Friday, 10 June 2011

The house where I will soon call it my home...

I am really excited to change this empty house into a home, our home ;) But I am so indecisive and blur at the same time!! Have been browsing soooo much ID websites lately....

The first thing that we are looking at is the kitchen layout. That's because we want to extend our kitchen and before we can start on the wet works, we need to know what our layout is so that the wet works contractors know where to put our windows, pipe for sinks, opening for hoods, electrical points for all the appliances! Once that is confirmed then they can start with the wet works and I will have to know what hood, hob, built in oven and refrigerator that I am getting cause the kitchen cabinet guys will need to ensure that the cabinets and table top can fit all these items perfectly!

I have went to more than 10 different kitchen cabinets companies to give me a rough quote and the price ranges from RM18 - 30k!! such a huge difference!! Then out of those I have asked about 6 to design for me but I feel that none of the designs are what I wanted!! :( Hence I have decided to design it myself!!!!! But I'm not sure if I have thought through thorough enough to say that my design is functional, ergonomical, and stylish enough for me! Haha! Even I cannot please myself, how would other designers be able to? That is why I said I am so indecisive and blur at the same time!!

Luckily we know that we want black glossy kitchen cabinets with white table top.... but should all our cabinets be black or should we mix in a bit of white?

I just want a kitchen that I would love to be in to cook and bake where everything is convenient and user friendly :D Is that so difficult?? haha

Besides the layout, I have also no idea what brand of hood, hob and oven to get! There are soooo many various brands and models!! Does it really matter?? Does it really make any difference?? Will my kitchen be oily and stuffy cause I choose the wrong hood? Will my cooking be not nice cause I choose the wrong hob and my cakes will not turn out nicely cause I choose the wrong oven?? Haiiihhhhh.... dunno la.... fahn sei.... haha!! But money is also the constraints la.... I definitely won't be able to afford the best brand even if I know which brand is that!! ahahaha

how la......

Another thing to fahn is I want my bridesmaids to be in a hot pink dress but then why is it sooooo difficult to find?? I always see it last time when I'm not looking... but now... can't find any nice ones!!! My sis said its not the colour this season!! BOOOOO!!!

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