Saturday, 28 August 2010

Yummy looking desserts

Its one of the latest trend in Japan where they deco their gadgets with sweet yummy looking desserts!! It's called decotti. Here are some yummilicious decos I found from dolce deco's website!!

Look super duper yummy right???? I also want!!!!! =D


I decided to turn my garmin into some yummeh dessert!! =D

This is my garmin previously!! I simply did it cause I needed to use it the next day I got my garmin and I didn't have much blings with me so these were all the random left over. I just come out with this design with whatever I have cause I didn't wanna use an ugly looking black garmin the next day.... =P I know my design is kinda ugly too but still nicer than boring black la....


I started looking for cabochons desserts to deco my garmin and found this online website from Singapore called Sophie & Toffee and ordered away!!

My orders arrived after more than a week! A bit slow but what to do I dunno where to buy these stuff in KL!! But I think now there are a few online shops that sells those cabochons but of course the choices are not as great as sophie & toffee and I have yet to find one that sells the whipped cream!

The instructions look easy but then it's quite difficult to squeeze the whipped cream out!!

These are all the cabochons that I've ordered. Some are nice, some are way to big I don't know what to do with it and some are not as nice as I've expected but all in all still quite happy!! At least now I know what to buy next time!

I actually gotten all these stuff more than a month ago but only got around to doing it this weekend =D



My sweet yummy garmin dessert!!!!!!!

It only took me 5 minutes to plan (but many hours to research and see what others have done to get an idea of what I wanna do la and also you tube to see how people did it.) One tip is that use blue tack to plan and stick on it as if the blue tack is the whipped cream. After deciding what I wanna do, it just took me bout 5 minutes to practice piping the whipped cream on some papers and then 15 minutes for me to assemble the whole thing! So this is not very time consuming unlike when I spent bout 5-6 hours to decoden my blackberry aka Pinky Blingberry

I'm quite happy with the outcome.... but now I don't know how to keep it cause the casing that I have can't fit anymore!!! =((((( Need to find a new casing..... and these whipped cream.... although its air dried I dunno how can I protect it cause I think it will kinda melt if its in contact with water.... but then again my garmin also cannot be in contact with water la (its electronics ma!!) but I am still a decotti noob and don't know what I should do..... And I think my piping skills is kinda bad cause my whipped cream is like blobs of cream and not nicely piped.... so I still need to master that.... and also cause its reaaaally difficult to squeeze it out!! I don't know if its too dry or what!!

Anyway, here are more close up photos =D
I love it but need to figure out how to maintain it!!

On a non related note, I did up my nails for Regi's Hens Night
Dolly wink inspired nails =) Love it!

It's been a while since I posted outings photos!! So here goes..... and it has got yummy looking desserts as well =P

With Reg & Michie - I'm liking my hairstyle!! muahahaha =D

With the pretty hen!

With aunty and elisa!! =D Can you see the pegs on the glass? It was a really fun game where we have a few words that we can't say that night and if someone catches you say it, they will get a peg from you! and this aunty really kiasu!!! haha

As usual... this aunty was soooo excited when one of the games was to make a penis from polymer clay! Before the game even started, this aunty already start making.... tsk tsk tsk.... but too bad regi didn't like aunty's creation!! so the other group won!

My smart kakis! and I'm the only one left!! sigh sigh....

The gorgeous bride to be with cupcakes from wondermilk

Delicious cupcakes but then not as delicious as val's hen's night's cupcakes from mamamin!
(why so many 's is this the correct way??)

Everyone in white except for the hen!

With Carolyn the organizer who did a really great job, Regie the hen, Roshida the hen's sister and michie

While I'm at putting photos for Hen's Night, another hen's night that I went was Val's - one of my very good friend =D (Also got yummy looking dessert ma!! So still within topic!! Haha)

Her hen's night is much wilder with lotsa alcohol and a bit more obscene! haha

Val the bride to be

Dick fight! muahahahaha

This one is an all black hen's night where regi's one is an all white! I want mine to be all pink =P haha dunno when is that though....

The sporting bride!! =D She played every game sportingly!!

Selling condoms to the others in the restaurant and she can even demo how to use it =P

Val made RM200 selling sweets!! She is reaaaaally good!!

With some of the girls

The super yummy & delicious naughty cupcakes from mamamin!

The night ended with Val totally gone after having 2 Flaming Lambor and lotsa cocktails!!

Oh and one more event with yummy looking dessert is baby Isaac's one year old birthday!!!

Awwwww Isaac is tooo cute!! Why his cheek so chubby and mouth so small one!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot tahan!!!!

Prince of the day!

See the birthday cake is sooooo cute!!

Group photo

(if you don't know what this is, cause I didn't as well when I first saw it in xia xue's blog, my sis said its ok-thanks-bye) HAHA!!

what nonsense!

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