Saturday, 12 March 2011


I actually wanted to come here to add some new links to some of the blogs I wanna follow but thought that I would update my abandon blog! haha cause if I do read back this blog in the future, these are 2 important thing that have happened to me recently in 2011

Firstly, I just turned three zero!! OMG so old!!

But this year, my birthday was celebrated with all my family and friends =D I have not had a party for a long time and hence I throw myself a bday party! muahahahaha and because I do not want to think that I am leaving twenty something behind, I have choosen a cartoon theme BBQ party! I actually have games planned as well but my friends didn't wanna layan me.... but all in all i had a great time!! Although it was quite kelam kabut in the beginning I wasn't even ready when the first guest arrive!! end up I didn't even shower and just change only!! haha

This is supposed to be a group photo of everyone but half of the people were blocked!!
Also, half of my friends are not sporting at all!! They did not follow the theme!!! but of course some of them were really great in minnie mouse(s), mickey mouse, superman & superwoman, batman family, strawberry shortcake, popeye & olive and power puff girl

The second very important thing in my life is that..... I'm engaged!!!
This year will be our 6th years of being together and of that 6 years almost 4 years we were in a LDR. Finally we will be getting married next year!! It's a really huge step. I didn't think I will feel as ready as I am now. Before this, I couldn't imagine myself being married or want to get married. But somehow now, I do. Even though I am scared in taking this step, scared because of all our differences but at the same time I am also very excited and looking forward to live our life together as husband and wife...

This is proposal no.2 cause I complained that the 1st one was not romantic! MUAHAHAHAHA
I just love my honeydrew =D Sometimes he will do stupid things because of me =D

And this is my engagement ring =D
I love it very very much!! Though I wouldn't mind an even bigger carat!! (actually who would mind leh!!!) MUAHAHAHAHAHA I am so greedy!!! But I am really very satisfied with it =D It's one of the very very few things that he bought himself that I like =D Yes, I am evil and fussy like that!! That's why I always like to choose my own presents =P Hence I am really glad he have chosen something I like for this very significant "present"

So yes, now most of my time are spent on wedding related stuff!! So much to do but I love every bit of the planning!! Just don't like how much everything costs!! Wedding business is a really good business to be in!! All the quotations I've gotten really gave me a shock!! Everything are marked up super high and still people are willing to pay for it because.... it's once in a lifetime ma....... the super overused phrase in anything related to wedding!! sigh.....

Oh, and besides all these wedding, I have a sudden urge to take up a part time baking class!! The only reason I am not doing it now is because I wanna lose weight and how to lose weight if you keep baking 3 times a week? (That is the frequency of the baking class) Maybe I will only do it when I have my own kitchen =D

Really really have the urge to bake something....... maybe I should.... hhhmmm....

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