Monday, 27 September 2010

Last minute panic!

I've got 2 presentations to about 60-80 ppl 2mrw! Was too busy at work lately that I didn't have time to really think bout it to panic. I only just completed my slides today and now that i'm practising for it, I suddenly felt a bit panicky!! Haha

Hope everything turn out well and I don't embarrass myself la!

Also, lately I've been feeling quite stress at work because of so many last minute things to do! Especially when you r unable to speed things up because d work before I can do my work is done by someone else! So tension!! I hope I will be able to get it done in time!!

Oh I just realized I can't upload photos here using my bb. Thought of sharing my new love at first sight photo! But I already have got black! Why doesn't it come in white??

Ok la nitez! Wish me luck for 2mrw =)

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