Friday, 27 March 2009

60 Earth Hour

I definitely would not say that I am an environmental friendly person -_-

But I will definitely take part in this!! Cause it is at least something that I can do!! It's not hard to just off the lights (and other unnecessary electrical items) for an hour for the sake of our earth!! =)

Of course this is not just a one off thingy for "fun". Earth Hour is about taking simple steps everyday that collectively reduce carbon emissions - from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby!

I will try to be more environmental conscious from now on!! I truly think that its time that all of us do our part (no matter small or big) to save our earth!! =D

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I met fourfeetnine!!

Was at the premier of the Confessions of the Shopaholic last week and I met fourfeetnine Actually, I can recognize her when I was going down the escalator but she was already one level below me.... So I just told Val, eh I know that girl as in I read her blog!! *haha* Then when we were walking towards the carpark pay machine, I saw her and her bf queuing there as well and so I said hi to her and asked her to take a photo with me!! =D *haha* macam she's a celebrity only!! I also don't know why but I was like quite excited to see her and beria ria wanna take photo with her!! Anyway, she is really short and cute!! =) When I asked her if I can take a photo with her she said "I look so ugly want meh" but then I think she looks good in the photo lor!! I on the other hand is the so ugly one!! =(

Me & audrey fourfeetnine!

Anyway, as I have said in my previous post, I wanna do something to my hair!! Every time I wanna do something to my hair I will google for Jolin Tsai!! Haha!! (can't go wrong one mar her hairstyle!!!! And I lovey her style anyway as in her dressing, nails and all!! So I have decided I wanna cut and dye my hair like her latest hairstyle!!

OMG why she so thin one in the 2nd pic!!!

I even print the pictures out to bring it to the hair saloon with me!! So pai seh!! And obviously I didn't get exactly what I wanted!! Firstly its not the same colour!! And also cause I didn't wanna curl my hair!! But, I think the hairdresser did quite a good job at cutting my hair cause I quite like it =D So yeay I will have a new hairstyle in my europe photos!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA =P

Oh and Yun Yun is back =) We went to Jogoya last Sunday and there are soooooooo much choices I think its impossible to even have a bite of everything!! Went there cause we thought they are having a buy 2 free 1 promotion but when we were there, the small print reads only mon-thu!!! So since we were already there, so we decided to still go but we have to pay full price =(

Only managed to take some photos cause we are not allowed to take any photos of the food!! That's so weird!! You can take photo of yourself but if you take photo of the food, the waiter or waitress will come tell you that you cant!! huh!! Why jogoya don't want people to help them promote by blogging bout their food meh?????? Maybe their biz too good already!! ish!! We have to queue sooooo long to go in!!

I really really enjoyed the free flow of Haagen Dazs ice cream =) YUMZ Just when I'm craving for it =)

Yun Yun, me & MiMi

Oh you know what?? My biz just went international!! MUAHAHAHAHA As in I just posted out a parcel all the way to USA!!!!!!!!! But she is actually a Malaysian studying in the US la... but still!!! =D *happy* *happy* Btw, I've updated new arrivals!! More coming soon so go check it out!!

Oh and one more thing =( My ugliest photo ever (or so far) in my life will be shown in one of the program in Astro AEC!! =(((((((((((((((((((((((( I'm so upset about it!!!! Hate my dad for giving them that photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((((((((((((((((((((( Anyway I'm not gonna admit its me la!!!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic!!

YIPPIE YEAY YIPPIE YO!! I won myself a pair of tickets to watch the premier of the Confessions of a shopaholic one week before it is officially open in the cinemas =D I'm so happy!! hehe Though I have not read the book, but I have heard about it!! And I am really looking forward to watching it......

Its really rare that I will join any contest that will require me to write.... you know if its contest about ticking the correct answer or matching one picture to the other correct picture, or even guessing contest, I would rather join then writing a slogan or continue the phrase or something.... You know what I mean? Cause I doubt I will win cause I am not very creative when it comes to writing!! The only few times that I remember joining a contest that requires me to write is one of the hotlink contest to watch jay chou's concert in Singapore (many years ago) and maybe one or two more other contests which I can't recall now!!

But when I saw this Confessions of a Shopaholic contest in emmagem I have this urge of joining and straight away wrote something there and there to submit. One cause I really wanna watch the movie, and secondly I just need to confess why I am a shopaholic which should be rather easy cause I "think" I can call myself one!! haha!! But of course I did not win grand prize cause there are a lot more crazy shopaholics out there who are much much more hardcore than me!! haha. Some of them wrote so much and their story are sooooooo long I also lazy to read!! haha

Anyway here's my entry (if you are not lazy to read mine hehe)

Comment by Miss Shopaholic
11:24 pm on March 5th, 2009 :

I’m a self declared shopaholic! I love shopping! I love fashion! I love clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and etc!! I can never have enough of any! Especially when they are at a bargain price!! I have two ceiling to floor cupboard full of clothes, more than 10 bags and more than 30 pair of shoes and am still buying!! I need to label all the shoe boxes so that I can find the shoes I want!! I need to match what I am wearing with the bag, shoes and accessories! Every time I go shopping I HAVE to buy something…. I love shopping so much that it’s my hobby!!

Last year, I have turned this hobby of mine into a business. I have set up an e-shop blog selling stuff that I want for myself and sharing it with other shopaholics out there. Since starting this e-shop, I spent even more time shopping!! And you know what? I totally enjoy it!! I can spent hours and hours shopping at various different suppliers picking up items that I love! The best part is that I can get the stuff I like at a cheaper price as I buy in bulk! Then sharing this bargains with other shopaholics that shop at my e-shop.

This is the best job for a shopaholic!! But because I want my shoppers to enjoy shopping for items at a bargain price too, I can’t make it my full time job!! But its absolutely the bestest job for any shopaholics!! I hope in the future I can own a boutique and be a full time shopper shopping for stuff for my boutique =)

miss shopaholic

Ahhh this is something I need to do cause I have so many pairs of shoes lying around that my mimi is nagging me everyday to put it into the boxes.... cause she said my maid will just sweep the floor area around those shoes and if I put my shoe there one month, that means that part of the floor will not be swept and mop for one month!!

Of course the first person I asked to watch the movie with me is my mimi but she is not very keen to watch it cause she only likes to watch chinese movies and korean and taiwan drama series!! The only few english movies that she will want to watch are like harry porter, batman or those movies with dogs in it like the recent Marley and Me!!

So I'm bringing Val with me for the movie premier!! Can't wait!! =)

The last time I won a contest by writing is the Hotlink contest!! I think this was in 1994!! I was require to continue the sentence or something like that!! I also simply wrote a sms at that time, so I was quite shocked that I won!! But I will always remember this cause I not only get to watch Jay Chou's concert in Singapore, but also got to stand next to him for a photo!! =)

OMG I look so bulat!! haha!! I can still remember he saw me making the thumbs up sign and follow me!!!!!!!!!! =P

Anyway, I was shopping at MV last weekend and was sooooo happy to see MAC Hello Kitty having a roadshow at the concourse!!!!!!!!!!! =D
The set up is sooooooooooo cute and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lovey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me =) Hey, I don't know why but I like tying all my hair up including my fringe up like this lately!!!!!!!! I think I need to do something to my hair already!! Should I dye it and curl it again????????? But I really think its a waste of money curling my hair cause the last two times I did it, it only lasted for less than a month!!!! Even the time when I did it in Taiwan, I was hoping it would be good but sadly it didn't last long as well!!! =((((((( How how how???

Look at the cute Hello Kitty balloons!!!!!!!!!!!! I was queuing to get one!! =P They keep announcing that children will be given priority but I didn't care!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA but now I also just put it in my room..... but its damn cute la!!!!!!!!!

I heart hello kitty and I think MAC is so smart!! Anything that relates itself to hello kitty sure will get good response one!!

The cookie is sooooo cute!! We totally forgot to go get some cause was so happy with the hello kitty balloon already!!!

The Wild Kitty

and the Mild Kitty

And I just think this guy is so funny and kesian.... haha

p/s: Oh and my dear friend ah beng wrote a post about me & my e-shop in her blog =D Thanks!! Thanks!! Go read it here *click*

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My V-day =)

You know what?? I haven't been celebrating V-day for 2 years =( This is what happens when you are in a LDR =( We have been going out for almost 4 years and this year, it is the second time we are celebrating V-day together..... sigh.... I'm so chamzzzz.... haha =P

Anyway, I had a really great time =D It's nothing special.... just like what a couple normally do when they pak tor.... but to me, its something I have not been experiencing for a long long time =( Cause you see, every time he is back, he will be back for about 2 weeks plus..... and we will only have like at most 3 weekends (but most of the time only two). Weekdays, I'm working. Weekends, we will usually go for a holiday together or if not, it will be meeting up with friends or going dinner with families.... Holiday doesn't really count as pak tor.... cause you don't really go for movies and shopping and all..... you know what I mean???

So I was quite glad that honeydrew will be around this year's vday =D I asked him to plan what we will do on that day.... at first we were thinking of a short trip to malacca or ipoh but then due to lack of time (luckily we did not) so we decided to just be around kl..... When I asked him to plan, he started planning what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner as if vday is like a makan day!!!! =S Oh and I told him not to get me any flowers for vday cause I think its a waste of money cause they mark up soooo much!! and I seriously have no place to put it anymore!! There are like more that 15 bouquets packed in boxes at the top of my cupboard!! I feel sayang to throw it la.... haha

So here is what he had in plan for me =) He said he had a surprise for me in the morning and he came to my house with lotsa food for breakfast!!! (Makan only!!!!)

I lovey that thing in the red plastic bag.... dunno what issit called... but I like the plain ones like this not those with peanuts =)

As I wasn't feeling well the few days before (was on MC the wed and thu before vday!!) So I wanted to sleep some more and he just told me that we are watching the andy lau and shu qi movie at 12.10 so I was assuming it was in Mid Valley.... since Mid Valley is soooooo near my house I dilly dally and was ready only at about 12.10 itself thinking I will still be able to make it since its so near and they usually have like adverts in the beginning..... but only then he said that the movie is actually in Pavilion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???????????????? Never tell me earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in his defense, he said cause he didn't wanna make me wake up earlier than I wanted to........ so..... we actually missed about 30mins of the movie =((((( Anyway its not like they have much story line la.... its just a romantic comedy but I prefer movies like these than LOTR!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

So after our movie, we went for lunch at Kampachi *hearts* =D

Kampachi is actually famous for their Soba noodles... but the one we ordered was ok only.... cause Honeydrew wanted a hot one.... I think the cold cha soba is nicer!!

Salmon Sashimi, as usual

We ordered half of two types of sushi.... didn't know we could do that until the waitress suggested cause we wanted to order so many things but there's just the two of us!!

Miso Cod Fish, yumz!!!!!

Foie Gras!!! I lovey!!!!!!!!!! But this one is not that nice!!!!!!! I think cause they soak it in the shark fin soup like gravy.... so its a bit soggy and lack the fragrant pan fried taste!! Wasted.... I quickly tried to rescue it from those gravy but it still didn't taste like what I expected!! And this is like RM60!! Won't order it again!!

Hot Soba... so so only....

This is us enjoying our meal =)

Plus lotsa camwhoring photos of us before, during and after food!!!

This last photo is my fav =) I actually look quite "charn" or pale due to me not feeling very well and also lack of make up!! That's why you see me wearing a jacket!! haha I seldom wears one to cover myself one la in malaysia!!! But I was afraid I would get cold in the cinema or shopping mall and get sick again....

After lunch we did some shopping =) and Honeydrew bought me a Vday pressie!! =D Muaks!! Thanks dear..... =*

My pressie =) *hearts*

After shopping around, he had something else planned... he actually booked an 1 hour massage =) The massage is ok la for me..... but honeydrew finds it quite painfull..... We were massaged by china women!! So we decided that we prefer Thai women!! =)

Honeydrew posing

Me posing =)

Us <3

After massage, we walk around a while more before dinner time!! We made reservation at Angus House. It wasn't really romantic cause the restaurant is full house that night!! Most of it were couples except for this loooooong table when many couples gather for dinner and because they were in a group, they were quite loud and hence its too noisy to feel romantic!!

Angus House, Japanese Charcoal Steak

Honeydrew ordered the set and it comes with appetizer, soup, salad, steak and desserts. I on the other hand ordered foie gras for appetizer (yes again cause the one in Kampachi is not satisfying!!) and also steak for main course. Then we shared a tiramisu for dessert cause the dessert from the set sucks!! haha! Anyway, the steak is REALLY REALLY DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you wanna eat steak, I would recommend you to Angus House!! It's really juicy and tender..... plus, if you wanna splurge, you can order their wagyu beef or kobe beef steak which is like RM280 for 200grams or something (can't remember!!) We had the normal rib eye steak, RM60+ (can't remember) but it is still veryyyyyy yummy!!!! The waitress told us that sirloin has the most fat and tenderloin has the least fat and rib eye is in between..... not too fatty but just a little fat which makes the meat tasty and tender....


The really really delicious foie gras!!! and its cheaper than the Kampachi one!! RM49 i think!! But seriously it is sooooo soooo good that we ordered another plate!!!


Super delicious, juicy and tender rib eye steak =P~

Me =)

Us <3

The dessert from the set... its like a syrup pear...

Tiramisu.... not bad but super small piece!!

But seriously this is one place I will definitely go back for steak!!! And if I win first prize lottery, I will wanna try the kobe or wagyu beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More photos of us before we decided to call it a day =)

I really did enjoy myself, the movie, the food, the massage, the shopping and the best is really spending time with each other without having anything to do, holding hands, having fun shopping aimlessly, allowing time to just pass by.....

Thank you dear for a wonderful time =)

p/s: btw, I'm wearing *this* (click to view it @ my e-shop!!)