept from like 7-8.30pm and my mum woke me up for dinner and after that I slept again at 10.30pm and woke up at around 4am and couldn't sleep again till like 6am and then its time for me to get out of bed and again I felt sleepy and tired!!

As a result, I was late for work everyday!! =( It's really bad!! I think I have to do something before my boss can't stand it anymore!! =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

And I also banged my car!! =((((((((((((((((((((((( sighhhhhhhhhhh long story..... already so broke from all the spending and now need to repair the front bumper of my car =(((((((( sigh........

I only managed to go to the gym once and I seriously desperately wanna lose weight la!!!! I've got a non-existing waist!! =((((((((((((((((((((((((

Anyway, I had a great time tonight at my company's 10th year anniversary dinner =D
The theme of the night is glamour and glitter and the colour code is blue and silver!
I've got nothing blue but thanks to my e-shop I've got a blue dress to go in =D Then I just glam it up with all the glittery silver diamante accessories =D Click *here* if you are interested in the dress..... lotsa colours to choose from and its only RM29 eh!! (haha opportunity for advert ma) I actually want the teal one for myself but then because of this dinner I'll take the blue =D

Me with the dietitians - How come I am the only one following the theme?
Anyway do you know someone came dress as a smurf? What turf!! Really one... I didn't take a photo of her but she even painted her face blue!! She was nominated for best dress but didn't win la....

Me and wanie - the girl who sits in front of me... haha we always keh poh together

Me and the pretty Joanne who is super tall too.... I made her bent down a bit so that she is my height!! kaka

Us with our boss!!

Me with the pretty Joey

Oh and guess what? I IS 5 YEARS in sunway dy!!! Can you believe it? I cant!! gosh!!!!!! time really flies man..... cause I've got 5 years long service award during the dinner!! No pictures of me with the award cause the useless wanie only took one pic and its super blur!! GGGRRRR.... Will probably get from the PR next week! Anyway I've got a cert and a gold pendant!! I wonder how much it cost kaka

Anyway, the highlight of the night is definitely when the dunno what singer came and she got this guy (one of the staff) to go on stage and dance with her.... then she sang this stupid song that every time she pinch him he have to make a sound but seriously it was so funny everyone couldn't stop laughing!!

Oh and our CEO and Clinical Directorate cum MAB President was asked to go on stage to joget! That was quite fun too as they were both very sporting

Then she get some of the staff to go on stage and wear some wig and play the guitar and rock with the music too....

Had a great time and I also won a lucky draw.... RM20 jusco voucher!! haha I think I won the same thing last year!!

Hoping for a better week next week!! =D

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The new year marks the end of my 23 days break

Am leaving tomorrow =(
I hope I have done everything I wanted to do,
Eat everything I wanted to eat in London (I even tapau-ed four season duck for my lunch tomorrow before I go to the airport =D)
I can't possibly buy everything I wanted to buy though! (Btw, I went to touch my dream bag channel 2.55 and its 1,800pounds, so that remains as a dream!!)

I've got so much to blog about for Paris and London but I don't know if I can find time....
Cause now its no more bumming around! It's back to reality..... back to routine..... back to work.....

Anyway Happy New Year!
I hope 2010 will be better and greater and happier than 2009 for you and for me...

We didn't go for the countdown at London eye.... Had home cooked dinner by Chef Shan and then watched Love Actually on TV and the fireworks on TV too..... Oh and I had Ben & Jerry by the heater! =D

No new year resolution cause I don't think I followed the one I made last year!! So I won't waste time making one this year =P
But I really wanna lose weight!! haha

Sigh! Good Bye London, for now....
I never thought I would be here twice this year!
Don't know when I'll be back but I will definitely be back!

I had a really great time and a really good break! I'm glad I decided to do this! =) At first I was a bit regret cause I think I overspend on holidays for 2009 but then its all worth it =)

Thanks to my sis for being such a great host... bringing us here and there for all the yummy food =D

2010, what have you got install for me when I go back?